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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 16

Into the elevator

We have five choices here. RC (the floor we are on now) and 1-4. There is also a slot for a keycard. Let's go in order.

Floor 1

Right door first.

Can't search the drawers due to the tall woman blocking them, but is there anything on the desk?


Door on the left.

Nothing. Just a piece of paper, with something on it.

Might as well. It should travel easier than a shovel and a fishing pole.

Floor 2

Just a vacuum cleaner and a door.

Inside, nothing much. Just a garbage can.

Wonder if this fishing supplier has a janitorial staff. Garbage shouldn't be left to the point where it smells awful.

Floor 3

Just one door. Hopkins, open it.

Why not?

Fine then.

Floor 4.

Right door first.

Just a big office with nothing to take and someone who ignores Hopkins.

Left door.

Just a bunch of scientists working on fishing stuff. They ignore Hopkins. There is however, something to take.

and they're mine now.

Still want to get into that door on the third floor. If it's locked from the inside, it's probably a guard station. Maybe some kind of distraction.

Off to the second floor. Off to the stinky trash can to start a stinky fire.

Well, the camera is too high to reach, so we must find a way to turn off the electricity. I recall seeing an outlet outside.

Remove the plug

and shove in the paper clip.

Luckily, this does not kill Hopkins, but it also does nothing else. Maybe some protection beforehand?

That should work.

Time to start a fire

Leave the room, go to the third floor, go into the door.

Grab the keycard and leave.

Go into the elevator, insert keycard.

Secret elevator opens up and leads to..

Nothing really interesting in here. All the doors are locked. There's just that slot over there.

Use the same card, and this happens.

That just rose right up. Hopkins goes inside

and finds this (more CG )

and the end of this long journey

we come to what every great adventure game should have...a maze.