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Part 14: Rival

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, we did some work in Lastation. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

And we are joined in the studio by Gust, who has a revolutionary new product to show us!

Video- “Capitalism”


Today I’m gonna focus on the education system of Lastation.
Remember I said Lastation is sometimes called ‘mechanic land?’
To surpass Planeptune, our main focus with education is to raise engineers and technicians.
Lastation offers affordable technology courses. The most affordable on Gamindustri.
The students will soon become professionals and support Lastation’s future-proof growth.
I suggest you come to Lastation if your dream is to become an engineer.
That’s it. See you in the next update.

Gust happy to be here!

Hold on, is this some kind of crummy infomercial?

Chian: There you ladies are. It’s nothing lavish, I know. It’s just a small factory.
Oh, we make everything from kitchenware to missiles. Come in. Let’s get cozy before we talk.

Gust infomercials never crummy!

Cool! Dibs on the barstool! It’s so neat having a restaurant next to your office. You can drink whatever you want!
Chian: Yeah, since it’s my house. Having one business isn’t enough for living expenses, so my mother helps me around here.
I really did have to get two jobs at Lastation. There’s just not enough work since Avenir was established.
So, Avenir IS bad! Everyone in town, including you, is suffering because of them, right?
Chian: They’re not just ‘bad!’ They took all of our clients… They’re monsters!
Even the goddess and her Basilicom just turn a blind eye and let them do whatever they want.
They’ll eventually take over this entire landmass if we don’t do anything about it.
As I suspected! Lastation won’t find peace with Avenir around. We gotta defeat them!
What should we do? It’s not gonna be as easy as it sounds. How do we ‘defeat’ an entire company, anyway?
Chian: …We won’t go down easily. Plus, we’ve got the Technology Expo this year.
What’s that? It is like a festival?
Oh, you two have never been to Lastation, right? I’m sorry, but can you explain?

Let’s split the difference, we’ll work the infomercial into the story. Crap, where even are we supposed to be now? Tech Expo? Okay, roll with it.

Chian: The Expo takes place in Lastation every four years. Various companies showcase new technologies under a common theme.
It’s for people to network, or exchange information and skills. The best item gets a trophy from Lastation’s CPU!
A trophy? What an achievement! So, can we take down Avenir with a trophy?
Chian: We’ll aim for the goddess. We’ll showcase at the Expo, win, and meet with her for a negotiation!
I see. Then, you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’ll be really tough.
Chian: Sure. I need to begin making arrangements. I actually asked you here today to discuss just that.
Nope, we won’t cosign any of your loans.
Chian: Hah! It’s not about money. We need to transfer tools and materials, but the monsters are still…
We’d risk our lives for a single screw! I’m just warnin’ you, but we’ll probably be asking for your help more often.
Ah, I getcha. You want us to make sure you don’t get distracted by monsters while prepping for the Expo.
Chian: You’re right! I’m glad you’re such a quick little thinker. I’m counting on you.

Neptune and friends took job from Avenir. Most confusing, unlike quality of Gust products.

Idealism won’t feed us. You’ll never be an adult if you’re always picky about food or work. There’s our client.
Hello, Mr. Singe of Avenir. We’re Compa, Nep-Nep, and Iffy. We’ve come to fight monsters!
Singe: …I don’t have a choice. I need you to eliminate all the surrounding monsters while I inspect a plant by the city outskirts.
Don’t let any run loose and cause damage to the facility. Get moving.
What’s his problem? He must be underestimating us because of our looks. How rude!
It’s inevitable when you or Nep are around.
Iffy, you’re not one to talk when you’re that short… and without boobies.

Yeah, and even after we beat the monsters the guy was a huge jerk. Um… unlike Gust?

Nope. I’m certain the rest ran away. That’s all for today!
Singe: The inspection is complete. Are you kids done, too? You sure you didn’t miss any?
It’s all good when I’m on the prowl! We eve n took out the boss-like one, so I betcha they’ll stay away for a while.
Singe: Good. However, if even one remains and it damages the facility, we will never conduct business with you again.
Th-That’s a bit harsh. Why can’t you just repair the damage if that happens?
Singe: You have no idea, do you? Mere humans should never degrade machinery!
Have you ever seen a human as detail-oriented or precise as a machine?
I-I don’t now… I’m not a machine.
Singe: Right. You’re just an incompetent human. Who knows when you’ll make a mistake? Being human is no excuse for errors!
If humans are expected to make mistakes, I’d rather machines do the job from the very start.
Keep that in mind the next time you take a job from this company.
Wh-Wh-What did I do to get yelled at? Did I really say something bad?
Don’t cry. You didn’t do anything. That was pretty immature of him, yelling at three pretty girls like that.
M-Maybe he thought… I was making fun of machines…
But he’s mocking humanity!

What are we even supposed to be advertising anyway?

Iffy, why’re you screaming at your cell phone?
Oh. I was watching a TV show on it, but the connection got cut.
Probably because I’m behind this ridiculously tall building.
Maybe. That happens to me every now and then, too.
Huh. Doesn’t this building belong to that major game company?
I just started playin’ games, but I’m already a fan of these guys!
Oh, you started playing? What kind of games are you enjoying the most?
Well, I mean, I haven’t played a lot, but I like those first-person action games.
It’s so hectic and boom and crazy! I end up under a big rock all the time, though…
If it’s this company, I like the golfing game made for everybody. It’s so fun!
Gaming’s popular these days, I see.
Well, it’s a road everyone’s gotta take at some point. Oh, that reminds me. What the heck?! You can watch TV on your phone?
…What era are you from, again?

Good product, revolutionize market.

Video- “Despair”


Chian: …Shut up! Did you meet Singe? What did you think? Isn’t he horrible?
Yeah! He made Compa cry with his machinery lecture. He’s a total creepazoid!
Chian: Oh, yeah, I expected as much. He’s entirely against manual labor.
You’ve met him before?
Chian: Naturally. He represents that whole company. He’s also one of my old school’s alumnus.
I saw him when he came to lecture a class. I bet he just prattled on about how precise machines are and whatnot.
Heh, yeah he did! With that ominous, gruff voice!
Chian: He doesn’t approve of any technician’s skills or pride. I despise him, but that’s not the only reason.
But enough of that. Let’s talk about getting you girls another job.
I need you to go to the next town and get some materials from Chevre. Here. It’s the map to his shop.

Plus Gust need infomercial after news about Tech Expo.

Radio: After discussions amongst the Basilicom representatives, the Tech Expo has been cancelled this year.
Chian: What?! Wait a sec!
Radio: The Sanctuary announced this is due to a decreased number of exhibitors. However, the civil committee speculates that…
the Parliament may have pressured the Sanctuary into the cancellation of this traditional event…
Chian: Are you kidding me? We can’t afford to wait four more years! By then, all the factories will be long gone!
Whoa, Chian, calm down!
Chian: This was probably the last chance my factory had…!

The girls left the grieving Chian to consider her options.

Yeah, Compa found us another job we could do.

Just give her some time alone. We’ll come back later. Anyway…
We don’t have a single clue regarding the Key Fragment. Why would you take a job about a lost child on top of this?!
We’ll never save the world if we don’t save its people! My grandpa said, ‘you must learn to walk before you can run!’
The mom looked worried. There are so many nasty creatures outside of town. Her child will be eaten if we don’t hurry!
So what? Babies get eaten all the time. It’s survival of the fittest. I’ll leave you behind if you keep dilly-dallying.
Aw, don’t be a pooper-scooper. I’ll buy you some lollipops later! What’s this kid look like?
The mom said her/his body is just an NPC silhouette, so she/he should be pretty easy to spot.
Ah, I see.

Oh, um, Gust is great?

Anyway when we got to the kid, the boss was already dead! What a drag, am I right?

Video- “Surprise”


Nope, no thanks! It’s all you, Iffy! Go ahead and take care of it. Compa and I are gonna wait here patiently.
Just tell us if you don’t want to find the lost child!
We’ve beaten a ton of monsters already. Aren’t you used to seeing them dead yet?
…A clean cut and a huge welt. Doesn’t look like any weaponry from Lastation.
Planeptune’s advanced weaponry? No… but what…? Huh? Someone’s coming!

Some weirdo had beaten us to the punch!

R-Right back at ya! Who’re you? What’re you doing here?
The kid. I came to save a child. It’s taken care of. But I don’t need to be thanked.
Anyway, there was supposed to be a girl who accepted the same job. Her name’s Neptune. You know her?
Whoa, what’s happening? She’s so coolios! Do you know her, Iffy?
No. She’s your friend or something, right? She knows your name, at least. She…looks like you after you transform.
Huh? I don’t think I’ve met her before. I’m sorry, have we?
Sure, I get it. You want to avoid fighting me in front of these outsiders.
Pretty rational. B-But, I’m not praising you. You think I’m just here to say ‘hi?’
Let’s settle this, Neptune!

Then she totally attacked us out of nowhere!

Boss Battle: CPU Black Heart
So yeah, we get a surprise fight with Black Heart at the end of this dungeon. She’s significantly tougher than any boss we’ve faced so far, and we’re at a very real risk of getting beaten down here. She’ll do two rather brutal double-swings every time her turn comes up, and she’s got a substantial amount of health. Make sure you save before picking this fight, because if she focuses on Neptune you could easily see her get dropped. If you do, it’s probably worth it to just reset, because Neptune dying too many times can make things much more annoying later.

I mean what have I ever done to anyone?

D-Don’t think this is all I’ve got! I’ll crush you next time, Neptune.
She was totally coming after you. What did you do to her? I’m sure you knew her before you lost your memory.
I-I didn’t do nothin’! I hope! I can’t remember… but… I’m sure we weren’t really that close.
No, no, no… I mean, did you see her outfit? Her flame shots?! You must’ve done something really awful!
How many crimes has this little girl committed in her past? Did I pick the wrong person to side with…?

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Heretic! The Evil Overlord’s Shadow!

Wait, Gust never got to introduce product!