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Part 21: Darkness

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, our heroines continued to get in pointless fights with girls suspiciously similar to Neptune! Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Huh, where did Neptune get off to anyway? Oh, a note.

Like I said, there’s a lot of now. I’m sick of it.
But I guess some good stuff comes with having snow.
First, snow festivals. We make ice statues and put them everywhere. It sounds childish, but it’s fun.
Second, cuddling with cats in a warm room all day. So cute.
Third… is a secret. Come visit if you’re curious.
That’s it.

”Hey there narrator guy, went to get some lunch. Oh, some weird guy called, said he was the producer.”

Video- “Fear”


No, no, no, no! We’re just here to beat up some monsters. Are you… um… a… heretic?
Heretic: Get away! I’ve done everything I was told to! …Huh? Oh, you’re not? Nevermind.
You’re just a chubby little kid. How’d you find out about this place? How’d you even get here?!
By defeating monsters, of course! How about you? Are you trapped?
Heretic: Defeating monsters…? How dare you?! You’ve wasted all my efforts! I better prepare myself…
You killed the beasts. The Overlord’s messenger will arrive in no time to deliver punishment to us all!
Because we fought monsters? Is it bad to do that sort of thing here?
Ain’t no way, man! Monsters are baddies. They attack people and break stuff for no reason!
Heretic: So what? That’s a great alternative to destroying the world.

”He said he’d found a new sponsor, who’s totally going to come by the studio later or something.”

Stooooop! Let us take care of that messenger!
Heretic: …Pass. Don’t involve me in your sins, or I’ll get killed too. Please, do not follow me.
…Whatcha think this is? A disc? We get this sorta thing from treasure chests, but this one’s kinda different.
Heretic: There are more…? Give that to me! D-Don’t touch it!
Whoopsie-daisy. I stepped on it. I’m sorry, but it’s totally your fault for pushing me.
Oh, look, something came out of it. You broke the disc and it malfunctioned. But… wait, is… that…?
The same monsters we fight all the time!

Well that’s cryptic. I’m sure that won’t cause me horrible consequences in the near future. Okay narrating time, a dragon came out of the broken disc!

Boss Battle: Light Dragon
The game’s starting to catch up with us a bit here in Lowee, but we’re still a few updates from when it really begins to throw threatening things at us.

It seemed a group of mysterious heretics was responsible for spreading monsters!

He wanted nothing to do with us. It’s pointless to go after him. We’re only here to fight monsters, anyway.

And despite her crushing rudeness, Lady White Heart continued to be not the most annoying CPU.

Anyway their business in Lowee done for the moment, our heroines headed to Leanbox, where they met with friend of the show and not at all crooked businessperson Gust once more.

Video- “Leanbox”


I spy with my pretty eye… Gust! Yay, it’s Gust! …Huh? You okay?
Hi, friends. Eghhh.
What’s the matter? Talk to us.

Gust explained her situation to them, oh how tragic it was.

Yes. I try all antidote in memory, but none work.
Why don’t you take him to Planeptune’s General Hospital? They use the most advanced technology there.
I wish, but no insurance. It take two days to get there anyway.
Doctor already said he won’t last another night…
Oh, my… Isn’t there something we can do?!
Actually, yes. But Gust doesn’t have needed ingredient.
What is it? We’ll go find it for you.
It is Erde Crystal.
…You serious? This isn’t a joke, right?
You know what it is?

She needed a rare and valuable material to save her friend, who I’m sure existed.

The energy an Erde Crystal gives off influences nearby ecosystems.
Sounds like it’ll be a challenge to find, but Gust needs it. We better find it no matter what!
We’ll do what we can. I’ll try to see if anyone in my network knows anything.
What about you, Nep-Nep? If we can’t find it above-ground, you’ll need to transform and look underground for us.
Ugh, boo! Compa the Slave Driver!
This is for Gust. Let’s go!

They found it after what I’m sure was an exciting adventure.

There ya go, Gust.
That’s the crystallized magma, Erde Crystal. Careful, it’s hot.
We couldn’t find it on land, so we asked Nep-Nep to look underground.
I thought I was gonna have a heat stroke. I’m totally drenched in sweat…
This is first time I see in real life. Fantastic! Thank you, friends.
The reward… can wait for later.
We got this as promised, so go and finish your job.
Iffy, what should we do? Should we go to the hospital with Gust?
I don’t wanna be a distraction.
Gust can handle this on her own.

Without any leads on the Key Fragments in Lastation and Lowee, they decided to return to Leanbox’s Basilicom.

Yes, that’s right. This planet is Leanbox, protected by the CPU Green Heart.
This land is fairly wealthy now, but it was at a big disadvantage a while back. Almost got destroyed.
it’s rich with nature and the air’s so clean. I bet it’s a nice land to live on. What is it, you two?
…Nep, actually, can you get out of that form? You stand out way too much.

This time, the Archbishop at least seemed to be taking them seriously.

Can’t you tell us where to find, like, rare item drops and boss monsters?
Yvoire: …Did you go to the dungeons? I thought I warned you to stay away. It’s dangerous.
W-We’re sorry. We really need to find a strong monster in order to find a Key Fragment, though…
Additionally, you’re the one who misunderstood. We never said we were tourists. I’m not wearing a fanny pack!
Yvoire: …Regardless, I find it hard to believe you fair-skinned little girls returned safely from the dungeons.
I suppose I shouldn’t judge you from your appearance. At least, not in games. The Evangelist was right about this…
What did she say?
Yvoire: She said you three are travelers who fight monsters on the different landmasses.
I thought you were so foolish, but now… I suppose there are other monster habitats I can tell you about.
This time, I’ll give you a military map. We may ask for your assistance formally sometime soon.

Ah, but it seemed the Archbishop had another motive for giving them the information!

Conversation: Yes. Humans cannot reach Celestia. We, the powerless masses, can only pray for each CPU’s victory from here.
Celestia was razed severely by Overlord Momus and the goddesses are coming to the human world to escape him.
Yvoire: This Overlord again? However, having the CPUs all descend to their respective landmasses at once is unprecedented…
I’m concerned that a goddess has failed to descend to Planeptune’s Basilicom thus far.
If what you say is true, what am I to do?
Conversation: It’s simple. Just kill the stupid one, Neptune…
Then the protection for Planeptune will cease and the inhabitants will migrate to other lands and convert.
With more followers, your protection will grow stronger. It’s for the benefit of both Leanbox and Lowee.
Conversation: This is our only chance as humans to control the war between the goddesses!

I always knew she was a nosy piece of shit. If I wanted her help, I’d goddamn tell her so.

Wait, what?

Next time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Treachery! A foul plot is hatched in Leanbox!

This program brought to you by Lady White Heart.