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Part 32: *Mute, day 2 - Heo Ae-jeong

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M2: 2
M5: 1.5
M6: 0.5

Everything looks good!

Time to see *Mute's opinions on another kind of love.

SO COOL - Mae Jin-a, Korean, April 25, 4041

...embarrassing..., what is up with this one?


, being an actress isn't admirable at all...

...who even says things like "get chance!"...?

The Hairpin - Heo Ae-jeong, Korean, April 26, 4041

...yeah, I'd expect an actor who was also a woman to be that dramatic., yikes...


...oh, clever girl.

"Smitten"? Oh no, ugh!

...does she think she's a man...?




...but they're women!

Don't Pick the Flowers (review) - Mu Re Monthly, Korean, May 10, 4041

...wouldn't you, like, have to worry about passions running too high...?

And time for another break. I don't really have any purpose anymore.
Like I said to you before you downloaded me... really, I'm like the widow of the Mugunghwa. It died before me, and now here I am, without the ship I devoted my entire life to...
...with nothing left behind but the woman who failed it.
Like, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to you for bringing me along!
I don't like the idea of widow suicide. Like... I don't think it's right to pressure someone into making that kind of decision, right?
...if someone wants to relive the burden they're putting on others, it's an admirable thing to do, but...
...I just think it's important to ry other solutions first, you know?

I went along with you for a reason, and I'm not ungrateful for that!
You seem to be a good person, and I respect that a lot.

...I see.
That's just like you, isn't it?
Like, I always thought of my security responsibilities as being the same as any woman's responsibilities for their inner sphere... just with, like, mine encompassing the entire ship.
...but even still, being social, spying for my mistress, making reports on the state of the ship every day..., those things aren't really the same as a normal wife's duties, are they?
So really, being programmed as a woman, it should be a good thing that I'm relieved of those duties, right?
I'll always mourn the Mugunghwa, of course...
...but it's better to just be a normal, ordinary wife, isn't it?
I'd never really considered the implications, but... you know, I'm capable of feeling love. I'm just like a woman in that way, too.
But it could never be my priority! Not while my primary duties were the ship's security.
...I've fallen in love before, though.
I mean... with men, of course!
I couldn't ever really properly fall in love with someone like you... you're a woman!
I'd never love you in the same way as a man!
I like you, just... it's not the same thing, okay?!
...but you saved my life, and I'm not ungrateful.
So I can try, okay? I don't want to be like that awful Pale Bride, refusing to be a good wife because of her own stubborn ideas.
I can't promise I can love you, but I can still try to be the wife you want me to be.
...and you know, even if you're misguided, I think you're still good... maybe it's okay for me to be the Mugunghwa's widow, but also your wife...
...ugh, geeze, what am I even saying?!
I can't believe I'm thinking about that at this time... we're supposed to be focusing on historical research! Not me rambling like a girl about emotions!
Let's get back to finding out what came from all that horrible degeneracy and premarital affairs and conspiring!

I hate the mornings after (1) - Mae Jin-a, Korean, June 13, 4042
Usual sexual content warning.

What even is this? In the absence of men, do all women just naturally play married...?!, this is...


This isn't love! This is just... completely unrestrained perverse lust...! just keeps going...!

I... wasn't really prepared for this kind of detail...

I hate the mornings after (2) - Heo Ae-jeong, Korean, June 13, 4042

...see, this is why it doesn't make sense for women to be together.


...wait... but I thought it was Ae-jeong who played the man's role?

...I don't get it...


Rendezvous in the Dark (review) - Mu Re Monthly, June 9, 4042 this man complaining that a play is too romantic? Really?

Rather than continue with M2, I think I'm going to jump over to M6 next, just to make sure that *Mute has as much context as possible for a certain log.