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Part 19: Guild

Previously on-

Thanks Neptune, but I think that’s my job. Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia… um, crap, I guess I really should have let you do it because I wasn’t there. Eh, screw it. Now on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Hey, you’re back. Iffy was about to start a pool on whether you were alive or dead.

Video- “Miss Conversation”


Yep, no worries. This is how we like it! Nothing’s gonna stand a chance against all three of us lovely ladies!
Financier: Overly confident people like you tend to trigger death flags pretty quick. However, you seem like you’re okay with it.
Oh, pshh! Death flag! I’ll snap it in half and toss it in a recycle bin, because I’m environmentally conscious!
Financier: A recycle bin, eh? How modern of you. Anyhow, good luck monster hunting.

I can assure you I am alive. I just… had a talk with the producer about all this. And then I came back because he threatened to replace me with a grim narrating robot.

An Overlord…? Hmm maybe we’ve heard of that a few times.
Conversation: As I thought. These monsters are Overlord Momus’ loyal vassals. You will face judgment if you defeat them.
So… you’re telling us not to fight them? I don’t know if we can manage that!
Conversation: That’s unfortunate. You must think you’re saving this world by fighting them… This world is already hopeless.
As a servant to a goddess, I should never utter such things. However, even the goddesses are not absolute.
Your efforts will go to waste. You’re all still young. Don’t risk your lives doing this.
Wh-Why are you saying all this to us?! We’re trying to do more than sit and wait! We could probably beat that Overlord, too!
Conversation: …Impossible. The Overlord is so strong, even the original goddess was barely able to seal him away.
The current goddesses had no choice but to escape to this world and get away from danger.
All of the goddesses, except one, came down to their lands at once.
That should be enough proof. They stood no chance against the Overlord, ran away, and let Celestia get ravaged.
Besides, I saw it myself. The messenger’s punishment by the Overlord’s hand. You, too, will eventually…
I betcha that messenger was like mid-boss level. We can’t save the world if we’re scared of a weakling like that!
Yeah, but thanks for story time. How could an Overlord like that really exist? You have to stop playing RPGs so much.

Anyway, another land means more tolerable blog posts, thankfully!

Neptune and her friends went to the dungeon the chamberlain, Financier, had told them about. Within it they faced a terrible monster!

Video- “The Hot Dog”


Boss Battle: Hot Dog
A very easy boss, even if you went here right as soon as you could. We get our last elemental bullets, Ice Bullets, here. Not much to say, really, and there’s a good reason it’s so easy.

I don’t know, the monster was pretty weak.

Video- “A Pure White Maiden”


It was the crazy lady who jumped out and attacked us that was the problem.

Whoa, sweet! Lowee has some totally tubular people! She kinda… doesn’t… match this land’s theme, though.
…The outsiders can stay out of this. Neptune’s all I need.
You’re after Nep, too?! Geez, how does she attract stalkers? You can’t make us go away that easily!
That’s right. The three of us are as one. We’re a party!
Yep! Three as one. What now, eh? You still wanna fight?
…You’re involving them? You’ve got no sense of… No, what you don’t have are your memories. Neptune…!

I wish I knew what I’ve done to these weirdos.

Boss Battle: White Heart
White Heart is pretty easy compared to the last couple of Black Heart fights, since this scene has been available for a while. White Heart in general has more health and stronger defenses but doesn’t hit as hard, so while fights with her take a bit longer they’re generally not very threatening. She’s also got her own music, which is pretty radically different.

I don’t know, they seem kinda crazy so it probably wouldn’t really help to know why they’re attacking you out of nowhere.

Why was she after me? I don’t understand. I don’t recall ever meeting her before.
Well, you are an amnesiac. That Ms. Newtype might be an old acquaintance.
Yeah, I wouldn’t be shocked if you’ve pissed off a few people in the past before you lost your memory.
You were probably running away from that Newtype, got caught and then buried in the ground. Yeah, makes sense to me.
What sort of people would do that? She was stuck in the ground like a spear. So, shouldn’t they be satisfied now?
It’s very rude of her to keep holding a grudge. She’s like… like… a Nep-Nep addict!

After the battle, our heroines returned to the central Basilicom, only to find it was closed to the public!

Video- “The Guild”


What? Is she still upset about last time? Can’t you do anything, Ms. Chamberlain?
Financier: I have no way to change our goddess’ demands. Please leave.
Nep, she can’t help. Let’s go for now. I already thought up another plan in case this happened.

What’s more, it turned out IF had a terrible secret!

The Guild? I’ve learned a little about it. They’re the people who don’t worship the goddess of the land they’re born on.
So, they don’t believe in the goddess’ power?
We’re so-called heretics. Like, if someone born on Lowee worshipped Lady Green Heart instead of Lady White Heart.
So? Who d’you believe in? Tell me, tell me, tell me!
Nope! I can’t tell that to anyone. Not even you.
Back to the topic, then. The heretics gathered together and established the Guild.
It’s the same on every planet, but people look down on Guild members. They’re branded as heretics, after all.
So, where are these Guild members? Do they travel the world like you, Iffy?
One of the answers to that… is here, on Lowee.
You know how there’s a Basilicom in each Lowee city, right? They govern the local area?
Yes, I remember. It’s a bit different from other lands where there’s only one. Does it have something to do with the Guild?
Hold on. I’ve got a helper today. We can talk after she arrives. She’s involved, too.

I still can’t believe Miss Chamberlain is heretic too.

Financier: I would’ve never guessed IF was also a Guild member.
She’s your helper? Why? She’s a Guild member, too? But… she’s taking care of Lowee’s CPU, right? This is whack!
Financier: Yes, I’m a member as well. I don’t worship Lady White Heart. Work is work. My beliefs are my beliefs.
But I’m sure I’ll be thrown out as soon as this is public knowledge.
It sounds tough, being a heretic. Please go on. How are the towns of Lowee and the Guild related?
Financier: The Guild’s hideout, subtly titled Guild City, is among Lowee’s cities.
About ten years ago, there was an oppressive movement against heretics in Leanbox, leading to a major purge.
Most members barely made it to Lowee safe. That’s supposedly how the Guild started.
So now what are the heretics doing here in Lowee? This is gonna lead to another Leanbox!
Financier: Those who escaped to Lowee were temporarily taken into custory as heretics at Entremets, the Central Basilicom.
Then, they decided to create a city for the heretics, run by heretics. That is Guild City.

Anyway, she had another way for us to get into the Basilicom and get information so it’s all good.

Long story short, this spot’s part of Guild City, yeah? It’s not really different looking from other places…
We wouldn’t wanna make it seem obvious. There’s still more to the story.
We want to see the CPU! Ms. Chamberlain is our helper, right? How can we get into Entremets?
Don’tcha have special Chamberlain privileges? I betcha they’ll let us in if we’re buddied up with you.
Financier: A Chamberlain doesn’t have much power. If I tried to let someone in without permission, somebody else would stop me.
Back to what I was saying. The heretics in the Basilicom will be thrown out once they’re found.
But depending on the situation, additional punishments may apply. The Leanbox purge is not an unrelated matter.
On that note, each Lowee Basilicom is connected to Entremets via secret underground pathways.
Underground tunnels for Basilicom heretics to use as a means of escape. Financier can take us there so we can enter Entremets.
I see now! It makes sense! Let’s head to that underground… tunnel… place. That’s our best chance to see the goddess.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Dig! This is a terrible plan that cannot possibly go right, by the way.