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Part 54: Episode 49: The Various Desires of Okosan

Going back to school the next day turned out to be pretty easy. I found a student ID lying on the ground, though, and when I asked Mr. Nanaki about it, he said the student had been missing since first semester! Weird… but I couldn’t dwell on it. I’m sure it was just a coincidence anyways.

Today in gym class we had a big volleyball match, and while the other members may have been able to fly, my height definitely gave me the advantage here.

Thankfully, I had track team practice right after gym, so I didn’t even have to change! I also got a chance to talk to Okosan between classes.

You’re in a good mood, Okosan.
Coo! (Okosan was granted a vision in his dreams!)
A vision…?
Coo, coo!? (A vision from Lord Pudi himself! Do you know the legend of Lord Pudi, Goon!?)

…I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but I think I know where this kind of story is going…
At last he returns to his lost home, guiding the pigeons to the pure, promised land!
Coo, coo! (Yes! Yes! Goon knows the legend!)
Coooo! (The Lord of Pudding appeared in Okosan’s dreams! The pudding must be nearby!)

Coo! (Okosan must now go! Farewell!)

And he’s gone.
What was that Lord of Pudding thing…?

A couple weeks later and the campus was in a frenzy of fliers.

I don’t have anything to do, so I guess I’ll go look around.

Coo, coooo! (Unhand Okosan! Unhand him at once!)

An all-too-familiar battlecry emanates from one corner of the classroom.

What now?
Goon! Just in time!

Okosan’s on duty today, but… He doesn’t like the dress.
Aah… This is kind of looking like something PETA would start a protest over.
Coo! (Okosan refuses these constricting garments! REAL MEN FIGHT IN THE NUDE!)
You can’t go commando in a maid café!
Come on…! Look, it suits you!

I whip out my mirror and hold it in front of him.


…He seems awfully…
He’s trying to court his own be-maided reflection…?
Well, apparently that was a pretty common thing for pigeons, back in the day…

He’s never tried to court me…
I guess I’m not as attractive as maid-Okosan. Sort of like Narcissus…?

…W-wait a minute; what am I thinking!? Why does it matter to me if he likes me or not?
Well, anyways, after that there didn’t seem to be any trouble with the maid café.