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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 17

I wont bother you with maze screenshots, but the maze solution is forward, forward, right, forward, forward, left, forward. At the end of that, you come to this.

Hopkins boards the base

and is instantly apprehended by the guards and taken to a laser jail.

and he leaves, giving me the opportunity to escape.

First thing to do is check my surroundings.

Anything in the trash can. the trash. Nothing unusual about that. One time in a mall in Willamette Colorado, I found a loaded handgun in a trash can.

Anything in the toilet.

Cmon. What if it's blocked by wads of hundred dollar bills?

Maybe the diamond can be useful. Wonder what it does with the lasers.

I'm now in the next room, and the only thing there is a coffin. What, or who is inside?

No. He actually looks rather fine compared to the helicopter pilot who wasn't tortured. Still, this could be an escape route.

Climb in the coffin.

and that guy appears.

Made to the mortuary. What's up with these bodies in tubes? The female looks a little familar.

There is a button below on the tube, pushing it causes Samantha to teleport to somewhere else.

What else is in this room.

Good for killing.

Good for drinking.

and good for the removal of bodily fluids.

Now let me ask you an honest question. If you were at this point in game development and the question was asked, what else does this game need to make it the greatest game ever, what would your answer be? If you said an FPS sequence, then congratulations, the great minds at MP Entertainment would've agreed with you.

For some odd reason, the FPS looks all weirded out on my PC, but it's playable enough to finish. Here is a short video of it.

Gameplay wise, this sequence is on par with Wolfenstein 3d..except that it doesn't have the fun parts that Wolf3d did.