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Part 17: *Hyun-ae, day 3 - The most important thing

Voting results:

Block M3: 7
Block M5: 0
Block M6: 2

Schoolgirl: 2
Maid: 0
Pale Bride's Hanbok: 0
Detective: 5
Scientist: 4
Hyun-ae's Hanbok: 4

A close vote!

BGM: After

Co-conspirator - Oh Eun-a, Korean, October 1, 4038

Wait, what?! That wasn't what I was expecting from her...

...she, um, sure uses a lot of big words... I don't get it...

Spoiler warning: the future sucked!

This is kinda boring...

...wait, she's saying...


What is she even doing...? This is so gross...

I don't like her.

The only downside to the detective outfit is that she has one pose where her elbow butts into the text frame. I will try to avoid it as much as possible.

Updated bios:

Oh Mi-seun


I feel really weird reading some of these logs.
It's just, especially reading about relationships... I get a very 'adult' feeling from them.
Really... it's hard, isn't it?
And all this politics stuff, it's just so far above my head!
It's hard to admit, but there's just so many things I don't understand at all. I mean, I'm over 600 years old, but I feel like such a child reading some of these things!
I liked the idea of following my childhood dreams, being an engineer like my real father... but now I'm reading about someone like Kim So-yi, and how hard it was for her, despite being really smart and having a job and a supportive husband and science on her side.
And it just makes me think... if even someone like her could barely deal with being a responsible working adult, what hope does someone like me have?

A couple years of robo-therapy and I think you should be fine!

You do? Oh, I knew there was a reason why I fell in love with you!
Thank you so much for saying that!
I'm sure with someone as wonderful as you by my side, I can learn how to be in a real adult relationship, too!
I can always learn how...
And I guess the first step is to try to understand, right?
Very well! Let's get back to reading these logs, then!
I'm going to do my best to try to understand the things that they keep talking about! I'm sure I can, if I try!

I've got mail!

AI psychology - Dispatch Control, English, February 11, 4989

Interesting stuff. Back to the logs!

The most important thing - Oh Mi-seun, Korean, August 27, 4040


That's awful! Believe me, I'd know...!

...I don't get it, but I'm sure that's wrong...

I think love is more important, too...

...she's really cruel, I think...

Updated bios:

Oh Mi-seun

Oh Eun-a

Respectful of family - Ex-Councilor Oh, Korean, June 14, 4042

...this does sound like a bad situation...

I guess she's really loyal to her big sister...

That'll do for now. Next: More about Oh Eun-a.