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Part 50: AI Harem, day 3 - Don't be like me

Let's get to reading... I guess...
Um, I think I'm going to talk to the Investigator first. Is that all right, *Mute?
Um... hey...

Thanks... it's really important.
Um, after you shut everything down for the day, at around 12:22 AM, *Mute... well, she...
...*Mute tried to kill herself.
I mean, it wasn't really technically deleting herself, just trying to erase her memories to a blank slate, but...'s still just as bad! It's practically the same thing!
She seems despondent, and I don't know what to do. She saved my life, and now I just want to do the same for her!
How can I help her?

I honestly had no idea any of this was coming, this being my first time getting to day 3 on this route, but I think verbal abuse is at least a language *Mute should understand.

Well, if you say so...
(Here's your chance to rollback out of this decision, if you changed your mind...)

Don't be such a coward! Killing yourself is the cheap way out! you're one to talk?!
A construct built on the memories of the Pale Bride, a woman who killed herself in the process of committing genocide,lecturing me on "the cheap way out?"
Don't you dare, you bitch!

And I mean... I didn't kill myself! I'm still alive! I wish she'd treat me like that...
...but I guess that isn't what's important right now.

Then don't be like me.
(This is really hard to say... ugh...)
Be better than me. Don't just abandon your responsibilities because you felt like things were too hard.
I just... it's not as if I have anything to live for anymore. There's no point to my continued existence. It's just a burden on others.
If all I'm going to do is make things harder for people... then maybe it's just time the widow of the Mugunghwa does the right thing.

I thought we could have a fresh start...

You responsibility is still to protect me!
I know I said that, but... you really want someone like me to be who you rely on?
Like... no matter how you look at it... I don't have what it takes to help you.
I'm not stupid. I can tell by the Investigator's reactions...
I mean, they're a good person, for sure! But... still... Earth is going to be more like your time, more like the time we're reading about, than anything I know.
What could I even do for you...?
But... I'm sure...
You're *Mute!

Option 1 would come off as a bit hypocritical considering what happened to the Pale Bride, and option 3 basically reads as "don't kill yourself until LATER, okay?", so...

It's still your duty to protect me! You're the AI in charge of Mugunghwa security, and I'm the last resident of the Mugunghwa... so you can't just leave me!
Don't make me have to figure out Earth while also mourning you!
You'd...'d mourn me...?
Of course I would! That's what's proper, isn't it? You'd expect anyone else to, wouldn't you?
...yeah, kinda...
...okay. I still think I'll just be a burden, but...

It is! It really is!
I don't know what good I'll be to you, but...
...if it would just make things worse for me to be gone, then I guess killing myself would just be selfish.
I might be a failure... I might be worthless...
...but I don't want to make things worse.
Let's get to work, then, I guess...

Thank you, I was so scared I wouldn't be able to change her mind!
I'm still worried about her, but.. I think she'll stand by her word, at least.
I don't want her gone!
...oh, by the way, Miss Investigator?
I realized that... you know how there were a lot of files that just looked like junk data?
Well, I think they're actually just encrypted, with the same key that *Mute's last note was.
As far as I can tell, it's a whole block of log files about Oh Eun-a...
Anyway, I'm nervous to read them, but... I just thought you should know.

Lead on, Miss Investigator!

Well, this is interesting.