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Part 11: Nightmare

Last Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, we met the charming lady White Heart. Next, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:

Before we get started I’ll talk about two things really quickly. The first is why exactly it is that having more than three characters is so great (though you might have seen that in the combat videos last time if you watched them). Characters that are in reserve still get a full complement of AP, so Switching basically doubles up your ability to unload damage at the start of the fight. It also lets you get slower characters like 5pb or Compa higher up in the turn order by pairing them with a quicker character who can start out like IF. I’ll actually probably once I get the second set of DLC characters have Neptune and 5pb in reserve to take advantage of just this, since I’ll have at least two pretty fast characters then. Of course the third fast character in the game is also probably overall the strongest but we won’t be getting them for a long time so don’t worry too much about them.

So, this screenshot shows off a hidden treasure and one of the big reasons to do every side dungeon (I’ve actually not been doing them all but I will eventually). Most of them have a processor part as their secret treasure. The first set of them are elemental themed parts, earth in Planeptune, ice in Lowee, I think fire in Lastation, and wind in Leanbox (the last two may be switched, I don’t remember). Mixing and matching pieces from the sets is the min-max way to improve your transformed power, and I’ll show off the horrendous results at some point. Anyway let’s get on with the show.

Having exhausted their leads in Lowee, our heroines traveled to Leanbox…

Video- “Nightmare”


How dare you. All this even after sealing you away? Tell me everything you’ve told her this very instant!
…I do not possess enough power to even call out to someone in Celestia. You should be aware of that the most.
I did not take her down. She chose to fall of her own volition. She wishes to level justice against your crimes.
…It’s against Celestial Province for a CPU to directly interfere with the human world for no valid reason.
Unless it’s a scheduled inspection or an accidental fall, such insolence is unacceptable!
Each of them possess only a quarter the power of an actual goddess. They couldn’t possibly travel down without your aid!
No, that is incorrect. If something existed that led them to go there without my aid…
…It was destiny. Something beyond even my control.

Speaking of exhausted, I almost passed out as soon as we got to Leanbox.

It is true this tome contains everything in this reality, but it does not stand to reason I have free reign over it all.
It matters not whether you are human or CPU. Not a soul exists able to control everything in their lives.
…You may have a point. You’re the most difficult variable to control of all. But, then again, you’re meant to be different.
You’ve the power to change this world and I’ve the desire to do so. You do know what I’m thinking of, don’t you?
No. A tome cannot read somebody’s intentions to act. I know only what has occurred in the past.
Yeah, Yeah. With that attitude, you’ll never understand.
Which is fine by me. There’s no need for you to feel as I do. Because you are different. This will all end…
When the curtain falls on this world after its final act, this nonsensical opera shall finally end! Haaaah ha ha ha ha!

I had a dream where that weird lady from that cave and Histy were talking about the world ending, it was kinda freaky.

Huh? Oh… a dream. I heard Histy’s voice, though… Ugh! What a weird dream. Curtains falling and worlds ending…
…Hm? What’s going on? You’re way too energetic for this early in the morning…
Hiya, g’morning! Sorry for waking you up. Why’re you sleeping here, anyway? I thought you were bunking with Iffy.
Iffy’s… very sensitive to noise and she kicked me out, saying I snore like a grandpa. So I had to leave.
A-Anyway, let’s tidy up and get some breakfast. Iffy won’t be happy if she has to wait for her toast.
Ughhh, but I don’t feel rested at all. I don’t wanna do anything! …Egads! Compa… your hair… it’s so… fluffy!
N-Nep-Nep? Please don’t glomp me from behind like that.
Awwwwww, you smell like such a girly girl, too. I wanna sleep just like this. Your hair is lulling me off to la-la land…
That’s no good! Iffy will be upset at us. Please, I’m not a body pillow for you to cuddle with!
But you feel so cozy when I squeeze you. I could sleep like this anytime, anywhere.
You’re both awake? Sorry for kicking you out, Compa. We can try again tomorr- What the hell is this perverted crap?

Anyway, changing the subject completely from that, let’s hear about Leanbox from its CPU!

Video- “Blog and the Evangelist”


I’m sure you all know, but the CPU of Leanbox is me, Green Heart.
Leanbox is a land abundant with nature. The most beautiful in all Gamindustri.
I believe the word ‘draconian’ de-… No… ‘archai-‘… Oh! ‘Medieval’ describes Leanbox best.
Here you can expect a comfortable life. Many come here to spend their retirement or raise children.
I highly suggest coming to Leanbox, especially if you have enough money to live a rich and comfortable life.
That’s the basic rundown of my land.
I’ll go into more detail with my upcoming blog entries.
I’ll see you again in the next update.

Yeah so after Iffy got all mad at me for trying to use Compa as a pillow we headed to the Basilicom.

Anyone know where strong monsters are nesting?!
Conversation: Eh?! Um… What do you girls want from Leanbox’s Basilicom? You’re not from this landmass, are you?
Whoa, a deductive genius! How’d you know we’re not from here? Do we totally stand out?
Conversation: Oh no, it’s not that. I just transferred from somewhere else too, so I felt a sort of connection with you all. That’s it.
I’m an Evangelist from Lowee. My name is Conversation. I travel around and spread the word of our beloved CPU.
I am meant to spread faith and love for Lady White Heart throughout the world. Anyway, what did you need here?
I gotta find a place with strong baddies so I can get a Key Fragment. Don’t worry, we’ll beat ‘em all up real good!
Conversation: A… Key Fragment… I see. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Then while we were talking with the weird lady from Lowee some old guy interrupted us.

Yvoire: I am Yvoire, the Archbishop of Leanbox’s Sanctuaries. How can I assist you girls?
Yes, well, we’d like to know where to find monsters.
Yvoire: I see. You’re tourists, then? Let me give you a detailed map where the monsters are so you can avoid them.
Stay away from the marked territories. We wouldn’t want such adorable girls getting hurt. Have a safe trip.

It kinda makes me mad when people underestimate us like that.

Video- “Dungeon”


LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:

I think people have been sort of wanting some more gameplay so here is a full dungeon. The boss is super easy in this one, not much different than some of the monsters. We get Wind Bullets for it if you don’t want to bother watching.

Not as mad as you’d be if you missed the sale down at Atelier Gust this Saturday, though! Atelier Gust, by the beltway.

It may be helpful for tourists, but… this map tells us nothing of the nearby monsters’ strength.
We need info to narrow the locations down. Let’s go back to the Basilicom… but stay in that form, okay?
Yeah! If Nep-Nep looks all tough, they won’t turn us away as if we’re helpless girls.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Justice! A hero appears!