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Part 7: Red Alert

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia IF was beset by a strange person in the woods. Now on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Having received permission to travel to other lands, our heroines traveled to the land of Leanbox.

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:
The first time we enter each other land it’ll give us a quick tutorial on the goddess blogs, which are extra little event things triggered by plot advancement and another mechanic that we can’t see yet. It’ll make sense later when we see one.

It was there that IF found herself once more thrust into a solo adventure…

Gah! Wh-What’s this cold thing on my stomach…? A… foot?
That’s a depressing wake-up call. It’s only five-thirty in the morning. The sun’s just starting to rise.
I don’t really feel like going back to sleep, but it’s too early to get up. Ugggh. So sleepy.
…Huh? Was that someone’s voice? Who else is hardcore enough to be up this early?

And so, following the strange music, IF wandered into the forest alone!

The unsigned singer/songwriter who travels the world, known only as 5pb…
I hear she’s a radio MC now, too. She’s one of the most popular underground artists on Gamindustri…
…Meh. She’s near my age and works solo.
She reminds me of myself, so I’m secretly a fan of hers.
But, what’s she doing so early? Secret vocal training?

Hey narrator guy, am I even going to be in this thing today?

Her voice is so awesome. I can’t hear her clear enough from here…
…I should get closer.
A little more…
…Little more…

I mean because it sounds like you’re leaving out all my awesome adventures to talk about Iffy.

Ah! Aghhh!
Huh? H-Hey! What’s the matter?!
Wh-Whoa! Don’t run away for no reason!
Too late. She didn’t have to run like that. Am I really scary-looking in the morning or something?

What? How did you even get in here? Um, anyway, having scared off the mysterious girl in the forest, IF planned to return the next night.

That fibber! She said she was just out for a jog but she was totally stalking some lady!

It was around here. I don’t remember the exact location…
There she is!

Seems like she’s practicing diligently.
It must be hard to find a place to practice in peace and quiet when you’re so popular.
I’ll try to keep her calm this time. I just have to remain casual.

Wait what? No, she wasn’t stalking some lady, she was… Okay it was a little like stalking, but totally different in ways that will come to me.

Hello. You’re the artist, 5pb, right? Nice to meet you.
Agh! Aghhhhhhhh!
Stop, stop, stop! Don’t flip out. I don’t want our players to get complaints from their neighbors about screaming girls…
Hahhh… Haahhh…
Calm down, okay? I’m sure that was, uh, good vocal training or something.

You act pretty different than your radio personality. Why’re you so tense?
…Go away.
I’m not suspicious or anything. I mean, I know it’s not convincing when I say it myself, but…
I don’t… I don’t believe… you…

Exactly. So anyway Iffy was totally creeping this lady out.

Please, just… stay back.
I wasn’t trying to scare you. I apologize for all that. You are 5pb, right?

I know of you. You travel around and put on live shows and performances, right?
I heard your voice here a while ago, so I thought we could maybe try and get to know each other.
I travel a lot, just like you. It’s nothing glamorous like music, but I journey with friends and hunt monsters!
You want to tell me about any of your journeys?
Um, well… Ahh…

Anyway the lady told Iffy she had the wrong person, like one of those mistaken identity movies or something!

Hey, wai-! Damn. She’s gone again.

So that wasn’t her? Oops. I feel dumb. She looked and sounded a lot like 5pb… Lyrica, huh?

No it’s nothing like… Ugh, whatever. Anyway later that day IF found herself separated from the party by a monster ambush!

Wait is that why she ran off? I just figured she didn’t want to share her lunch with me again.

Nep and the others must have taken a different path while I chased it down.
Footsteps?! …they’re coming closer!
You’re… the girl from the forest. Red, right?
You remembered my name! As expected of Wifey Number 1. My eyes know quality women.
R-Right, Wifey Number 1. So what can this quality wifey do for you?
Oh yeah. You’re traveling to hunt monsters, right?
Yep. We might still be surrounded. Let’s get back to town as soon as we can.

Wait, did she sneak off to share her lunch with that red hair girl?

For my beloved Wifey Number 1, I brought a whole bunch of them with me while risking my life!
Brought… what…?
Monsters! You can fight to your heart’s content now!

Too happy to respond, eh? Man, it was tough work to round up this many.
But I know it’s worth it to see that stunned O-face of yours. There’s probably more than one hundred here!
Crap! The two of us alone can’t possibly stand against that many. We need to run!
Huh? Hmm, you’re not gonna fight? But I worked so hard to bring them to you…
Red, just… take my hand and hurry!

Where do you even come up with these things… Crap and now I’m not even sure what’s going on here myself anymore.

Don’t you dare ever try that again! Monsters are dangerous!
I’m sorry. I thought it’d make you happy, but I guess… I went too far.
You have to know where the line is and not cross it. But, it’s kinda flattering to know you did it just for me.
Really?! So I’ve increased my charisma?
C-Charisma? Sure… by a little.
Awesome! Charisma +10! I need to jot that down…
…Plus ten?

Oh, this was where we went back to Planeptune. I remember because Iffy kept getting mad every time I stopped like she was in a hurry or something.

I mean it was her fault I was so hungry, sharing her lunch with that weirdo instead of giving it to me.

Right, I see where we are. You went back to Planeptune so she could try to catch 5pb in concert.

That’s all for now!
You’ll have to learn where my next show will be through my website, so be sure to keep your eyes on it!
Ugh, I didn’t make it in time. I was really looking forward to this, too.
If only we cleared the dungeon just thirty seconds faster… If only Nep didn’t try to eat that hamburger-shaped rock…!
…It’s so crowded here. I guess the show just ended.
Okay, that should be everything.
Is your show over?

Yeah and it turned out that lady in the forest totally lied to Iffy about who she was!


No way! So it was you! You’re so different from who I hear on the radio.
It’s a radio personality, so 5pb is like a show name for an act. Were you at the show today?
No, unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time. I wish I did, though. So your real name is Lyrica, huh?
Wh-What do I do? Someone who… knows my real name… heard me singing…
No, I just said I didn’t make it in time.
Gotta go!
Hold it.
…Let’s chat. We can keep walking, okay?

Anywhoo, if I’m not gonna be in any of these scenes I’m gonna go get a crepe or something. Want anything?

Just say what’s on your mind. It’s not like I’m going to spread your secrets across internet forums worldwide.
Can’t you take a joke? What’s wrong? You’re always so confident on the radio.
Well, this is… I mean, I’m usually like this.
When I’m singing or talking on the radio, I get so into it I don’t even notice…
That’s your reason for ‘disappearing’ right after your live shows?
Also why you were practicing in such an isolated location at such a ridiculous time?
But after the show is the best time to get to know your fans.
Fan service is important. You’re missing out on the best opportunity to grow!
You think? I never looked at it that way. The fans only come to hear the songs. Not me.
That’s completely wrong! Don’t be like that! …Fine! I’ll help you out.
Huh?! …I pass.
I didn’t hear that! You’re starting to gain popularity, so this isn’t the time for you to act so hesitant.
…W-Well… I guess.
I promise I won’t lead you astray. Okay?

Huh? Yeah sure, I could go for a crepe. Okay, no more distractions, back to work.

IF and the pop singer 5pb, aka Lyrica, discussed her problem.

No. One person or one-hundred people… Doesn’t matter…
What if you picture your audience as a variety of fruits in a giant basket? …Nah.
You said you’re fine during shows or when you’re on the radio, right?
…It’s probably because I’m focused.
I don’t care about my surroundings when I can get absorbed into my songs.
Radio broadcasts are the same. It’s like there’s a personality switch inside my head.
It turns on for shows, and turns off right after so I get all skittish and afraid.
I really don’t like that feeling…
I wish my songs would never end.

You know prior to my big narration break I had the same problem.

As an artist, you’re fine. However, you lose your confidence when you revert to your normal self.
Mabe you’re just uncomfortable with Lyrica, when you cast your 5pb name aside.
Singing is so fun. I feel this energy swelling up from deep inside my belly.
That’ll aid in overshadowing your normal self even more.
What do you think I should do?
Just ease into the fact that you have two facets of your life for now. I’ll keep thinking about it.
Instead of fruit, maybe imagine your audience in their underwear next time.
In their underwear? …Would that really work?

Only if the goal is to get an M rating, kids! Take it from me, your narrator!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Red Dead Redemption! I’m back with food!