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Part 1: Record of Console War

Hmm? You wish to hear about the Console War? Very well…

Video- “War in the Heavens”


I recall the tragic notes of bloodshed. A war which should never have happened. The Console War.
Two worlds exist in Gamindustri. That of humans, and that of Celestia, where the CPU (Console Patron Unit) resided.
The CPU gained her powers through the faith of humanity, who in turn gained the CPU’s protection. It was well-balanced.
The world below and the goddess who ruled it… one for one. That was how things were supposed to be
However, the former goddess and I broke this careful balance and created four separate goddesses, four CPUs.
The Celestia, ruled in tranquility, no longer existed. It turned into something I would never have anticipated.
The four CPUs grew to despise one another and began to fight for the honor of ruling over the world.
The land where the four CPUs resided turned into the stage for a tragic war.
This is all due to my ignorance.
No matter how I torment myself—being far away from the CPUs—all I can do is wait here.
Some day, the destiny of these CPUs may save them from her scheme.

And so, the Console War raged on…

I’m tired of hearing that nonsense. We’ve been fighting for thousands of generations. Why quit now?
…It’s not just about Celestia. That’s what I heard from the former goddess.
I won’t let any of you selfish, icy bitches take the title of True Goddess!

A pointless struggle, with no end in sight.

Shut yer hole! I can’t stand the way you talk all high n’ mighty. Get outta here, Thunder Tits!
Wh-?! Breasts are symbolic for both maturity and fertility. The size of my bust equates my aptitude as a goddess.
With such logic, it can be said that you and Neptune are the least… fitting.
The hell’s that? Listen to that crap, talkin’ out yer ass. I’ll kill you! Die!

Locked in battle, the CPUs neglected their duties to the world below.

We’ll settle it just fine, even if you hadn’t brought it up. But the result won’t be what you hoped for.
You really are completely different when you’ve activated HDD. I kinda like it. It makes me want to try even harder!
True. It has been eons and we’ve only come to a stalemate. Surely you’re not implying you’ve been slacking off?
Th-That’s not what I meant! I wasn’t even talking to you. Nevertheless, we’ve come here for a fight, so let’s keep fighting!
Come now, isn’t this getting a bit sterile? Let’s think carefully for a moment. About one another.
This is all for the people in the human world below. Settling this matter is also for their sake.

As it happened, though, things were about to change.

What I mean is, why don’t we work together for once?
Heh, like a happy family? Please, that idea won’t solve anything. Competition drives Gamindustri forward!
But the way things are now are failing to work as well. Why not… erase just one of us?
Hmm, sure. That could be the catalyst of change we have been searching for.
To make it easier later on, we should rid ourselves of the one we find difficult to fight, not someone we personally despise.
Well, I hate you. I’m the one who’ll finish you off, so you’re staying for now.
The way you lose your composure gets on my nerves. I’d love to teach you discipline with my own hands.
I don’t have anyone in particular, but if I had to pick somebody, I suppose I’d aim to take you down.
Sure, I guess. We don’t really have anything in common. Then, who’s left?

A fateful choice had been made that day in Celestia.

Neptune, be honored. You’ve chosen to signal the beginning of the end of the Console War.
Don’t be foolish. Well, it doesn’t matter. Even against the three of you, Neptune does what you all don’t!
Do as you wish to me. I’ll counter your attacks a hundred-fold!
There’s little point to this if she wakes up and fights us again. Why don’t we simply exile her to the world below?
…We ain’t gonna kill her?
As blunt as ever… If you could, can you save this discussion for after you win against me?
I’m not sure if we can kill her or not. This is a first for us. The former goddess taught us nothing of this situation.
Did… you just ignore me again? Yeah, yeah you did. You’ll regret this!
And so will you! You said we three won’t stand a chance against you? Well, we’re going all out!

And so CPU Purple Heart of Planeptune stood against her sisters…

Black Heart, CPU of Lastation…

Green Heart, CPU of Leanbox…

And White Heart, CPU of Lowee.

Against such forces, even the mightiest warrior in Gamindustri was doomed to defeat.

And so, she fell…

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