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Part 2: Severe Head Trauma Center

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, the CPU Purple Heart was defeated in battle by her sisters and exiled from Celestia. And now, Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Status Page Update, Nurse_Girl_Compa, Date Lost:
I saw a shooting star last night!

Video- “Memories”


But why’m I glowing like I’ve been splashed with fluorescent paint and stuck under a black light?
Wh-Whatever. Hello? Is anyone here? Can I walk around? Don’t blame me if I start to collect rings floating by the ground…
But, ew. Who knows what I could step in…?
It could be something like… ABC gum! Should I just wait for more text boxes to pop up?

Geez, I am bored. Whose message am I waiting for, anyway?

It fell right out of the sky and landed outside town!

Whoa, a voice… I hear a voice! Delay for what? My soul to go to heaven? N-No! I don’t wanna die yet!
Please, stop being so confused. I did not intend to scare you with my words.
I am Histoire, a tome. You have fallen to the world below Celestia. I am reaching out to you to ask a favor.
A t-t-t-tomb? I knew it! I’m so dead! What do I want on my tombstone, right? Uhhh, what world below? Below what? Below hell?!
Please, Neptune. Take a deep breath. You have not died. You have merely fallen unconscious.
…Then, Ms. Heavenly Voice, how do you know my name?

I know you are in doubt, but I am Histoire, the tome that has assisted the goddesses of Celestia for generations.
I stand for the world’s everything and the world is my everything. There is nothing I do not know.
Plus, I created you. Of course I know your name.

I rushed over to see if anyone was hurt.

Do… Do not make it sound like that. I created, not birthed. Why do you have such a disappointed tone?
I understand this is a new sensation for you. I have been apart from you all for ages, locked away from this world.
Oh, okay, gotcha. So my dad locked you up and ran away with me soon after I was born?
You are taking this in an entirely inappropriate direction. I clearly said it is not like that.
I created you and the other three CPUs with the former goddess. That was, however, a dire error.
I only wish to end the tragedy caused by my own mistake. Please, help me!
Shuuuuuut… up! Oh, crackers. Did I break something? Where am I? My room…?

It turns out a girl fell from the sky!

Um, this isn’t my room, huh? Is it yours? Why’m I tucked into your bed so snugly?
Well, let’s see. It all happened last night. I was looking up into the sky and saw a shooting star. That was you.
I was a shooting star? Are you yanking my hoodie strings? I fell from the sky?
I’m pretty sure. I followed you to the ground with my eyes and you definitely slammed into the earth like a spear.
I pulled you from the ground you pierced so elegantly and carried you to my bed, since you were passed out!
All by yourself? That’s cool, thanks! You’re a lot stronger than you look.
I attend a nursing school. Transporting limp bodies is part of our training, so I’m used to it!

I think she hit her head when she landed, though.

Oh, I’m Neptune. Compa, huh? Then, should I call you… Com… uh… whatever. Compa’s fine.
It’s nice to meet you, Nept-… Neppee-… Neptaa-… Ne-pelvis… Nep… tumor… W-Wahh…
Oh, is it confusing you? Okay, then you can call me Neptuna, Nep-Nep, Neppermint, or something else!
Okay, then I pick Nep-Nep. It’s nice to meet you, Nep-Nep!
By the way, I noticed you’re all beat up everywhere. Allow me to take a look rela quick.
Oh, yeah. I am kinda scraped up, huh? Thanks, nurse-in-training. I’m trusting you with this important task!
Sure, but I’ve just started… and I’m not too savvy… I get bandages all tangled up.
Your injuries aren’t bad, but the scratches need disinfecting. After that, I’ll wrap you up.
It might sting a little, but hang in there. How much bandage should I use? A little? A lot?
Hmm, use it all up! Wrap me up good so it doesn’t come loose. Besides, it’s a waste if they don’t last.
Okay, then I”ll just use what I have. Please let me know if it’s too tight. This way… that way… loop it over…

She wasn’t that hurt, but she’s got amnesia!

I don’t want it to come loose or you’ll trip over it! Hmph, hah! There.
Ahhhh-guuuuh-wooooo! This is way too tight. I’m gonna snap, can’t breathe, can’t make… more… comments!
Nep-Nep? …Did I do it too tight after all? Please get a hold of yourself. I’ll unwrap you right n-ahhh!
It’s tighter now! You’re just tangling me up… Stop! Gimme scissors… gimme now!
Put ‘em in my hands and I’ll do it myself…!
Ahem. By the way, I was thinking while you were wrapping me in bondages… where am I?
Th-They’re bandages! We’re in the Central City of Planeptune.
Planep…tune? Hmm, okay. I remember someone mentioning the world below?
Yes, that’s absolutely correct This is one of the major landmasses beneath Celestia.
One of the landmasses? So there are several?
Why, yes. There are four major landmasses floating around. Sometimes they come close to one another and drift away. Remember?
Nope, not at all. Planeptune? Landmasses? Rings no bells for me.

Since the school’s shut down thanks to all the monster attacks, I’m going to help her out.

Isn’t there medication or something for that?
No, not for amnesia. It’s usually a temporary thing. I’m sure you’ll begin to recall things eventually.
My Grandpa always said, ‘Fancy may kill or cure!’ Get some sleep, take it easy, and you’ll be better in no time.
…Get some sleep? I feel like someone asked me to do something while I was unconscious.
Yeah, someone was crying out for help… in my dream!
In your dream? Then it’s not real.
Oh, you never know. It was so weird. I betcha someone far away was like pa-choo and sent me a telepathic message, y’know?
It’s possible. Actually, many places, Planeptune included, are being threatened by more and more monsters lately.
The military powers failed to keep them from appearing. We can only defend ourselves and keep them at bay now.

She thinks we can stop all the monster attacks if we find the boss monster that’s creating them.

I bet my mission is to go defeat that boss and save the world!
You may be right about a boss, but nobody has seen or heard anything like that.
How will you find it? This is irrational, dangerous, and absurdly impossible!
Nobody’s gonna beat the boss if we just sit here. Someone’s gotta take initiative, y’know?
That’s me! Plus, I can’t ignore this once I’ve noticed it. Haven’t you heard ‘strike while the iron’s hot?’
I believe Grandpa did have a saying like that. Yes, that’s right. I wanted to be a nurse to save people.
So, why would I save the injured, but not those being threatened by monsters? How impolite of me!
Nep-Nep, I’m not the strongest, but I’ll help. Two is better than one!
You will? Don’tcha have school? You’re not in the middle of summer vacation or anything, right?
Right, but… this city’s population has been declining due to monsters eating them.
Students are leaving school out of fear, so it’s closed down for now. Classes are suspended until further notice.
Oh, that sucks, but that means you can camp out, right? Goodie! Let’s go find the dungeon where the boss is waiting!

So anyway I’m going on an adventure! Wish me luck everyone!

Next time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Dungeon Keeper! This is the power of a CPU?