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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 105: Episode 97: Shuu

I felt dizzy… But I remembered everything that had happened… That voice…

Kawara! Pull yourself together! Do you want this!?
…N… no… I don’t…!
Coo, coo! (Ryouta is a vegetarian, and shouldn’t exert himself!)
…I don’t want… to make anyone sad…
The remitter reactivated…? Fascinating… It should not have been possible for some hours yet.
Disease is half in the mind, after all. Outlook is surprisingly important.
…I suppose this means my data was insufficient.
This is the end, Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein! Be judged by the Crimson Breast!
Wait… Anghel… it’s not just… his fault…

Tell me… doctor… Why did… you go so far… to grant my wish…?
Why did I grant your wish? My reason is nothing of note. It is not worth telling.
This was merely an experiment, that has now come to an end.
…You must have had… a reason. You aren’t the sort… to go around talking to children… without some purpose.
I want to know… the answer to everything…

Despite his protests, Dr. Iwamine eventually began to tell us the answer.

“Hey, good morning, Isa! Sorry to spring this on you, but could you take a look at these?”
“What is it, sir? You seem excited.”
“It’s amazing! The Healers we got earlier--”
Ah, the HeLa cells from last month.”
“Yeah, them. From the unusually old human.”
“Aiding science even after death. Can’t we at least call the samples by their proper name?”
“You’ve always been serious like that, Isa. These samples are like sweet lovebirds! Touch them with kindness, and they respond beautifully.”
“Just how many lovebirds do you have, again?
Perhaps you should call them pet birds, instead?”
“Uuuh… Maybe you’re right.
Anyway, look at this! We’ve been looking into cancer cell immortality.”
“This……… Indeed, these results are amazing. You’re quite lucky with these things.”
“It’s all about love.”
“Or intuition?”
“That too.”

“Hey, good morning, Isa! Nice weather, huh? Makes me want to do something outside.”
“…It’s already evening. I believe one normally switches to good evening around now.”
“It’s good morning whenever I get up, Isa!
Get distracted by things like common sense and you’ll miss the greatest discoveries of your life.”

“Hey, good morning, Isa!
Woopsie, we’re low on cash.
…Here, was this the one?”
“I didn’t ask you to pick it up for me.”
“Here, take it. It’s not like we’re running out.”
“…You sound like a pushy salesman.”
“Your right wing is injured, right? If there’s anything I can help you with, just ask.”
“I’ve been doing fine so far.”

“Hey, good morning, Isa!
Hey, can I say something?”
“What is it, sir? I am somewhat busy.”
“You’re always busy… If I waited for you to take a break, I’d die of old age before I got to say.”
“Talking like this gets us nowhere.”
“Guess what! I had a kid!”
“Hmm… I see. Congratulations.”
“Wh-what, don’t you have anything else to say?”
“Not particularly. Reproduction is natural for all living creatures.
Of course, were I to become a father, I would feel bad for the child, given my habit of locking myself away in the laboratory.”

“Hey, good morning, Isa! I brought you something cool.”
“Hmm… What is it?”
“A fossil! Look at it! It’s huge!”
“You act like an excited child.”
“Hey, I like geology, too! Aah, it tempts me with spousebreach.”
“I will carry on your research while you are out, then. Go on.”
“Dang, you’re cold!
Hey, listen, wanna come with me on a business trip sometime? Field observation is fun! My next one’s at the start of the mon--”
“While I am interested in your work, sir, I am partway through a fascinating process at the moment. Perhaps another time.”
“Yeah? I’ll invite you next time, then. I bet travelling with you would be a blast!”
“Field exploration is not exactly sightseeing.
…I will make sure to open time in my schedule, though.”

“Isa. I always knew this was a possibility.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I don’t regret the way I did things…”
“No, sir.”
“But I just remembered. I do have one regret.”
“…Yes, sir?”
“I’ve never done anything a father’s supposed to do. I’d promised… to take time off, for the first time in years…”
“I want you to do me a favor, Isa.
If you ever run into my son… can you do something for him, in my stead?”
“…A rather vague request.”
“He’s too nice. He’d never ask for something, even if he wanted it.”
“I suspect he inherited that trait from his father.”
“Haha… Anyway, if you ever happen to meet him. You don’t have to go out of your way to find him, or anything.”
“Hmm… Very well. I shall remember. What is his name?”
“Ryouta. It’s Kawara… Ryouta.”

The music stops.