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Part 37: *Mute, day 3 - Mae Jin-a

Now, to go through every log we've read so far, and read them again!

I'll stick to the highlights.

And done.

Now, to finish off the unprocessed logs.

We'll finish up block 2, then run through block 5.

I make everything worse - Heo Ae-jeong, Korean, March 8, 4043


...why are there such harsh economic conditions for anyone on the Mugunghwa...?

Oh... corruption. I see., like, thiswas the effect of the Motherhood Credit Act, huh.

...well, okay, this is pretty awful.


But also you only met her two days ago...
...I don't know. You read that log file that the older version of me left, "My Awakening"? You know, the one that was about her being activated for the first time after her memories were wiped?
Well, that's kinda how I feel right now. I'm kinda scared!
Like, I don't want to marry you. That's weird.
I mean, um, I'm sure you're great, and I bet you're pretty hot too - I totally trust past-me's taste in women!
It's just... you know, that's way too sudden. I don't even really know what that entails!
I'm designed to be an expert on security, not an expert on interpersonal relationships, after all.
...which isn't to say I don't like you! You sound nice!
And like, your job is kinda great! A space investigator all on her own? Yes please!
...well, I know it's probably really weird for you. Since I look like her, and all...
...and, like, if you wanted me to find my own way on Earth, okay, I would totally get it.
Like, I don't want that, it would be terrifying! Even more than now!
But if that's what you wanted, I'd understand.

I just think it would be so much easier for me to figure things out with the support of a friend, you know?
Like... I think I could make a good sidekick.
I can't even imagine what it would be like to have the confidence of Old *Mute... but until the end, even the version of me you knew had a lot of confidence.
...well, actually, even in the end, she was confident in a way, wasn't she?
She seemed sure of her decision.

Yeah... that's what I think.
I don't know if it was the right thing to do... I'm certainly really upset at her for leaving me here, terrified, in an awkward situation with you.
...but like, my point is, those two versions of me were really confident!
I want to be like that. It's good to know that I could be.'s good to know that the old version of me was terrified at first, though.
And like, I think it would be good to be your sidekick.
If I'm going to learn, I think it'd be good for it to be learning from the last person the old me trusted.
And... you know, maybe it could be like a second chance.
Well, anyway, I'm just rambling. Let's get back to reading now.

Back to work.

How? - Mae Jin-a, Korean, March 29, 4043

She starts out almost every log in M2 this way.



That sounds... like... really out of character. I don't believe it.

Wait... but that "little sister" people keep saying Ae-jeong has... that's actually her, right? They got back together, right?

the most extravagant bribery - Councilor Tae, Hanmun, April 11, 4043

Sounds like a waste...?

...tch... she still loved her! I knew it!

So, like... that's how Ryu took control of the council, huh.

And that's block 2 sorted.

Let's take a break and see what New *Mute thinks of some of our major players!

Heo Ae-jeong's Sister

Queen Eun-a

Heo Seo-yeong/b]

Professor Kim


[b]Old *Mute

Next time, we finish the logs.