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Part 20: The Dig

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, we learned about the Guild. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Alright, back in the swing of things.

The escape tunnels kinda sucked, they were full of monsters.

Financier: We’ve never had to use them. The monsters started migrating here to escape from the frigid weather outside.
I-I see. That’s only natural. Monsters are living beings with feelings too, after all.
Let’s move. Financier can’t fight, so we have to take care of the monsters without her!

And it ended up just being a big waste of time, ‘cause she’s kinda mean.

Video- “Rude Again”


Financier? I thought you took today off.
Sorry-dorry! The correct answer is: Neptune and her three awesome birdies!
Financier: D-D-Don’t include me in this! I told you to not tell her I was here.
…You brought them? Whatever.
I’ll hear you out… since you’re here. Financier, go away. Take them, too.
Financier: Understood! Everyone, let’s go before our Lady verbally abuses us, crushes our egos, and takes away our wills to live.
What?! Financier! There’s no way Nep can carry on an important conversation by herself…!
Nep-Nep, focus and do your best! I believe in your social skills!
…Damn Chamberlain.
Told those girls your identity? Careless idiot.
Are you still angry…? Sorry, but I really gotta ask about the Key Fragment again.

Kinda mean seems like a bit of an understatement.

…Whatever. I’ve no intention to talk to you! I won’t tell you a damn thing. Not even if I did know something! Stupid brat!
What’re you here for?! What happened to your frickin’ land? Stuff your stupid fat head into your ass and go home!
L-Lady White Heart?! You’re not acting like you were a second ago… Did I step on a personality swap button trap…?
You’ve stepped all over me and my land! Looking for an item? Get the hell outta here!
Whoa! What’s wrong with you? Why’re you being a vulgar meanie?
I just wanna save Histy! Whatcha got to lose by helping me? Aren’t you Lowee’s CPU?!
How dare you bring that shit up with me! What’s wrong with YOU, bitch?! ‘Lady White Heart?’ You’re creepin’ me out.

She got kinda weird at the end like I said something strange too.

Yep, Lady White Heart! D’you wanna be called something more fun? How about Whitypoo?
Call me that again and I’ll kill you! I guess you’re not someone who can pretend or lie…
Huh?! Seriously, what’s up with you? You were super mad, and now you’re acting all smirkalicious…
…Forget it. It’s fine. You can leave now.
How could I?! I’m way confused, here. I’m not gonna go until you tell me about monsters and the Key Fragment!
…Okay. Write your questions on a damn piece of paper and give it to the Chamberlin. I’ll write back.
You sure? Now you sound really indifferent or something.
…Oh no, I think I’m growing more fond of you. You’re exactly who I thought you were…

Somehow I think she was making fun of me or something even when she was being nice.

Yeppers! Whoa, I ain’t never seen games like this before!
This is called the Watch and Game. It’s the original portable game.
Everything about it is so retro and bleepy and bloopy. How d’ya play this dealie?
Choose the difficulty level… then choose either ‘Game-1’ or ‘Game-2…’
You can use this as a normal watch when you’re not playing. It was the real start of an era.
Is it? Well, maybe back then it was pretty cool and stuff.
Now, Compa has a question for the new gaming fan!
Ooh, yay! Bring it on, miniskirt!
Which product led to the invention of the Watch and Game? I’ll buy you dinner and dessert if you get it right!
Hmmm, I dunno… I would guess a calculator, maybe…?
Huh? What’s up?
…Seems she didn’t expect you to get it right.

With no new information from the Basilicom, Neptune and her friends took a job fighting monsters on the outskirts of Guild City.

Shut it! There are Extremists and Moderatists within the Guild. I’m a Moderatist.
What’s the difference between an Extremist and a Moderatist? They’re both Guild members, right?
Simple. Moderatists focus on worshipping, while Extremists despise the other goddesses they don’t believe in.
…What happens if you believe in a goddess they don’t?
I hear you die. Get shot until your body’s a fishing net, or they’ll flame you on website forums for being a fanboy.
Extremist: Are you cute little things here to fight monsters, or us? How brave of you!
There are monsters in the forest ahead. They’re pretty violent, so do whatever you want with them.

These guys must be pretty weak if they can’t even beat this dumb frog thing.

I know she’s kind of a jerk but these blog posts from White Heart are so much more tolerable than the ones on Lastation.

I don’t know who built the stupid thing, but there’s some ship…
A stone tower… and a cave… are also out there.
One’s called the Cave of Dragons. You’ll find it if you go there.
Even experienced adventurers barely make it back alive. Civilians should definitely stay away.
…But if you wanna push your limits, feel free to try.
I plan to go there soon, so if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll run into me.

By the way Neptune, do you ever get tired of people getting confused because of the other you?

Financier: …Not the usual three today? Something’s different… who’s missing?
…It’s in your head. Compa, Iffy, and me. Everything’s the same.
Financier: …Are you the new one? That’s right! Little Neptune is missing. Did she sleep in?
Is she okay? Or did she get sick? Did she get knocked out of the party rotation?
I get it. Monster fighting is serious. You shouldn’t keep the weak links on your front line.
N-No! This is Nep-Nep. It’s kind of a long story, but she’s transformed into her more developed self, so to speak.
Don’t worry about it. Can you hurry and explain the job? People are facing danger as we speak.
Financier: Yes! The forest is infested with monsters. We’d like you to go clear them out.
Some raid residential districts in search of food. It’s starting to trouble the civilians.
Sound like some ill-mannered monkeys. I bet their hunger doesn’t even compare to the damage caused…

I don’t really worry about things.

Obvious in retrospect. Anyway, after vanquishing the hideous Troll, they had a surprise in store!

Video- “White Returns”


…What a coincidence. We meet again. You’ll not escape from me this time.
How rude! It’s not a coincidence. You’ve been stalking Nep-Nep this whole time!
…So? It’s a figure of speech. Does it really matter?
I wasn’t fully prepared last time… but it’ll be different now. I’m not letting you go, Neptune.

Boss Battle: White Heart
It’s a lot like the last time we fought White Heart, though she hits a lot harder this time. Still not that much of a threat, since we’re a bit ahead level wise. The other two bosses this time around were pretty generic, so I’m not bothering with video or details on them.

These crazies keep attacking, it’s super lame honestly.

…There’ll always be next time.
She’s persistent. Despite looking fragile, she’s pretty tough.

Ooh, snacks!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Darkness! Does a terrible shadow loom over Gamindustri?