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Part 18: Persistence

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia we kept doing jobs for the bad guys, which is kinda silly. Now on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

So the guy seriously just walked out?

Video- “Black Heart Overload”


That’s what I said, wasn’t it?

So, why isn’t he back yet? Also, are we supposed to be talking about this stuff that’s playing or something?

I wonder where Neptune would go? Those Guild people said something about a Key Fragment…
A piece of… a key? I wonder if it belonged to Neptune. Is that what they’re looking for…?

…No, no! Stupid Black Heart, don’t go off on pointless tangents! How will I deal with Neptune?
Shall I disguise myself and set up a food shack in front of the Basilicom? She’s always loved warm food…

…Stop thinking about the food shack! It’s not like you want to cook for her or anything! Tch, Neptune…!
Hey, you! In the plug suit dealie!
Wh-What are you…? Planning to ambush me, eh?! Good for you. I’ll gladly accept your challenge!
Why would we want to ambush you? Did we take the same job again? Or are you… perhaps… stalking cute little Neptune?
Wha-no! Well, yes! B-B-But, Neptune! I’m here to settle the score with you!
You can’t have our Nep-Nep! If you want her, you’ll have to step over my dead body.
Oh, okay. I owe you a plate of revenge anyway. I’ll take all three of you at the same time!

I guess. I wish I knew why that crazy lady keeps attacking us.

Boss Battle: Black Heart
It’s Black Heart again. She’s even stronger than last time, with more health, better stats, and an attack that hits the whole party. You might want to head to Lowee and start doing stuff there if you couldn’t beat that Clione a while ago, because it’s very easy to be underleveled and get wrecked by Black Heart here.

Especially when we keep beating her up so bad.

Video- “Amnesia Buddies”


However, there’s still one way! This entire landmass will eventually assault Neptune. Don’t ever forget that!
It doesn’t matter how many times you try! Justice is totally on our side!
Yeah, three against one. Such balanced justice. Shouldn’t you have chased after her?
Why? I don’t care. Not like she’s a lean, mean, grilling machine. She won’t satisfy my hunger.
…No, I mean, she despises you. She probably knows something about you prior to you losing our memories.
Oooh, snappy-snap! I could ask her everything if I catch her. I didn’t even think about it… Wait up!
Geez. She’s got such a one-track mind. Shall we? I’m sure she’ll be fine alone.

And then she totally got away from us again.

But I made a new friend so it’s okay!

Neptune?! Don’t scare me like that! Have you come after me? Fine, let’s go, fair and square!
Whoa, hold your ponies. Have we… met? Sorry, who are you and where are you from?
Hmm, but we know each other, right? Sorry, I gotta bad memory lately, so…
I guess that explains why I’d become an amnesiac so easily! Y’know, it kinda sucks.
Neptune, you lost your memory? How di-…? …Oh, I see. That’s right.
Yeah, it was a while ago. All I know about little ol’ me is my name and I can transform. Iffy and Compa have been…
Oops, I totally forgot! Have you seen a girl your age in a skanky one-piece with lots of weapons on her body?
I don’t know where to begin. I… saw someone like that fly into the sky… and then into the horizon…
Aww, of course I can’t catch her on foot. Thanks for the spiffy info. So, you’re… Whoa! Are you bleeding?!
Huh? Oh, yes. I… um… Monsters! I was assaulted by three little harpies!
Um, maybe you should get those treated. Lemme take you to town, okay?
Wh-What? Wait… Um, I… O-Oh…!

For a ‘new friend’ she wasn’t really all that friendly.

Thank you. You’re Neptune’s friend, um… Compa, right?
Yes! I found Nep-Nep on the ground back in Planeptune. We’ve been close as scissors since then!
So where’d you come from? Iffy’s not here, but that’s okay. We can take you back to wherever you’re from.
Um, I came from really, really far away. I don’t… r-remember the details.
What? Then… you’re…! My amnesiac best buddy?!
Huh? Oh, oh yes! That’s right, amnesia. Oh boy, I can’t remember a single thing! It must’ve happened when I was attacked.
Then how can we get you back home! Uh-oh…
Just stick around us until you remember! You can totally help us save Histy!
No, this isn’t gonna be an easy journey. We shouldn’t involve outsiders!

Oh, she was okay.

Did you decide what to do? Let’s take her back while it’s light outside. Her parents are probably worried sick.
Actually, we’ve decided she will stay. She doesn’t remember anything. We can’t let her fight though, since she’s a civilian.
I apologize for the trouble. Please don’t push yourselves for my sake.
No choice, huh? Neptune, you found her, so you better take responsibility for her.
Alrighty! I’ll feed her, potty train her, take her for walks, and get her spayed until she remembers something!
…What? Oh well. Ladies, we’ve got another job request. Get prepped in forty seconds!
F-Forty seconds…? That’s so specific and way too quick for a girl to get herself ready to go out!
We’re going out for a bit, so keep the door locked. Eat whatever you find in the bowl Neptune got you. Here’s some cash.
If you remember where you came from while we’re out, don’t worry about saying good-bye. Just go. Later.

…So chatty. It’s something… we didn’t have in Celestia…

I mean I’m not sure what she was talking about half the time but I really liked her.

No, unfortunately not. Soon, I hope. Can I ask why you three are on this journey?
We’re saving the world! A beautiful princess named Histy is locked away in like a huge castle prison somewhere!
Only I can hear her voice. Awesome, huh? She’s waiting for us to save her as we speak. How can I ignore her?
You’re quite committed. But, a goddess should care for more than one thing at a time.
A goddess, right. People who look the most bored are usually the ones working the hardest!
But our hard work doesn’t always pay off… You must be future-proof or your efforts will go to waste…!
Y’think? All experience points get split equally across the party’s level. Isn’t that kinda future-proofing?
What? No! Ugh, sorry. I shouldn’t expect you to understand when you don’t remember anything from your past.
But, that’s exactly why I can speak with you like this. People say I only do everything… I don’t think that’s true.
Oh, I can’t do everything either! I’ve tried to just lick the chocolate off a candy bar, but I still end up chomping it.
Hahaha, what’s that about? I meant… like… well, I get a little too focused sometimes. A real one-track mind.
…I dunno about that. Are you… um… starting to remember stuff?
Oh, no! Nope, not a thing. I’m just rambling, I guess. I don’t get to talk to other girls like this very often.
Neptune, can I ask you one last weird question?
Last one? Okay, but it better not be perverted. I am a pure maiden.

I’m not sure why but she seemed really familiar. Like I used to have a friend like her a long time ago.

You wanna save the people, right? You can do it if you were a goddess. Don’t you want that power?
Hmm, nopers! I’d have to leave Compa and Iffy and live in Celestia and read and govern and… blah! No way!
I see. I’m glad I heard your honest answer. You would’ve never said such a thing before.
…I’ll be the one to protect the world. I’ll rule everything. I’ll end it all.
Protect? Rule? What’re you mumbling about? Iffy’s not here to explain those words…
Don’t worry. Just stay here in this world and concentrate on saving your Histy princess. Okay?

I mean I know she needed to get home, but I wish she was still with us…

Hrrmpphhh? …Compaaaaa… Oh, was I asleep?
Yeah, comatose with drool, making a little lake by your face. She left, huh? There was a note saying she regained her memory.
Oh, she did…? She was my first and only amnesiac best buddy…
Something happen? What did you two do all day?
We were just talking about stuff. She seemed stressed over something and I was all listening to her and whatever.
I know I said it was okay, but it’s still kind of cold she actually did leave with just a note saying her good-byes.
Th-That’s not true. We talked a whole bunch and she was really nice! Take that back, you meanieface!
Wh-What’s your problem? Seriously, what happened? You’re acting like a spoiled cry-baby… sort of like Compa.
Huh? Let’s just leave her alone for now, Iffy. Nep-Nep seems upset.
No, I’m… I’m just sad. I dunno why, but I’m sad.

Let’s… let’s change the subject, okay?

Aren’t you all knee-knockin’ and scared of the kid?
Yes… but, I can’t get him off my mind.
His eyes… They are the eyes of a neglected child craving a loving embrace!
I kinda figured you’d end up like this. You totally can’t ignore people with problems.

I don’t know if I really wanna talk about that kid again, he’s really weird even for our story.

If he even has a home to go to!
I’m sure he’s a poor child who was beaten and abandoned by his parents.
Like other children, he wants to play the best games… but he has no money!
And I… I acted so cold towards him…!
Boy: Oh, you ladies are back?
Greedy Boy appears! Command?
What’s with that attitude? ‘You ladies?!’ You think you’re some kinda stud?!
Boy: C-Calm down. No reason to get so flustered!
I was just trying to be her friend since she looked so lonely here.
Her friend? Compa’s…?
Boy: Yeah. I mean, I crossed the line when I met all three of you before, but…
Huh? Th-Then, about your birthday and…
Boy: Sorry. I’ve already got the newest console.
My pops is on the development team, so I always get the newest one right away. The third-gen system has tons of memory!
So that means… Compa… you were sort of being picked on, after all…
Boy: I better get moving. I was invited to an industry party with my dad tonight.
Good day, miserable-looking ladies.
Oh, well, you’ve all got wonderful racks. Just saying.
Y-Y-You booger! Are you saying besides my boobs, I look miserable?! C-Compa, are you…?
Nep, leave her alone. She’s about to have a mental meltdown from all the confusing logic going around.
G-Good idea.
Gh… agh… ahhh…!

Well, too late now, we just talked about him. So, Chian finished her new weapon for the Tech Expo.

Video- “Test Model”


You’re really going? The Expo’s run by the Parliament now. You might not even have a chance to get them to look at your stuff.
Chian: I can’t back out since I’ve invested so much already. Not going is no longer an option.
Besides, Lady Black Heart has the final say. The Parliament can’t defy her.
Is she even gonna be there? The Sanctuary people are ignored by the Parliament side, right?
Chian: It’s nothing for us to worry about. The Expo isn’t the Expo without the main guest.
The Parliament wants more authority over the Sanctuary. It’s just a power play. No point if there’s no goddess, though!
Back to the topic. I wanted to ask you girls to work at my booth, since we’re showcasing weaponry.
Wh-What? No! I won’t lower myself to become a booth babe for show!

I’m still not happy with this whole thing.

Chian: You’re all used to handling them, y’know? I’ll even let you keep them as a reward after the Expo ends!
Oh, so what kinda weapon is it? Is it cool? Ba-boom powerful?! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, let’s do it! We get free stuff!
We spend so much on weapons. Wouldn’t it be totally rad to not have to pay for once?
Well sure… but, no! It sounds like a chore and it’s still kind of embarrassing. You agree, right Compa?
But Chian is asking for our help and… we need powerful weapons to fight monsters…
Done! Match end! Two against one, so majority wins. Iffy, you will join us because we’re a party!
…It’s irritating to have stupid, gullible, moe girls in my party sometimes.
Chian: Oh, almost forgot. Wait here. I’m going to lend you the test model.
System Message: Obtained ‘Mech Sword Armas.’
Are you for cereal?! Don’t you need it to display at the Expo?
Chian: …You do know what a ‘test model’ is, right? I’m making the real item now.
I want you to use the test model to find anything that needs improvement. I’m basically asking you to test it for me.
So, we find any defects and report to you, right?
Chian: Basically… but don’t use the term ‘defect.’

Someone’s jealous of my laser sword!

I’m really not. So, Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: …Um, how am I supposed to know what happens in the future?

I don’t know, the narrator just seemed to and I’ve been making it up.

Um, okay. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Guild! Heretics in the land of snow!