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by ProfessorProf

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Original Thread: This won't have a happy ending - Let's Play Hate Plus



Hate Plus is a direct sequel to the game Analogue: A Hate Story, created by Christine Love. It's a dark visual novel about history, gender, transhumanism, civil liberties, baking, cosplay, and above all, hate.

Things to know

Spoiler Policy

If it hasn't happened yet, don't post it. If you are inclined to put something in spoiler tags, don't post it. If you want to talk about a different way a scene could have gone if I had picked a different choice, don't post it. If you want to talk about how oh man, this next scene is so intense, wink wink, don't post it.

The only time when spoilers are in any way OK for this thread is if I say in the LP that I honestly don't know something, in which case an explanation in spoiler tags is welcome. Beyond that, keep those lips sealed.

Voting Rules
Any time I open a decision to a vote, the vote will remain open until I post my next update or specifically say I'm closing the vote. One vote per person, put your choice in bold so that I can see it.

If you have mentioned in the thread that you've already played this, then please refrain from voting. I'm not concerned about you trying to shadow puppeteer the course of the LP, but how you vote may affect how people who haven't played the game vote.

Bonus rule: If you make a vote with an accompanying, related piece of fanart, your vote will be counted twice. I reserve the right to not count something if it's super low-effort, but I'm going to be pretty broad with this.

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