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Part 6: Red Faction

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia some weird witch attacked our heroines! Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Guild Archives, Mission Report:
Having secured permission to Terraport, we headed down to the Sky Harbor.

Video- “Terraportation”


I betcha it was a totally crazy, epic war between some profound sort of darkness and a really great light!
…What’s she babbling about?
I’m sorry. Please be patient with her. She really doesn’t remember anything… I think.
Right. Hearing that from a nurse-in-training is reassuring. How long have you known her?
A few days. I found her stuck head-first in the ground, so I pulled her out and treated her wounds.
S-Stuck in the ground? You pulled her out? So, Neptunes grow in the ground around here. How can I believe that?
Well, yes, but not from the ground. She fell from the sky and got stuck in the ground after, Miss IF.
Huh? Oh, it’s been bugging me, but you call me ‘Miss.’ You don’t have to be so formal, but…
Iffy, Compa, hurry up! The view is so stupendous from here. You two scared? Hah, I bet you are. I’m so brave!
I don’t like her being overly friendly with me. I feel like she doesn’t quite understand her place beneath me.
Nep-Nep, this is the Sky Harbor area, where two landmasses come in contact with one another.
It doesn’t really mean the ground is split.
Oh, I see. So how do I cross over? Should I jump? Should I shout ‘wahoo!’ as I do it?
Why not slap on some overalls and a red hat while you’re at it? Actually, we use a bridge to cross over.
We needed the Basilicom’s permit to get the bridge lowered. Now we can use it anytime.

Not that we were ready to go, but Neptune needs everything explained.

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:
Terraportation is how we travel from land to land. It’s incredibly simple. We go to the Explore section of the menu and pick Nearby Lands. Then we pick the land we want and tell the game to wait for it to approach. A dungeon will appear among the Search results, and after we pass through it we’ll be in the new land. It’s technically possible to just do dungeons and wait for the land you want to be “Incoming” but don’t do that, just use Nearby Lands to wait for it.

Oh, I took a job alone. Big mistake as it turned out.

Maybe I should check up on Nep and the others.
???: Agggghhhh!
A scream! Where did it come from? Right? Left? Where are you? I’m coming to help!

Some weirdo tackled me and started rambling about something weird.

Aww, what’s the matter? You’re not allowed to be sleepy yet.
I’m not sleepy! Who are you? G-Get off of me!
Oh my, no can do. When you tell me to get off, it just makes me not want to.
Then… don’t get off?
Don’t worry. I have no intention to.
Ugh! Just get off, seriously!
Well you’re a demanding one. You didn’t have to stand up so suddenly. Ouch…
I warned you.
Where did you come from? Are you hurt?
Hurt…? Nope, thanks to you protecting me with your body…
…It wasn’t intentional.

I’m way too nice to people.

What’s your name, chick? My name is Red. Y’know, R-E-D, Red!
I’m IF. ‘Chick…?’ That doesn’t feel right.
Fine, Iffy! From now on, you’re gonna be my wifey.
Wh-Who? A wife?! Do you even know what you’re saying…?
Of course. Whoever I love becomes my wifey, y’know? Like, marriage? Consecrating the vows…
You’re not wrong, but…
Once I call dibs on you, if we don’t get interrupted for ten minutes… That’s official, right?
Huh…? That doesn’t make any sense at all.
…You don’t wanna be my wifey?
That’s really not the point.
Okay, then it’s decided! Yay!
First wifey obtained! Now I gotta look for more!
…More? She’s definitely a child.

At least I’ll probably never run into her again. After that I headed back to the only moderately crazy people I usually hang out with.

There’s something funky on it. Looks kinda like furniture, but I’ve never seen nothin’ like it. Nope, no sir!
Oh, I guess it’s sort of a rare sight. It’s probably a jukebox.
A jukebox? What’s that?
It’s a machine that plays music selected by someone after putting some money in it. There’s a stack of records inside.
Records? Those things made with vinyl? I bet Mr. Jukebox is a real antique.
Elder: That is correct.
Oops, sorry. We didn’t mean to distract you or anything.
Elder: Don’t worry about that. I was just about to take a break, anyway.
Is the jukebox broken?

Planeptune is a very strange place, by the way.

Elder: Much like this company. Even if its business was founded upon the sales of jukeboxes…
Huh? I thought this was a… game company?
Elder: You may not know, but several game companies got their start by selling jukeboxes around here.
Oh. Interesting.
Elder: …Youths back then found the loves of their lives dancing to the music this old thing played.
How romantic! It’s like a musical cupid!
Elder: Right. I should get going.
Feel free to stop by if you’re in the mood for classic rock n’ roll.
Elder: Of course, if this thing ever gets fixed…
I’m sure it will be right when you forget it even exists. Farewell.
…I bet he danced with his lover to that jukebox’s music, too.

A bunch of freaks were fighting out in the middle of the street.

What the hell is this?
O-Over there! Those tough-looking people are… destroying a pile of barrels…
Huh? Why?
Lookit the other side! Those road pugilists are destroying cheap, boxy cars with their bare hands!
I think they’re martial artists… from all around the world. Oh, here comes a new challenger!
…Let’s not get involved. Stop staring.
Oh, there’s a cute Chinese girl with really monstrous thighs over there!
I just told you to stop staring. Let’s go.
Whoa, a sumo wrestler, too! I’ve never seen one in real life…!

And things weren’t much better in the industrial district.

Oh, yeah. The boxes are getting moved on a conveyor belt and people are loading them onto the truck by hand.
The boxes are in different shapes… and each shape is a different color…
It’s probably tough to organize the boxes to fit neatly in the truck.
Check it out! They’re turning the boxes so they can stack them without an gaps in between them.
That’s quite a skill.
Oh, but they’ve left a long, thin gap on one end of the truck.
How will they fill it?!
If they leave it there, the other stacked boxes are gonna be all wobbly and stuff.
Hmm. A thin, long, blue box is next. It… It fits perfectly! The men are high-fiving and saying something like ‘Detris!’
Oh! Oh, oh, oh!
This company’s the one who made the popular puzzle game with the falling objects.
Oh, I getcha. Even their loading crew are masters at it!
I doubt that’s got anything to do with it…

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Red Alert! IF’s recruitment odyssey begins!