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Part 5: A New Challenger Appears

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, CPU Neptune met a new friend, IF. Now, in Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Guild Archives, Mission Report:
Am continuing to assist the two weird girls from yesterday.

Took on a side job eliminating a troublesome monster.

Reporting target eliminated.

Seem to be attracting attention, unfortunate side effect of traveling with others.

Radio: 5pb’s ‘Hi-Five Radio’
Hi, 5pb here! Been a while! We’re taking messages from our listeners right now. I’ll read them here and carry the messages on to whoever they want! These can be about anything: life updates, thank yous, love confessions, whatever! The messages can be for someone special, or just to me. Okay. Here are some messages we got today.
From Director Yuzarin: ‘Greetings, 5pb. I’ve been troubled by monsters attacking our cargo trucks, but who would’ve guessed a group of girly teens would come along and take care of the threat? Such power at such an age… They were like goddesses. You never know what life will throw your way, huh?’ I’m happy for you, Director Yuzarin. Monster-hunting girls, huh? Maybe they really were goddesses!
It looks like it’s time for me to go. Until later! Bye!
This show was brought to you by Lady Green Heart.

We needed permission to Terraport, so we sent Neptune to the Basilicom.

Video- “At the Basilicom”


Hiding from monsters. Planeptune seems more ravaged by them compared to the other lands.
Anyway, go talk to the Basilicom’s staff. They’ll communicate with a different one and we’ll be on our way.
Okay, then I’ll be back in a jiffy!
I’ll wait here to keep Compa company. Ask them anything you want while you have the chance.

She didn’t even screw it up.

???: Ah, hello. Applying for Terraportation? Could you give us your reason and how long you will be traveling for?
How long? I dunno. Reason… Um, to defeat monsters! I wanna travel the world and fight bad guys!
???: Admirable for one so young. Okay, so… long-term… salvage areas attacked by monsters. There.
Or shall I word it in a more vague way? Volunteer work? That’d look better on your resume.
I don’t care, whatever. Hurry it up, my party is waiting for me!
???: Oh, you have some friends with you, hmm? Could you write their names here? …That’s it. Thank you very much. Bye.
W-Wait! This is my first time doing this, so I dunno anything about the Basilicom. Can you tell me about it?
???: A Basilicom novice, eh? Let me tell you a bit about our origins and give a small history lesson.
Long ago, Basilicoms were created by CPUs, Console Patron Units you call goddesses. We assist them in governing this world.
On the other hand, we perform missionary work to spread our beliefs. That’s the gist of it. Did that help?

Kind of surprised, really. She’s sort of a spazz.

???: Well, it’s different everywhere. Some Basilicoms may be construed as weird. I really shouldn’t say such things, though.
So there are weird ones? Nice. The people, too?
???: Uh, sure. Well, why not get back to your friends? You don’t want them to wait too long, after all.
Yeah, okay. Bye!
???: Neptune. A nice name for a nice girl.

For how important this thing we’re doing is supposed to be, she doesn’t seem very focused.

We can’t ignore all the monsters left on Planeptune. We gotta walk this path properly, y’know?
Yeah, ‘slow and steady wins the race!’ Collecting Key Fragments is important, but we can’t leave troubled people alone!

Then again, it was a bit of an embarrassment for all of us that the Sand Worm seemed to already be back.

Video- “Kwisatz Haderach”


I mean not as much an embarrassment as what Neptune was wearing today but yeah embarrassing.

Boss Battle: Sand Worm
It’s another Sand Worm, and we’ve got some new and powerful skills thanks to a level up that make it go quicker. The biggest risk here is that someone will get low, because we’re about to have another boss fight right after this.

Then some weirdo came out of nowhere and started yelling at her.

Video- “The Worst Witch”


Who’s there? What’s with that melodramatic laugh…?
Don’t mock my snickering! Pushing people’s buttons… You’ve not changed a bit.
Makes it easier for me to desire your demise. Brace yourself!

Then the creep attacked us!

Boss Battle: ???
This mysterious and currently nameless enemy is definitely harder than the Sand Worm, but still isn’t any real threat to anyone at high health. She mainly just has a lot of health, ideally you want to bring her Guard Points down and have Neptune Guard Break her during a big scary combo. Not much to it.

She was still ranting as she left, no idea what her problem was. Will monitor situation. IF out.

It’s your home turf, Neptune. But it won’t be like this next time. Don’t forget my words!
What the hell? She came out of nowhere, threw a hissy fit, and left. She must be menstruating or something.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Red Faction! Wait what did she just say?