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Part 13: Monopoly

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, we messed around in Lastation a bit. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

…so anyway, after that I said “I didn’t know that would fit in there!”

Ooh, are they tough? Super tough? What kinda monsters are they?!
I was told they attack in groups while making weird noises!
And… I think I heard a weird noise just now…
Huh? Oh, pshaw! Don’t try to scare us like that.
I-I hear it, too…! It’s coming from every direction!
Are we surrounded? Is it an ambush! E-Everyone, get ready…?
We’re so not ready for this!
Robot Pet: Arf! Arf, arf!
Huh…? Arf…?

Oh god, that’s terrible. Why would you… oh, we’re on. Let’s change the subject. Robot dogs!

They’re canine-model robots. Phew.
…Aren’t these the robotic pets popular a few years back?
Huh? I never knew nothin’ about it.
That explains a lot. These pet robots were abandoned by people after the trend died down.
They’re not threatening at all. Look at how they’re wagging their tails and being all nice and stuff!
Robot Pet: Whimper!
Hehehe. There, there. I know you’re just lonely, ArfArf. It’s okay, come over here to Mama Neptune…
Seems the robot dogs have found their newest pack member…

Tsundere blogs!

Video- “Blog and Job”


I, Lastation’s CPU Black Heart, will tell you all about this land.
People call Lastation the ‘Land of Black Regality.’
You could also use words like ‘mechanic land’ or ‘steam punk’ if you want. Not like I really care.
We’re still under intense development compared to Planeptune, but that’s why we keep producing new inventions every day.
That’s the gist of Lastation, which is sometimes called the ‘Dignified Black Land.’
I don’t know when I’ll update this, but I’ll write more about Lastation. Doesn’t matter to me if you read it or not!

If that’s how she is maybe it wasn’t so bad we didn’t get in to see her.

Huh? She’s kinda small, isn’t she? I was thinking, like a… big burly man as president.
Oh, she saw us. She’s waving at us… She’s gotta be the right person.
I suppose she’s come to the same conclusion about us.
Chian: …So it’s you girls? You’re gonna fight the monsters for me? …Are you sure you’ll be okay?
We all know not to judge books by their covers, right? Nice to meet you. I’m IF. This is Compa, and that’s Neptune.
Chian: My name’s Chian. I run a small factory called Passe in the central city.
We need someone to get rid of the monsters attacking our carriages and train. You ladies sure you can handle it?
You betcha! We know how to fight, so we’ll totally be victorious!
Chian: I like you. That confidence makes it much easier for me to trust your words.

Anyway we helped that nice lady out.

Video- “Dungeon”


LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:

This is a simple extermination dungeon, we have to kill five Cockatrices. They’re easy and common. How about I talk about some notable special attacks we have right now? Neptune’s got Dual Edge, which is a sword attack that also lets us Transform at the end of a combo or acts as a Combo Link if we’re already Transformed. We also got a shooting Transform attack, Charged Shot Level 1. 5pb’s first special attack is Brave Note, which hits a whole enemy party with several of her normal magic attacks and is super awesome if there is still a group of enemies up when her turn comes around. It also Switches at the end of a combo. Red’s Combo Link is actually a group attack as well, which is kind of cool.

So why don’t you just always stay transformed anyway?

Video- “After the Job”


Nep-Nep, you act so tough in that form. Why do you think there are so many monsters here?
Don’t ask me, but how could this be caused by the diminishing power of the CPUs? Do their powers even weaken?
Well, their power comes from the faith of humanity. If monsters keep attacking people, their faith will be shaken.
Meaning less protection, more monster attacks, less people, less faith… It’s a downward spiral.
That’s succinct. So, as more time passes, more monsters will appear.
I-I didn’t think of it that way, but it makes sense! What do we do?
Don’t worry. I’m here. Someone told me… I’m the only one who can save the world.
I can save it. I’ll prove it right now!
She has the same strong sense of justice, but this Nep-Nep is more dependable. I feel comfortable trusting her!
I agree she’s an improvement over her casual, laid-back attitude… but am I the only one who can’t stand her either way?

What? Why would I do that?

I mean really, that’d just be silly.

I heard business isn’t going well because a major company called Avenir is monopolizing their industry.
I heard smaller factories are closing down due to Avenir, but I don’t think that’s the only reason.
Monopolizing is bad, right? Then, like, that company is an evil conglomerate!
…Are you going to assault them if I agree with you? We can’t just assume a company’s bad because they’re successful.
But I can’t ignore the fact people are suffering cuz of them! If I take down that company, a lotta people would be happy.
I don’t think ‘take down’ is the right term. We usually defer to the Basilicom for these issues, not violence.
But we were told to leave there just recently. How will we get the Key Fragment or stop Avenir like this?
Avenir aside, it’d be bad if our traveling budget ran out because of this horrible economy.
Let’s keep moving to other landmasses and think about what we can accomplish there.

Do you guys ever actually know what you’ll be doing next time before you start doing it?
Again, why would we do that?

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rival! Will a surprise attack spell defeat for our heroines?