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Part 95: Episode 87: Confrontation

Isn’t Yuuya with you? We never got him to answer anything…
I do not know. He ran in the opposite direction.
Hmm… We don’t have much time left. I think the only thing to do is get him to talk to us and then confront the doctor.
He’s been helping us this whole time, but… I don’t know if we can still consider him our ally.
Our ally… Indeed.
You’ve always been separated, right?
So, you don’t really know how he usually acts, or… if he’d be likely to do something like this, or--

I’m an only child, so I don’t really understand siblings, but I… think I know how you feel about him, Sakuya.
Do not make me repeat myself. He and I have no connection.
I want to believe that… he is not my enemy.

Looks like Sakuya isn’t entirely sure what to think.
The prime suspects are the doctor who aided his family and his own half-brother… If I were given the same situation, I wouldn’t be as calm as he is.
We should write in the notes, and then go talk to the doctor… Go find out exactly happened in the infirmary.
The music stops.

We didn’t learn a lot since our last meeting in the maintenance room, but there were a few important details we could add now. I think we’re close to figuring out something big.

We’ve figured out a lot of things, but… there’s still a lot that remains a mystery.
It’s 6PM. We don’t have much time. Can we solve this and get out alive in only four hours…?

All right, let’s go, Saku--

I turned to speak to my partner, but he was nowhere to be found.


Wh-why didn’t you say so earlier!?

He’s planning to confront the doctor alone!
I rushed out of the maintenance room, hoping to catch up to Sakuya before he did something stupid.

…Where is the doctor?
He said he was going back to the infirmary. Maybe he forgot something there.
Thank you.

I was already on my way out of the room as Nanaki called out to me.

You’re going to run after him? Don’t you want any tea? …Well, be careful.

The music stops.

And there he was. Thankfully the doctor had not yet left.

…Mr. Shirogane. You look quite fatigued. Would you care to rest for a little while?
You… You are wrong, are you not, sir?
Whatever could you mean?
I wish to learn the truth.

What did you and Sakazaki do? Which of you decided to kill Lourde?
That’s not something to say without proof, Mr. Shirogane.
But then… We have but little time left. Perhaps I shall explain things to you.


Of course. How could I let myself be swayed by idle rumors? The doctor could not possibly carry out such an atrocity.

Mr. Sakazaki did not kill her, either. Which raises the question… Who did?
Sakazaki admitted that he was involved in the crime! He cannot possibly be--

The two of you did not kill her, but were involved…? But then… Who did kill her…?
Oh, dear me… This won’t do. Talking to you makes me feel like I’m about to fall asleep.
I suppose these are the limits of a mere mongrel.
The music stops.

…What did he just say?

Doctor, I--
Could you be quiet for a moment, Mr. Shirogane? You bore me.

Wha… What are you saying, sir!? I am not like Saka--
You did well. Thanks to you, Mr. Kawara has found almost everything he needs. Just one more push, and he’ll be done.
Thank you, Mr. Shirogane.

A glint of white steel. His left wing slowly traces an arc through the air.
I closed my eyes as I heard the sound of the knife coming towards me.