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Part 15: Heretic

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, a Mysterious Stranger that we totally don’t know, wink wink, attacked the party! Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Alright, infomercial’s done, lured Neptune away with food, time to get some serious narrating done before the network just starts airing documentary crap again. I can do this. So, our heroines decided to find someone who could tell them what was going on inside the Basilicom.

Video- “Apocalypse Now”


Oh, I didn’t expect you to know about that. I guess you did attend a Planeptune school. They’ve got some good teachers.
More specifically, they were kicked out of the Basilicom for worshipping another goddess.
So the Basilicom gave ‘em the boot for lavishing another goddess with attention instead of the one on their landmass?
You make it sound like a love affair… Nep-Nep, it’s inappropriate to refer to the goddesses in such a way.
Uh, sorry… But whatcha gonna do after we find one of these heretic folks?
Ask them for internal information about the Basilicoms. I’m sure they’d know a lot, having been former members.
Yes. What we lack is information. Reasons! The Basilicom kicked us out and cancelled the Tech Expo.
What if they don’t wanna talk to us either?
Then we’ll threaten them with your gun, of course.

Mr. Narrator, have you seen Nep-Nep?

Yes, there were more than usual. I’m a bit worried about the heretics. Let’s hurry!

What? How did? Ugh, whatever, yes, she went to get crepes. You can totally catch up with her if you leave right now. Yes, yes, that’s it.

Video- “The Growing Shadow”


It’s unhealthy to be away from the sun’s rays entirely. Give me your hand and I’ll lead you to Vitamin D!
Heretic: Who’re…? Get away. I’m not going anywhere. This is the only place to receive it. The messenger only knows this place.
…This heretic must be trippin’…
Mr. Heretic! We’re here to ask you all about Basilicoms.
Heretic: …Basilicoms? Oh, okay. What’s on your mind?
They didn’t let us in and they cancelled the Tech Expo. What’s up with that, man?
Heretic: …Lastation Basilicoms are practically controlled by the Parliament side. The Sanctuary end is largely ignored.
The current Parliament listens only to the sound of coin. Well, the Sanctuary reps don’t listen much, either…
Sanctuary? P-Parliament? Iffy, help is needed!
The Sanctuary serves the CPU and evangelizes. Parliament serves the CPU and governs. Is it really that complicated?
Okay, whatever. So your Basilicom is a rotten egg because of the Parliament stuff?

The heretic had a dire warning!

Huh? What do you mean all humanity is doomed? Are you proffesizing the apocalypse?
Heretic: Of course. We’re all going to die at the hands of Overlord Momus.
Momus is powerful enough to seal away one of the goddesses.
Even our current CPU had to retreat to this world to avoid his power.
I see. Uh-huh. I betcha that guy’s the cause of every monster in the whole world! What an absolute jerkwad!
It’s hard to believe, though. Is there really an Overlord more powerful than one of our goddesses?
Heretic: See? You’re the same as everyone else. They don’t believe me. You must, or you’ll be punished by the divine messenger!
You! You defeated several monsters to get here, right? You shall not escape your punishment!
Leave, you foolish, generally undeveloped adolescents!
H-He’s scaring me… What’s gotten into him…?
L-Let’s just get outta here without him. He wants to stay and I don’t wanna force him to leave. Plus, he’s very rude.

Did somebody say Overlord? Fear not, citizens! The warrior of justice is here to defend you!

It’s just more nonsense conjured up by that heretic. I hope he gets his comeuppance.
Well, who knows? Monsters are taking over the world and Histy’s totally in captivity.
Oh, yeah. What if that Histy person’s playing us all like kazoos?
She creates the monsters, lures out naïve little girl wanna-be heroes like you, then SNAP! Lures another one… then SNAP!
That simply is not true. I would do no such thing. Please Neptune, explain on my behalf.
Histy, you’re here! I didn’t think I’d hear from ya until I saved ya. Are you relaxing? You’re all tied down, right?
I am neither relaxing nor tied down. Please, explain to them that I am Histoire, the noble tome wh-
All that aside, what’s new?

…I am reaching out to you to convey important plot-driving information.
I cannot be certain how much longer I can continue communication like this. She will come to you any day now.
Who? Is this the ‘she’ who sealed you away?
…Yes, but I was unable to muster the courage to utter her name. I still cannot treat her like a villain.
But she is a villain, right? Or are you trying to say… you’re the villain?
No, no! Fine, I can hesitate no longer.

No, no Overlords here, you just overheard a thing I’m narrating over. What’s that I hear? Sirens? Go, for the good of Gamindustri! Crap, where was I?

Arfoire? She’s the one who locked you up? And she’s coming to fight us, huh?
Please be careful. She is… Arfoire is…
…What about her? Did we get disconnected? Ugh, she should switch telepathy carriers.
I couldn’t hear Histy’s voice, but I think I understand what’s happening from Nep-Nep’s side.
Maybe Arfoire intercepted the communication and cut her off.
…What if this Arfoire is the same as that Overlord Momus? They’d both be connected to creating the monsters.

Um, they split up for a bit after their stunning revelations.

Boy: Wahh! Wahhh!
Huh? Is he crying all by himself? Is he lost?
Hello there Mr. Boy, are you alone? Where’s your mommy?
Boy: Wah! I hate my mom! She won’t gimme what I want!
So you aren’t lost? What did you ask your mommy for?
Boy: I wanted the newest model of a game console for my next birthday present.
But she said I should just get an older one.
Hmm. Even though you asked for the newest?
Boy: Yeah. The old one was really popular and made the console makers famous…
But it can’t even play movies…
I see. But I’m sure you’d still enjoy playing with the old model.
You should listen to your mother. She knows best!
Boy: No! I want the newest one!

Hey narrator guy, I’m back!

Wh-Why would I do that?
Boy: Why wouldn’t you?! C’mon! Why not?
B-Because, um… P-Please don’t confuse me with this logic!
Boy: …Fine. You sure you should act like that to a kid?
I could make you cry and beg for forgiveness right now if I wanted. Heh.
How…? Th-That’s impossible!
But… I think I should escape just in case he tries…
Oh, looky, isn’t that your mom over there?
Boy: Huh?!
Now’s my chance!
Boy: Liar! Come back! Come back right nooooow!
Phew. What was that all about? I think I should steer clear of this area for a little bit…

Oh, um, that’s great. Continuing on… seriously? Is someone just messing with me now?

Cats? Seriously? Neptune, take over, I need to go talk to the producer.

Are you sure, Chian? The Tech Expo may be gone, but I’m sure there’s another way to help!
Chian: I know. I’m not givin’ up yet. The shop called and told me to gather up the materials I ordered a while ago.
Could you get them real quick? You’ve still got the map, right? It should be pretty simple to find.

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Game Mechanics:
This dungeon is actually a little bit higher level, since we’ve actually entered the second ‘tier’ of stuff now. Strictly speaking, we’ve also opened back up the Lowee storyline now that we’ve heard about Overlord Momus. It doesn’t matter so much for the normal enemies, but you want to watch for the Clione in areas that are slightly more powerful because it’s very easy to expect a relatively easy one and then be in some serious shit because it’s jumped up to the next most difficult one. I don’t include either dungeon this time because they’re both just reach the exit maps.

Um, whatever you say, mister. So we totally went through the dungeon and found the guy Chian was looking for.

Video- “Backstory”


Chevre: Oh, you’re the performing trio Chian mentioned? The bag’s in the back. It’s got a big label on it and it’s fairly heavy.
No sweat. I’m in command of these two girls with decent strength stats. They can carry anything.
Chevre: Great. Seems Chian found some lovely friends to help her out.
She’s been too high-strung ever since she took over after her father. I’m glad she’s found people she can depend on.
Y’know… we haven’t met her pop yet. Could he be…?

He, like, totally had a bunch of backstory on Chian for us.

W-Wait, that third one is a little… oh, Nep-Nep, you’re being rude.
Chevre: Unfortunately, the third is the closest. It’s cliché, but he died in a tragic accident.
How do you know Chian?
Chevre: I’ve knownher since she was born. I worked with her old man at the factory in Passe.
But like the other factories, Avenir’s claws dug deep and we had no choice but to abandon that place.
Her mother asked me to come back after her father’s death, but I’d already committed to this shop by then.
So Chian became the president? Sounds really dramatic for some minor story characters…

Those Avenir guys are totally screwing the whole place up.

Chevre: That would be nice, but I doubt you can. Avenir is under direct protection of the Parliament.
Whaaaat? The Parliament is part of the Basilicom, right? Why’d they want to protect Avenir?
Chevre: I guess you don’t know. Avenir is still on the loose, even after putting so many people through misery…
…Because our Parliament simply refuses to do anything to stop them.
Parliament requires the votes of the people to execute an order. Avenir holds the biggest market on this landmass.
Meaning they stand for the majority of Lastation’s residents.
I see. With Avenir on their side, they practically have enough support to do anything they want, as well.
Chevre: It’s a small price to pay for them to ignore what Avenir is really doing.
Avenir will continue to grow and Parliament will continue to collect favorable votes. It’ll only get worse.
I never knew this. Sounds like we really should focus some effort on this Avenir business.

Um, that narrator guy’s still not back. So Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Capitalism! We do stuff and beat up the bad guys!