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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 3

At the FBI Crime lab.

Hopkins: What are you doing here?

Like a shoelace for example.

Only thing left to do now is head to the FBI Head Quarters.

and to my office.

Time for a little look around. See if Hopkins can find anything to aid him in his quest. First, in the drawers.

Good good. In the cabinet.

Luckily, we just found a key. What is in the cabinet?

I can think of a couple of places grenades might be useful. Taken. Nothing else? Ok. Let's see what's on the computer.

Damn. Password protected (ignore the Z, for some reason, pressing F10 makes Z show up on there) I'm gonna guess that Hopkins isn't really the clever sort when it comes to password protection.

(again, ignore the Z)

Unfortunately, the computer screen is one of those things that shows up black. On the bright side, nothing shown is actually important to the plot. With that said, let's leave this room and head over to another office.

The woman in the green shirt is none of our concern, but the woman in the red is Samantha, Hopkins fiance'.

There's been a large number of crimes around town, let's get her perspective.

Hopkins: What do we know about the scientists disappearance?
Samantha: Two months ago, some scientists mysteriously disappeared.

Hopkins: Mysteriously? What do you mean?
Samantha: Each time a scientist disappeared, he was driving his car. We found the car empty, doors open, and the lights switched on.

Hopkins: What do you think about that?
Samantha: They must've been kidnapped by extraterrestrials. No, I'am just kidding.

Hopkins: Are we still on for tonight?
Samantha: Yes, but at my place.

Hopkins: What time?
Samantha: 8PM.

Time to see if the crime lab has called back.

That's certainly a bizarre phone number. Back to Hopkins office.

Hopkins: Did you call me?
Lab Guy: Yes.

Hopkins: Have you found anything?
Lab Guy: The shoelace belongs to one of the killers. It's partially covered with the blood of the woman they killed.

Hopkins: Anything else?
Lab Guy: Some moss and mushroom particles.

Hopkins: What exactly does that tell you?
Lab Guy: The killers are probably hidden in a forest.

On the overhead map, there are several forests, but only one I can select. Off to that one.