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Part 33: Conspiracy

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, Neptune didn’t die. Not that I’m happy about that. Also that narrator guy has been gone for a long time.
Maybe he got eaten by a monster or something. That’d suck I guess. Let’s just get on with this.

So I guess the creeper dude gave them a job or something.

Turquoise: We need as much weaponry as possible to carry on an armed revolt against the unsexy Basilicom.
In order to transport them out of the Basilicom’s view, a path like this would be perfect.
That said, I need you girls to eliminate the monster threat around here. I’m depending on you.

These Aristocrats are up to something pretty shady.

Video- “Surprise”


Listen to you. I know we just met, but is that any way to talk to a lady?
Jade: That voice… N-Neptune? Wait… I need confirmation. Where are the other two?
They’re resting. Anyway, I heard you intend to use that pathway to transport weaponry.
Jade: Hmm. Are you interested in weapons? Sounds like you’re the same excitable Neptune inside. I can’t say much… Wait here.
This is a weapon manufactured by Avenir, a major company in Lastation. It’s far more advanced than Leanbox’s weaponry.
…I heard Basilicoms prohibited trade between landmasses, since the standards vary greatly between them.
Jade: Sure, so they say. I have a friend working at this particular company.
Avenir doesn’t approve of weapons for human use, but my friend helps me make things that are.
You think this is acceptable? This isn’t something that should be overlooked.
Jade: You come across a little more intimidating in that form, huh? Well, I’m not doing this just to waste my time.
It’s no secret, but if you’re going to interfere, I’ll have my way. This is only until the Basilicom understands…

Plus, that guy’s working with Avenir? That’s not a good sign.

L-Look at the ground! Something’s…
Something’s coming out!
Cicada: Gwaaaaah!
…And you are?
Cicada: I am one of the Cicada Horde! I will not let you pass!
C-Cicada Horde? I’ve never met one before! Nice to meet you, Mr. Cicada. But, how do you breathe underground…?
Cicada: Oxygen flows freely in the subterranean caverns, so that’s not an issue… Anyway!
Cicada Horde, hm? The hole you came out of seems pretty shallow.
Neptune; Whoa, that’s right. It’s like a little trap or whatever. You really a Cicada Horde guy or just a goofball?
Cicada: O-Of course I am! I am… I am…!
Mother: Hey, get back here! Are you playing ‘Cogs of Battle’ again?! It’s dinner time, so get your lazy butt home!
Cicada: The Cicada don’t need to eat! Hsssss!
Mother: Don’t be a dolt. I apologize for the trouble, girls. Come on. Walk.
Playing ‘Cogs of Battle,’ huh?
Kids are silly.

It’s seriously driving me up the wall that I have to keep seeing her stupid face.

Video- “Apology”


Today, I want to talk about the peace and order of Leanbox.
What do you think of when you hear the word ‘weapon?’
Heavy arms, tanks, bald and hulky space marines, perhaps? Well, those definitely don’t exist on Leanbox.
If anything, simple swords and revolvers.
We prohibit importing weapons from other lands, like Planeptune or the filthy Lastation.
There is no possibility for terrorism or mass destruction caused by automated mechanical weapons on Leanbox.
This is the main reason this land has remained so peaceful.
Do you want an enriched, fulfilling retirement? Do you want to raise your children in a safe, nurturing environment?
By all means, come and join us on Leanbox!
I’ll see you in the next update.

I’m pretty sure it’s not her face. Also, did she seriously just call Lastation filthy?

A letter? Hmm, didn’t I get one like this before? Whoa! Maybe it’s an invitation to another awesome party!
Jade: I’m not certain about the party, but it seems they want to apologize for the whole poison scandal.
They want you to go and speak with their goddess directly.
Hey, how d’you know what it says? You shouldn’t read someone else’s mail! It’s a capital offense, with a capital ‘O!’
Jade: As mentioned earlier, we oppose the Basilicom. We can’t let any trivial matters slide.
Apology… I see. I’m sure the goddess didn’t do anything. We should tak to her to make sure.
Jade: Are you joking? They tried to kill one of you, and you’re willing to return? You shouldn’t take them so lightly!
That’s right. They’ve proven they’re not afraid to break the rules. What if they go even further this time?!
…I’ll make sure Nep-Nep doesn’t shove any foreign objects in her mouth!
Plus, I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything so vile in front of their goddess.

I think we took down the wrong one of the four of us back then, just saying.

That aside, where’s the goddess? I really want to meet her…
I hope they won’t pull any crap like before. Should we prepare an escape route in case of emergency?
Hey, look! Is that her? She’s gotta be a goddess. I can so tell.
Nice to meet you. I’m the CPU for Leanbox, Green Heart. Thank you for taking the time to visit us today.
I apologize for the wrongdoings, Neptune. I can’t believe our Basilicom would do that. It’s my fault for being too lazy.
Seems like someone told the Archbishop about the Console War…
C-Console War…? What’s that? Umm, well, it’s nice to meet you, Lady Green Heart!
Are you putting on a show for me? Ah, your friends are here, too. Know this…
I don’t intend to involve humans in our quarrel, either.
Um… Lady Green Heart? We’re looking for a specific item called a Key Fragment.
Oh? Oh, my… Iffy? You’re here, too? What did I tell you about being so formal around me?
Are you traveling with Neptune? I must admit, I am a little envious.
That’s right, you’re a goddess. I bet you don’t have time to travel around, even if you wanted to.
That’s not really it. What’s this about a Key Fragment?
We’re hunting high and low for one. It’s guarded by a tough beastie, so we wanted to know if you had any ideas about that.

Also, if I ever see that bitch Conversation again she is so fired, stepping out on me like this.

Will you come here and speak with them?
Conversation: …I’m the Evangelist, Conversation. We met once before…
We did, we did! When we first got here. I thought your voice sounded familiar.
So, Miss Conves… Um, Miss Convy, we’re looking for clues about a Key Fragment. Do you know of any strong monsters nearby?
Conversation: As I said last time, I’ve never heard of such a thing. But, I did pass by a really strange dungeon earlier.
Strange? Like how? Did it smell? Were there weird colors? Glowy symbols? Was it locked?
Conversation: I can’t think of the word to describe it, but it was just a little… off. I’ll show you the way, if you’d like.

If they’re looking for something a little off, I can think of something right in front of them.

We’ll be fine. We ain’t scared of no monsters! Just watch, I’ll transform, roll out, and blast ‘em all into cubes of ener-
Shh! But that’s right, Nep-Nep is… I don’t know, but she’s a little special when compared to normal people.
Well, we’re not heroes or anything. But we aren’t amateurs, either.
Conversation: Great. I’d love to see this transformation, but I’m not a fighter so I’ll excuse myself here.
Aww, you’re not gonna fight with us? Evangelists sound like hardcore magic caster summoning types.
Conversation: Unfortunately… Maybe I’ll be able to show off the next time we meet.
However, that might not even happen…

Yeah, shocker, she tried to trap them in the dungeon.

…No good. It’s shut tight.
What do we do? Are we buried alive? Conserve oxygen! Are we dead? Is this Purgatory?!
Eww, none of that sounds like fun. Can’t we just explore and find another way out?
Your optimism is reassuring in situations like this. Let’s go before Compa starts to cry.
I… I won’t cry!

Yeah, your Evangelist is a real piece of work.

Video- “Unknown Assailant”


D’you think we were tricked? The cave collapsed pretty randomly… Convy was acting all funny, too.
It’s your favorite thing. Fight evil and bring them to justice! Let’s beat the crap out of the Basilicom people.
Oh, you’ve grown so violent, Iffy.

That’s okay, because I think today’s about to be a pretty great day.

Who’s this underboob lady? Your friend?
Where’d you get that idea? She looks like you after you transform, kinda. She’s gotta be someone you know!
Aww… I was hoping Iffy would be able to discern my identity.
Anyway, Conversation told me the poisoning incident was all your own act!
Was your goal to bring down the Basilicom by spreading a story about being poisoned by them?
Wh-What’re you talking about? Why would we wanna do that? I almost died, y’know!
I wish I could trust you, but… You’re staying with the Aristocrats, right?
It’s only natural to befriend them and win the civilians’ votes through such underhanded methods!
Y-You’re mistaken! They did help us out, but we would never lie about getting poisoned!
We’re only helping them cuz they helped us. The Basilicom stared all the bullying, anyway!
…The Basilicom did not err. The Archbishop and the Evangelist both work very hard for me.
This beautiful, peaceful Leanbox… This is all the proof I need.
Whether you intend to or not, you’re assisting in destroying that peace. I will make you understand…!

Go Neptune, go Neptune, go go Neptune!

Boss Battle: Green Heart
We’ve got a fight with Green Heart, and it’s pretty easy. I think Leanbox wasn’t always this late in the Find the Key Fragments sequence, because honestly it’s the easiest of the three.

Yes! Yes! Oh god it’s the best.

Everyone, until then.
She’s gone… What a strange person. We forgot to ask her name.

I’ve never been so happy to see Neptune win before.
Yeah it’s kind of creepy, no offense. Anyway, Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Conversation! Talking about problems helps solve them sometimes!