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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 15

Now where is the scientist.

Not at the laundry

There he is, at the bar..and what's that paper sticking out of his back pocket?

That might be useful, but I can't grab without him seeing me, and he's not getting drunk fast enough. Let's drug him.

Blatantly in front of everyone I might add, but nobody cares and he's out like a light(or dead. The bottle of sleeping pills is no longer in the inventory).

Take the receipt over to the laundry

Search the jacket.

Show the card to the guard.

and we are in.

Go in the building and we are in even more.

Maybe the switchboard operator can help.

Hopkins: I'd like to speak to your boss.
Girl: Who are you?

Hopkins: Hopkins, FBI agent.
Girl: My boss is not here now. Can I help you? What would you like to know?

Hopkins: I want to tour the factory.
Girl: Sure, if you want. I'll notify the guards

and she lets Hopkins in.