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by Vlaphor

Part 2

Time to head back into the bank.

Yeesh. Better find that bomb they mentioned.

Perhaps in these shelves?


But thankfully there is a wire cutter there for no reason. It'll probably be useful when disarming the bomb. Let's check the trash next.

Maybe behind the trash can?

For some reason, there is a small box there. Time for a closer look.

The box is locked. Now what unlocks a lock. A screwdriver.


I see what to do, but randomly cutting wires gets this.

Not only was Hopkins blown up, he also got fired.

Maybe that note meant something. MLR? MLR?

(the red cord should be cut as well, but it isn't. Graphical glitch)

MLR. Middle, Left, RED. Of course. Time to go hunt down the perps.

Then that's where I'm heading.

Found the chopper..and the pilot

Let's see what the Doctor has to say.

Hopkins: What was the cause of her death?
Doc: She was shot in the head.

Hopkins: Was she tortured?
Doc: I don't think so, but I've found some bruises, and she has some superficial wounds probably made with a knife.

Hopkins: Have any police officers been here yet?
Doc: They just left. They're done searching the area.

Hopkins: Have they found any clues or fingerprints?
Doc: Nothing

Hopkins: But where are the bullets and the shells?
Doc: The killers didn't leave any evidence. They even extracted the bullet that was in her head.

Wow. These thugs seems smart, but I'm sure they'll slip up somewhere. Time to search the area.

First the garbage can.

Garbage can meat? I'd be a fool not to take it. How about that bottle over on the helicopter?

I can always use an empty bottle. The paper on the floor?

Any hamburger left under there?

Well, it's a long shot, but I suppose that it is possible that the bank robbers, who were able to avoid leaving any regular clues, and even managed to remove a bullet from the pilot's head, lost a shoelace that somehow managed to find its way several feet away from the chopper, and get under a hamburger wrapper. Anything on the chopper itself?

In that case, it's off the the FBI crime lab.