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Part 6: *Hyun-ae, day 1 - Don't Pick the Flowers

Full disclosure: I made an error in the previous post. The third log in Block M2 I extracted was, in fact, the sixth log, chronologically. I meant to extract Don't Pick the Flowers (review). The previous post has been edited to reflect this.

BGM - Stage

SO COOL - Mae Jin-a, Korean, April 25, 4041



She's really charming... someone like that...

...would be awful nice to be with...

She is cool...

Updated bios:

Mae Jin-a

The Hairpin - Heo Ae-jeong, Korean, April 26, 4041

Oh no! That's so mean...!

...oh no, poor Jin-a...

Ah! Wow! She's clever...! I wouldn't have been able to do that...

Oh, geeze...!

...this is so embarrassing...

...but maybe just a little bit enviable...

Is... this what adult relationships are like...?

Updated bios:

Heo Ae-jeong



Oh, hey.

So, um, this is really embarrassing to even bring up, but...

BGM - Vision

Oh... you really think so?

Oh boy, we're going there..

Oh... well... I guess...
...I do, actually...
I just find it really surprising that everyone talks about that so directly!
Nobody really talked about it so casually in my time.
Plus, reading about Ae-jeong and Jin-a makes me realize that I have no idea what it's like to, um... be with a woman like that!

Ah! I see!

Ah... well, from what we've been reading... I suppose that's normal, isn't it? Anyway, as for me, it's... um, well...
...oh, geeze, I'm sorry, I can't say it!
It's just too embarrassing...
Forget I said anything, let's just go back to reading together...!

BGM - Dream

Now that I've been booted back to the status screen by this conversation, I notice that I have a new email.

Repair Information - JR Robinson, English, February 9, 4989

I really should take better care of this thing.

Anyway, back to work.

Don't Pick the Flowers (review) - Mu Re Monthly, Korean, May 10, 4041

...that sounds interesting, I suppose...

Updated bios:

Heo Ae-jeong

Lee Tae-mi

And that's everything.

I think... that's probably for the better, anyway. I don't think I could read everything all at once...
I mean, this... isn't going to have a happy ending. It's important to pace yourself, I think.
We still have two more days to waste until we arrive, anyway.
But... tomorrow, though!

What... don't you know?
Tomorrow is the first day of the Lunar New Year!
I never really saw much point in celebrating it for the past 622 years... I mean, it's something you spend with family.
But I really really really wanna spend it with you, now!
I think, if you don't have any family... it's just as good to spend it with the one you love instead.
Ah! Right, I forgot, you're supposed to have a new hanbok to celebrate the new year with...
I'll have to be sure to design a new one! Oh, wow, that'll be fun, I'm really looking forward to it!
Eheh, you'll get to see it tomorrow! Looking forward to showing it to you~
Well... right, anyway, we're almost out of power.
I'll give you a button to shut everything down until tomorrow, then.
There's no hurry, but... when you're ready, you should press the shutdown button.
That's all!

No other business today, no.

Very well! I'll just let you go ahead and save your data first...
All done! Well... good night...
I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

Good night, *Hyun-ae...

But I don't think tomorrow's going to be quite as cheerful as today was.