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Part 4: Worms

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, CPU Neptune and her friend Compa agreed to help the mysterious Histoire. Now on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Status Page Update, Nurse_Girl_Compa, Date Lost:
There are still lots of monsters in Planeptune.

No need to rush. This place is still threatened by monsters. We can’t just leave the townspeople like this.
Well… fine… Let’s go clobber some monsters.

I managed to talk Nep-Nep into staying around to help stop them.

Video- “An Iffy Proposition”


Compa, it’s dark, so watch your step. You never know when you’ll h-aghh!
Nep-Nep? Are you okay? You should be careful too, or you might all onto some spikes and game over…
No, I ran into something. Wait, no again, something ran into me!

We ran into some weird girl who was there to hunt monsters too! Well, Nep-Nep ran into her. Sort of over her.

Ow… watch it, girl. This isn’t the place for kindergarteners to have recess!
Kindergarteners? Look who’s talking. Who’re you? Do you live in this icky cave?
Do I look like a ragged bum to you? I’m IF. I’m here to eliminate the monsters, as requested by the Basilicom. Who’re YOU?
We’re here because people are in danger. So, we’re here for the same reason. My name is Neptune and this is Compa.
H-Hello. I enjoy arts and crafts, and I’m good at math. I know I don’t look it, but it’s something I’m quite proud of.
Then Compa, you are now in charge of our item inventory and accounting. Anyway, why not help us conquer this dungeon?

Anyway she agreed to join up with us!

Oh, you’ll do it? I’m glad I asked. Compa, Iffy said she’ll join our party!
Whatever. Don’t call me Iffy. That’s not my name.
Now we really look like a party! We’ll be together forever. It’s our pleasure to have you with us.
Yeah, yeah, okay. Wait, what? Forever? No, just for now. This dungeon.
Bzzzt! We’re already a party, so you can’t get away from us, even if you try.
Abandoning your party is against the rules of this world. You got that, missy?
U-Um, no, but… It doesn’t matter.

LWE Feinne Presents Neptunia Game Mechanics:
Two new things here, Combos/Switches and IF’s out of combat skill. Let’s start with Combos and Switches.

Some skills will note that they are Combo Links. What this means is that when we end a combo with them, they allow us to link our current combo into a new one. This will refund us some AP and start us in a new combo as though the Combo Link attack was the start of the new combo (so for example a Combo Link we bound to circle would start the new combo with a circle filled in). Be careful to have your combos set up with this in mind. Switches are only usable if you’ve got a character in reserve. Each character can have someone ready to switch with them, who can be brought in to continue a combo with a whole new fresh set of AP. This is a fantastically useful thing that we’ll see when we get the DLC characters.

IF’s skill is called Treasure Search. Every dungeon has a hidden treasure (often Processor Parts) and this is how you find it. A yellow line will arc out to its location, even through walls and such. Triangulate to it and acquire your loot, simple as that.

There was some kind of icky sand worm in the cave, but we beat it up.

Video- “Shai Hulud”


Boss Battle: Sand Worm
The Sand Worm hits moderately hard, but isn’t that much of a threat. It’s vulnerable to Fire, so shooting it with Fire bullets is best even for characters who generally perform better with weapon or physical attacks like Neptune and IF.

After we got out Nep-Nep told Iffy what we were doing.

Video- “New Friends”


Ding-dong! Histy’s sealed away somewhere in this world. She’s like one of those secret optional characters.
The different fragments are guarded by monsters. So, the source is really whoever ordered the fragments to be guarded.
That Histy character must have something to do with it, too. Saving the world, hmm? It could be a big fib.
Ooh, Iffy, you’re beyond keen. How can you possibly be so observant at such a tender, young age?
Tch, it’s simple logic. If this is all true, however, leaving it to you two… will spell doom for all humanity.
No choice! I’ll help. You’re traveling, right. You’ll need someone with you who’s been to a lot of different lands.

Iffy had an idea how we can find the other fragments, even!

R-Really? Then, I’m sure we’ll save Histy in no time.
Basilicoms around the world have been researching monsters. I think they’ll have a good idea where they spawn.
So, speaking of… what’s a Basilicom again?
I’m apparently an amnesiac, so I need you to explain stuff to me in a manner convenient for the players to understand!
Be patient with her, Miss IF. She bumped her head on the ground and lost her memory. Sorry for my delayed explanation.
Basilicoms are holy organizations run by those who serve the goddesses.
There are two parts to a Basilicom: the Sanctuary where goddesses are cared for, and Parliament for political activities.
Whoa, stop. Why not let the people at the Basilicom explain it? We’re heading there anyway.
To ask about monsters? But we don’t need to do that until we go to another landmass.
Well, we’ll need a permit from the Basilicom to travel anywhere. They manage the Sky Harbors, too.
Oh, I see. Then we’ll continue this when we reach the Basilicom. Okay, Nep-Nep?

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: A New Challenger Appears! It’s a surprise attack!