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Part 17: Tricks

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, um, I don’t remember. Things happened? Anyway, now on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Neptune? Where the hell have you been?

R-Right here? Can we, maybe, wait until we find somewhere else…?
What’s up? You look even more timid than usual.
I had a… a really bad encounter with a boy here while waiting for you two all alone.
Huh? You mean a man, right? Not a little boy?
Oh. Was he picking on you or something? You’re an easy target since you’re too nice and quiet to stand up for yourself.
N-No! The boy was really… I don’t know how to say it, but…
Boy: Oh, it’s you again!
Ack! You’re…!
Are you the ragamuffin who made fun of Compa?

Well, I was hanging out with this narrator guy and he left me in charge to go complain to his boss and hasn’t come back yet.

Teach her a lesson? He’s a little bit of a cornballer…
Boy: My birthday’s coming up, so why don’t you all chip in an buy me a new console?
You said your birthday was coming up last time!
Boy: My mom said she’d buy me the second-gen console off an internet auction.
Sure, it plays movies and technically monopolized the gaming industry, but that’s why I want the third one!
C’mon! Buy me the newest one! Please!
Wh-What the hell’s wrong with this brat? Compa, what’s going on here?
Th-That’s why I wanted us to rest somewhere else. I didn’t want to get involved with him again!
Boy: You’re so mean to me…
I’m going to join your party and keep bugging you until you buy me one! Okay?
Whoa, that’s some devotion and commitment or something. I’m kinda touched by your passion…

Is… is that okay? I mean aren’t there scenes we’re not supposed to know about or something?

What?! No, I did not!
Then how’s about this dealie? One grope of Compa’s left boob and we’ll call it even.
Leave my boobies alone!
Oh, c’mon. Just cuz yours are bigger than ours. Right, Iffy?
Don’t turn this lecherous crap on me! Huh? The boy’s acting weird…
Boy: B-…Boobs. Boobies. Boobilicious, sexy-jiggly booby bubbies. Boob times two equals twin boobage…
Great! Nep’s boob talk was a bit too stimulating for this little boy!
Compa, it’s our chance. Run!
This really… sucks!

It’s fine. I mean I didn’t tell anyone about all that weird stuff you were doing with that Red girl.

It’s time to talk about Lastation again. I’d like to discuss an environmental issue today.
To be honest, the air surrounding the downtown and factory areas isn’t the best.
We used to get a lot of smog warnings, but since we started focusing on future-proof eco-activity, it doesn’t happen as often.
Three years ago, many top-class engineers moved here from Planeptune since some factories chose to stop making hardware.
With their knowledge from Planeptune combined with Lastation’s undeniable technology…
We successfully decreased the levels of smoke and toxic waste from our factories. That’s what I call discipline.
The Planeptune engineers were pleased to see their knowledge finally being put to good use.
Now they’re working very hard at their goal: surpass Planeptune. I think some of them will get a second job to do that.
That’s our current stance on Lastation’s environment.
S-Sorry this got all long and preachy. Not that you should complain about hearing me talk. See you in the next update.

See, like this scene. None of us were around to see it, so we shouldn’t know about it!

Video- “Dark Dealings”


I’m glad you feel that way about me, despite being from a different land. Still, I’ve no time to waste chatting.
Let’s get right to it. Neptune is stronger than I anticipated and, of course, she’ll continue to grow in strength.
Ganache: So we should deal with her immediately? If it’s for you, I’d collect every weapon possible and face her tomorrow.
But realistically, I doubt I can do that so quickly. We shouldn’t rush into this.
I’m not telling you to or anything, but… Whaddaya think? Will you plan truly succeed?
Ganache: I’ve been observing the little Neptune for a while. I’m sure it’ll go as expected.
Just sit back and wait for us to take her down. I’ll stake the Guild’s pride on it.
…What of the representative? I can’t understand what he’s thinking. Is he fine with this or not?
Ganache: I don’t think he likes me all that much, but it’s irrelevant. He’s got his own way of dealing with things.

I don’t think I know about it even after seeing it so I’m sure it’s okay.

Heeeeey, you’re the meaniepoo who kicked us out when we first went to the Basilicom! What’re you doin’ here?
Moderator: I’m substituting for an Avenir employee. They asked me to explain the job to you.
You are to defeat as many monsters per their specification as you can and deliver the bodies, dead or alive.
Why do they want the monsters? Are you sure that’s what they said?
Maybe they need their hides. But over-predation will drive a monster species to extinction!
Moderator: Who trades monster hides anyway? Monsters should become extinct.
If you have questions, just ask the damn employee later.

Hey I do remember this part, it was that weird little thing that totally almost killed us all.

Video- “March of the Clione”


LWE Feinne on Neptunia Mechanics:
So yeah, this video shows why it’s risky to just engage the Clione every time you see the thing on the ground. They can be really powerful and totally wreck your shit if you’re not careful. Watch the video to see me almost get a game over. On the other hand, it was 100% worth it because Neptune gets some incredible skills over the course of this dungeon. The first is Variable Edge, a powerful single target attack that I’ve woven into my combo. The second is Neptune Break. This is an expensive attack that only works at the end of a combo which does massive damage to an entire enemy party. It’s not awful on single targets either, honestly, though we’ll get things more tailored for such enemies that will obsolete it in those cases.

Yeah the monster we were there to kill was pretty weak in comparison.

Video- “Boss Battle”


Boss Battle: Roc
If you feel like caring, the Roc uses Wind attacks and you could totally equip gear that would reduce the damage that does. Honestly though he’s not much of a threat compared to either Black Heart fight we’ve just gotten through. Watch the video if you want to see Neptune Break in all its over the top glory. Also memo to self I need to record what it looks like when Neptune uses it in normal form.

Anyway we should seriously stop helping these Avenir guys because they’re totally evil.

Video- “Afterwards”


Work is work, but I’m not thrilled to help our evil nemesis, Avenir.
Employee: …Nemesis? Um, this is…?
Don’t worry about her. Anyway, we gave it our all and covered most everything in this area.
Employee: Thank you very much. You’ve done exceedingly well.
Here is your reward. Please take it.
System Message: Received 1000 Credits as a reward.
What do you plan to do with these monsters? Depending on your answer…
Employee: P-Please, there’s no need to get so tense. I know it sounds odd.
This creature’s nervous tissue acts as a conductor in the hardware Avenir is developing.
The monster will die as soon as the nervous tissue is removed, so that’s why we didn’t specify dead or alive.
Hmm. Basically, the monster has whatever you need to make some kind of machine.
Employee: I’m relieved you understand. We’ll definitely call on you if something normal humans cannot handle arises.
…That’s hardly flattering.

So… what happens now? We’re out of stuff.

Oh, right. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Persistence! Wait, we have to do that again already?