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Part 10: Snow Problem

Hiya! Oh, right, um, I’m supposed to say something. Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia some stuff happened. And now Hyperdimension Neptunia!

That… needs work. Lots of it. Don’t screw this up for me or the network will go back to running blogs and stuff. Anyway you guys prepared a bit now that you had new friends.

LWE Feinne Presents Neptunia Game Mechanics:

So, the game actually throws you a quick and easy way to level up your characters. You remember the first dungeon update, where we saw that Monster Call can summon a boss from weird dark zones on the ground? Well in most dungeons, that boss is called Clione.

Video- “Clione”


Cliones are actually pretty tough on average for the dungeon they’re in, but the reward for taking them out is a huge blob of experience that can quickly catch your lower level characters back up. Fighting one will shit all over your time score most likely but rank doesn’t really matter so much so don’t worry too much about it. I also went and did one of the DLC dungeons, which had a boss at the end.

Video- “Big Bull Battle”


The DLC dungeons all have really cool items as secret treasures. The first one has a neat sword for Neptune that I wanted to pick up. The boss at the end, the Big Bull, isn’t that bad at the level we’re at. Just follow the level recommendations on the assignments and you’ll be fine.

Yeah that singer lady has been hearing a lot about stuff we’ve done on her show.

Here’s one from ‘Beef Lover’ on Planeptune. ‘Good evening, 5pb. Have you heard of a Big Buffalo? It’s a giant bull monster sealed inside a Planeptune ruin. The other day, some adventurers went to fight it and made jerky out of its meat. It’s really tasty and is becoming a local specialty. Try it next time you’re here!’ Okay, I’ll look for it next time I visit Planeptune. I hope they don’t sell out first!
Here’s another letter from Planeptune’s Director Yuzarin. ‘Hello, 5pb. Do you go to arcades? If you have a favorite game, let me know. I’d like to use your feedback when developing our next title.’ Sure. I play the musical rhythm games, like pressing buttons matching icons on the screen. The background dancers are so cute! I also like the shooting game staged on a tropical island.
This one’s from forum member ‘Civilian’ on Planeptune. ‘Good evening, 5pb!’ Good evening, Civilian! ‘I feel like less monsters are on Planeptune lately. It’s thanks to those who are fighting on our behalf. I wanted to send m tanks to those brave souls.’ Planeptune used to be ravaged by monster attacks, but it looks like peace is coming back. I’ll cheer them on with my songs too, so please keep at it, everyone!

Also that creepy girl keeps asking me weird stuff, she really freaks me out.

I’m still softening Nep up… Man, wifey hunts are starting to get intense.
I thought I’d be able to close Nep alongside Compa since they seem to be really good buddies.
One second, I’m on the right track… Then another second I’m way off the mark! It’s so hard!
Iffy did mention I probably wouldn’t be able to get Nep’s agreement…
She said taming me and Nep is an impossible feat!
Hahaha, whatever! I’m not that difficult!

Wait! Is she treating me the same as Nep?!
I’m not that loud! Or pudgy!

Enough of that though because this game is totally about me again.

Video- “Snowy Land”


Yes, ahem. Our heroines found themselves at a Basilicom in the icy land of Lowee!

Yeah, some energy of some kind was totally getting drained whenever I was all talky. Like my soul was trying to jump ship.
The Sanctified: Are you okay? You girls hardly look layered enough to travel in the snow.
They’re just whining. It wasn’t all that cold. Does this have something to do with Lowee’s goddess?
Ooh, nice. It’s so warm and cozy in here. I dunno how to explain the difference with words alone!
So yeah, to the point. Do you know where strong monsters are around here?
We’re traveling the world, finding Key Fragments and fighting monsters!
The Sanctified: Why not go to the Central Basilicom, Entremets, if you’re curious about monster research?
This Basilicom is just a local branch.
There are two Basilicoms in Lowee? Then there are two goddesses?! They must be twins!
The Sanctified: No, no. Each city in Lowee has its own local Basilicom to govern the area.
The Central Basilicom, also known as Entremets, is where all local Basilicoms are managed. Our CPU resides there.
Okay. So if I go there, I can bug them about monsters and say hey to the goddess, right?
The Sanctified: Yeah. I’ll give you a map to find it. The roads can be a bit harsh, so be careful.

Why is there always an ice level in these things anyway?

Just the way of the world I guess.

Video- “The Central Basilicom”


I hope it helps people on the fence about moving here.
Lowee is protected by me, White Heart. This place is also called the ‘Land of White Serenity.’
I guess ‘fantasy’ or ‘magical kingdom’ are good descriptions, too.
What’s different here compared to other lands is that magic is widely used to make life more convenient.
Though, this doesn’t mean you‘ll be able to use magic just by moving to Lowee.
Oh, and there’s a lot of snow. It’s cold.
Those are Lowee’s main selling points.
I’m tired. Bye.

Sort of like why you had to trudge through a monster-infested forest to reach your destination.

It’s really not that cold. We’re not even dressed heavily. If you’re that cold, do you want my hot pack?
Hot pants?! What? What’s that sort of thing doing in Lowee? This’s supposed to be a magical fantasy world of fun!
Hot pack. Pack. I brought stuff from Planeptune just in case. Trade it off every few minutes.
Oh, yeah! Okay. I get it. You’re after me, Compa!
Th-Thank you so much. Entremets is located through the forest.
Why would they build their main Basilicom there? It should be made more accessible for normal people.
It’s a sacred place for the goddess. This way, idiots like Nep can’t wander in, break stuff, and leave so easily.
I see! …Wait, you make it sound like I’m suspicious or something…
…It looks like this forest, meant to turn away travelers, has become a place monsters can call home.

Plus Iffy was totally acting like it wasn’t cold at all. She’s like some kind of… not cold jerk.

Speaking of jerks, we went through all that trouble to get there and the goddess totally tried to just blow us off.

Video- “Lady Blanc”


Financier: We’ve had fewer and fewer visitors coming due to the monsters. Perhaps we should try to be more welcoming…
…You actually believe my ability to protect has weakened due to wavering faith?
Financier: A-Absolutely not! How could your protection ever weaken? However, we must do something to raise our reputation.

Financier: They may spread rumors how Lowee’s CPU won’t even greet travelers who came all the way through the snow to see her.
…It’s not gonna work. You can’t make me come out.
Financier: The Evangelist will give you a lecture if you keep that attitude!
…Fine. Let them in. I’ll come out in a few.
Financier: …Understood.

Then she was really mean when she did talk to us, no idea why.

Financier: They are traveling the world in search of powerful monsters.
You girls are here to ask questions, correct? Please, please, please… be polite. Excuse me.
Hiya, goddess! It’s our first time meeting you, for sure.
…Neptune. The hell d’you think you’re doing here with that fat, cheeky, stupid face?
St-Stupid face…? I guess I’m all flush and cheeky from the cold, a-and my face changes when I transform, but… blah!
Anyway! We’re looking for an item called a Key Fragment. We wanna know if you got any idea where…
…Item questing? What’re you plotting?
Well, we gotta get them to save Histy. I thought you might wnana help us.
Key Fragments are guarded by strong monsters. If you know of any dungeons where we can fight one…
…Save someone? That’s good for you. You seem like you don’t give a shit about anything else.
I haven’t heard of an item like that. Too bad.
What about monsters? Any ideas where we can go? Or is that totally not goddess knowledge?

Did I, like, say something wrong? I was just trying to be friendly.

But, but, but this is your land! You gotta know it like the back of your head, right?
If you’re busy, we can come back later. When’re you free? Tomorrow? The day after? The day after that? After that? That?
…Never. I told you I don’t know. I don’t think such an item exists in Lowee. And it’s the back of your hand, idiot.
What? No way! Histy said there’s one on each landmass. In fact, we found one on Planeptune!
…This isn’t Planeptune.
Then… monsters? Anywhere strong monsters gather?
…You’re really pissin’ me off. I said to ask the Basilicom. I don’t care anymore.
Would that other chick know? What’s her name? …Wait, one more! Have you heard of anyone named Histy? Her full name is-
Holy crap, shut up! I said I don’t know! Such nerve, showing yourself in front of me like this. Enough! Don’t ever return!

But yeah, she totally kicked us out, which was a total drag.

…Conversation. You were here?
…An Evangelist’s job is to go propagate beliefs regarding me to other lands, right?
Conversation: Well, you need to support my teachings by acting like a goddess, otherwise…
Ugh, this is so annoying…! Did you just come back here to lecture me, you pasty old hag?!
Why d’you think I promoted you from Chamberlain to Evangelist? Get a freakin’ clue! Stop breathing down my damn neck!
Conversation: …I can’t do that until you stop having your little violent, childish tantrums. Oops, was that inappropriate? Forgive me.
Nevertheless, people won’t follow a goddess to simply receive protection. You must…
I-I know, geez! I get it, okay? There are more and more casualties from monsters. It’s a huge thorn in my ass.
Conversation: You shouldn’t be so frank, even with me. A goddess’ leadership and style will affect their land as well…
You can only improve those by improving your level of self-control.
And here I am staying quiet like you asked…! I swallow most of my words so I don’t just spit them out.
Conversation: …Still, your occasional outbursts are unacceptable as a goddess. You know that, right?
Oh, don’t worry. I’m fully aware I’m so very not goddess-like and bratty. …Urrrgh! I’m SO pissed!
Conversation: I’ll be gone for a while again, but make sure you watch your attitude as Lady White Heart.
Yeah, okay, bye! Excuse my shitty language! Don’t ever come back!

Following their rather rude reception by the goddess of Lowee, Neptune developed a terrible cold!

Video- “Gust Appears”

This Video Brought to You By Gust

Oh, you may have a cold. It’s because you never use the covers when you sleep. You should be more careful about that!
Hold on a minute and I’ll make you some good medicine.
Are ya done yet?
Huh? Why…? It’s not working…
Let me handle this. Sometimes, beginner’s luck works.
No! I want to help Nep-Nep!
But you’re not doing it right… Come on…
I can’t watch any longer! Let Gust take care of it!
Huh? Wh-Who’re…?
I am Gust.
Mix Potion A and Potion B, then add powder.

She would have been in trouble, if not for the assistance of the plucky young alchemist Gust!

…I’m glad I stood back. What was that minor explosion? Is it done?
…Synthesis failure.
Explosion is reaction caused by old ingredients.
Wait here. Gust make good medicine using her own ingredients.

Thank you. Um… what’s this? Do you want me to shake your hand…?

Visit Atelier Gust, by the beltway! Our prices are high, but we pass those profits on to ourselves!

What? You charge?!
Oh yes. Valuable ingredients.
I won’t charge labor this time.
…She must be pretty strict with money.
This was an… unexpected expense.
So you’re traveling alone while selling items you synthesize?
You’re so young but such a hard worker. I’m one impressed nurse-in-training.
Heh. You flatter.
Tell Gust if any items needed. Gust will make for cheap.
Really? Then, please tell us if you need any ingredients.
We’ll gather them for you.

Wait, did you just do an ad?

Gust, you’re our friend now.
Yes. Friends!
They seem to be getting along.
I haven’t seen Nep in a while. Did either of you let her off her leash or something?
She’s in a deep sleep after taking the medicine.
No wonder it’s so peaceful.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Nightmare! Enigmatic Exposition in an Emerald Empire!

Brought to you by Gust. Atelier Gust, the store you trust!