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Part 12: Justice

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, our heroines kicked around Leanbox. Today, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

I swear nothing I have bought from that girl hasn’t exploded within like an hour.

Video- “Gust and Justice”


It’s Gust! I missed you so much!
Uh-oh, why do you look so tired?
Someone asked for potion…
But no shops carry ingredient for it…
Needs made by end of day. What should Gust do…?
Is it something we can gather outside of town?
Yes, but alone is bad. Outside full of monsters.
We’ll totally help you out, then! You helped us last time. I can’t ignore a friend in need, cuz I’m a friend indeed!
Yes! We’ll get the ingredient for you.
Yes?! Thank you muchly.

Exploded with… value?

No thanks necessary. We can help one another when we need it. Just let us know if you need us again.
We’ll be going now. I don’t wanna distract you from finishing your job.
Bye, Gust!
Bye-bye! Again, thanks!

No, mostly fire. Even things that shouldn’t explode.

People say sugar can stimulate the brain. …I wonder if there’s anything I can eat.
There’s something in the fridge… Ooh, juice! And an expired cup of pudding!
Every fridge needs pudding. The lid is labeled ‘Nep.’
Nep? Lady Neptune?
I guess this means it belongs to her. But… it’s the only pudding in here…
I know it’s the only one…
But it belongs to Lady Neptune… Grudges over food can get messy…
-=What’re you so troubled about?=-

Plus that pudding she told me was totally expired.

-=Besides, it’s her fault for leaving it here until it expired in the first place!=-
Shhh! Th-This isn’t my voice! …It has funny brackets!
-=You want something sweet, right? Does it matter whose it is? What’s the big deal? It’s pudding. It’s expired. It’s yours.=-
Is that really how it is…?
~*~Get back, evil being trying to confuse poor Lyrica!~*~

Statistics show that 75% of friendships end in pudding theft by the way. It’s an epidemic.

H-Huh? What’s going on? Now there are funny sparkly brackets too…
~*~I am the angelic persona residing within your heart. Think carefully. This pudding is not yours to take.~*~
-=You ain’t gonna gain anything by being a goody-goody. Take it if you want it. Listen to your hungry heart.=-
~*~You must not eat it. This is an immoral act, no matter your reasoning. Plus, it’s expired. You will get indigestion.~*~
-=Just think about the thick, gooey, smooth sugary sweetness melting in your mouth and sliding down your throat…=-
~*~Your heart should be screaming that it is wrong to steal what doesn’t belong to you!~*~
-=Eat it! Eat it ALL!=-

We’ve actually got a PSA on it from some creepy demon lady later today.

Just go buy another one…? Unless you want to get stuck in the bathroom…

I wish I’d had a weird angel me warn me not to eat that pudding instead of just Compa.

I heard form the people running away in fear. They said there were some others still left behind.
Huh? Where’s Nep-Nep?
She’s locked herself in the bathroom ever since she ate that expired cup of pudding.
And I told her so many times not to eat it and just throw it away…
S-Sorry, Compa, Iffy… Go ahead of me… I’ll catch up later.
Okay, we’ll be going, but hurry up and finish in there!
Ahhh! W-Wait!
What now?!
I’m all outta TP... Can you leave me a roll by the door?

Gonna head this off at the pass. IF and Compa were forced to go it alone against a terrible monster! Oh no!

Nep-Nep isn’t here, either. We really can’t do this without her…
Compa, we must stay strong. I’m sure she’ll flush and come help us in the nick of time.
Until then, we’ve got to protect the injured civilians!
Iffy… Okay!
Man, that was a doozy. I think I dropped a pound. I hope Iffy won’t be too mad about the clog…
Oh, there they are! Fighting some giant creature! They’re totally in danger!
Monster: Grrrr!
Oh, no! Iffy, the monster is-!
Crap, the people are over there…!
I can’t… stand… any longer…
I… can’t either…
Civilian: G-Go away!
Monster: Grrrr!
Hold it right there, villain!
Who’s there?!

But just when all hope seemed lost, a heroine of justice appeared to save the day!

A heroine of jerk-stice you mean.

Compa! Iffy! Sorry for th-blargh!
Nep-Nep! Goodness, are you okay?
Ooooh, a kick straight to the face. That must have hurt.
What’re you doing, jumping right out in front of me?! I even called my attack so you’d know to wait, too!
When Nep-Nep is focused on something, she stops seeing or hearing anything else around her…
She was our trump card… Compa, stop slapping her so much! Her face is already indented from that kick.
Sorry. I went full-force on that one. She might wake up in a few weeks.
I’ll take care of this monster myself! Leave it to me!

Hey, she did defeat the monster at least.

…Wh-Whoa. We didn’t stand a chance, but she beat it up all on her own.
Hmm? What’s this? A cry for help?
Then, I’m off. Up, up, and awaaaaaay!
…This is Gamindustri, after all. So many different walks of life…

After Neptune regained consciousness, they decided to take a proper look around Lastation.

Video- “Basilicom Revolution”


Lastation, ruled by the Console Patron Unit Black Heart. The land is mostly obscured by industrial factories.
So, um, does the ‘theme’ of each landmass match with that goddess’ preference?
I don’t think so. The CPUs are here to protect us, but humans develop the civilization itself.
Aw, that’s so realistic. Compa, what’re your thoughts on this place?
These factories and chimneys… remind me of an industrial revolution. I’m not familiar with this kind of thing.
I suppose it’s not appealing to mainstream girls. I think it’s cool. Anyway, let’s go to the Basilicom.

They were huge jerks at the Basilicom and wouldn’t help us at all.

Moderator: Monsters? What’re you going to do with this information?
We’re searching for an item called a Key Fragment. We must defeat a strong monster to get one.
Moderator: Defeat monsters? Don’t be so foolish. Even the Lastation Defense Force doesn’t stand a chance against them.
You’re nothing more than children. Go home!
Y-You shouldn’t judge us by our appearances. We’ve defeated lots and lots of monsters already.
Nep-Nep here can transform and become really super strong. We’ll show you!
Moderator: Transform? What’re you rambling about? If you want to play magical girls, go elsewhere. You’re a distraction.
…This Basilicom is a bit arrogant. Shows what kind of leader Black Heart is when you meet the people who serve her.
Moderator: We’re not like those who suck up to Black Heart! I don’t care what people say, but don’t confuse us for them.
You brats better scram already, or I’m going to have to hurt you!
Oh? Have you even seen our stats? We’re probably way stronger than you!
Don’t bring that up to an NPC. Let’s just come back later. We can’t waste time.

It seemed our heroines would be forced to find other leads if they wanted to battle monsters in Lastation…

He didn’t hafta be such a party-pooper. I guess people are different everywhere… Sometimes the world is cruel.
Did you hear the way he was talking? He really crossed the line talking about their CPU like that.
Hmm, maybe we should ask around about monsters in town.
Good idea. It may take longer, but we just got here and don’t know much about Lastation yet.
This is just the beginning. Let’s take our time, explore, and learn!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Monopoly! The wages of capitalism are death!