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Part 34: Conversation

They’re not going to like this, maybe I got lucky and one’s already killed the other…
Oh, he’s not dead. So, previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia some crazy misunderstandings happened.
Because the only person dumber than Neptune is that bitch Green Heart.

Video- “Talking it Through”


A beautiful blonde lady? I dunno anyone like that, do I…?
It’s been a while, Neputne. Do you recognize me? Surely you know me in my human form…
By the way, ‘Nep-Nep’ is just such a perfect fit. Can I call you that, too?
Lady Green Heart?! Whatcha doin’ here?
Well, I have a favor to ask. Could we have a little… privacy? It’s kind of personal.
Alone with Nep-Nep? No can do, not even if you’re the goddess!
C’mon, she’s asking us nicely. Let’s just leave them alone. Nep will spill everything to us later, anyway.
…Iffy, why’re you so understanding? Nep-Nep, you better tell me everything she says to you later!

I’m, um, glad to see you two are getting along.

G-Games? How’s that personal? I dunno if I’ve ever even played games before!
My, my… You don’t even know if you’ve played them, even though they’re products of Planeptune…?
That’s roughly equivalent to throwing one-third of your life away. Anyway, there’s this one game on your landmass…
They’re giving away a raffle ticket as a pre-order bonus, but only one person can win. Isn’t that atrocious marketing?
With your influence, I’m sure you can get whatever you want, raffle tickets or otherwise, right?
Whoa there, missy! What d’you mean, my landmass? I’m way too poor to buy my own island, y’know.
No, no… Nep-Nep, are you taking this discussion seriously? Or are you being facetious?
Well, I mean, do I look like a rich princess or anything?
You are serious, then. But, why? Do you not recall anything of your past…?
Ding, ding, ding! You are correct. I’ve lost all my memories from before Compa saved me.
I see. It’s probably from when you fell… No wonder they haven’t seen their goddess.
Well, this discussion wasted time better spent grinding. Thank you. I’ve learned what I wanted to know.
That’s it? You sure? Grinding what? I have no idea what the heck is going on!

Seriously though is it any surprise these two would pretty much get along?

I don’t know what you owe them, but I’m not impressed to see you helping them proceed with that plan.
You’re talking like that Newtype! The Aristocrats aren’t naughty people. I mean, weapon trading is naughty, but…
It’s all cuz Mr. Archbishop is trying to push the veggies of truth off his plate and take their honor away!
Yes, that girl in the plug suit said how Nep-Nep lied about getting poisoned, too. How would she benefit from that?
You’re right. If she has no memories, there’s no reason to be unabashedly hostile toward the Basilicom or me.
Maybe that Evangelist is spreading false news, thinking Nep will come after her because of what she did to us.
Did she do something to you? Did something happen between you and Ms. Convy?
Remember when she said she would take us to a certain dungeon in search of a Key Fragment? She trapped us inside there.
Ms. Convy? Really now?
She’s usually quite reserved. She didn’t seem the type to stoop to such a tactic.
Don’t underestimate a woman scorned, Lady Green Heart! Appearances can be all sorts of misleading and stuff.
True, but… I can’t believe it.
My grandpa always said, ‘Never give no manipulative bitch the benefit of the doubt.’ Let’s capture her and make her confess!
…Your grandfather seems very intense. In this situation, I believe I wihs to lend my assistance.
With me here, you girls will find the truth out about the Evangelist much quicker, anyway.

I know right? Lazy and stupid go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Yep. Like it’s hovering over the whole world…
Young Man: You trying to enter this town?
Ooh, a neato-looking guy! Uh, we’re looking for a place to rest.
We’re also looking for somewhere to rest. Nice to meet you, I’m IF.
Hey, no fair! You tryin’ to get his attention and make yourself the leader?!
I’m Neptune. Who’re you and what’s your favorite cookie?
Young Man: Nobody worth mentioning. I like oatmeal raisin, I guess. Anyway, as a warning, you should all leave this place immediately.
Huh? Why? We just met you! …Is something bad gonna happen?
Young Man: Yes. A barrier’s been placed to protect this area from beastly invasions, but…
So that explains the ring dealie.
Young Man: Right, but the machine core operating our barrier was stolen by someone…!
The townspeople are anxious to find the culprit. If they see you outsiders wandering around…
They’d think us cute girls would take some big machine stuff?
Th-That’s no good!

Also what are we looking at right now? No, scratch that, I don’t even want to know.

Young Man: Reward? I’m sure you’ll be given something far beyond what you’d describe as a ‘reward.’
You don’t say? Well, we don’t have a choice now, huh?
They’re in a pinch. Let’s help them find the culprit.
Yay! Besides, I kinda wanna hang out with this guy and eat some oatmeal raisin cookies.
Young Man: Huh…? You’re talking about me? W-Well…
Nep, shut your stomach up for once! He’d rather talk to me about relevant things, right? Instead of feed her cookies?
Young Man: I… I, um…
Civilian: Hey, we’ve found the culprit! Hurry!
Young Man: What? Amazing. I’ll be right there! Thanks for the offer to help, girls.
Hey! …He’s gone.
We didn’t help her at all, but he still thanked us.
He ran away because Nep freaked him out with her manipulative dessert talk.
Hey now! You had your plans with him, too.

Yeah, I really don’t want to think about any of this.

Not like Neptune is either, so I think that’s a great plan.

Nopers! We’re naturally gonna pursue her and tackle her, police-style! Where’d she go?
A dungeon. She went alone, despite it teeming with monsters.
Let’s just go. We’re only testing our hypothesis. Don’t confront her just yet.
We’ll go ahead to take care of the monsters. Please relax and take your time catching up, Lady Green Heart.
Of course. Be careful, now.

Getting back to things, they tracked the Evangelist to the depths of the cave!

Video- “The Plot”


Wait, someone else is here. It’s a man.
Jade: …We’re ready. We can proceed anytime. What about the Basilicom?
There’s no point if they just surrender. Are you sure they’ll fight back?
Conversation: I’m concerned about Lady Green Heart’s absence, but… On the other hand, it’s more convenient.
I’m sure that narrow-minded Archbishop will do whatever it takes. He’s the one responsible while the CPU is gone.
…I can only gather bits and pieces. Sounds as if Jade and Conversation are not strangers.
Do you know that man?
…He saved Compa and Iffy when they were imprisoned at the Basilicom. We owe him quite a bit.
Jade: We’ve transported most of the weapons from Avenir. They won’t know who’s who. If it’s okay, let’s raid my home tomorrow.
Once we spread word it was the Basilicom’s doing, the Aristocrats won’t be able to sit quietly…!
Conversation: The Basilicom’s advantage is the sheer number of people, but you have firearms from Avenir gained through the Guild…
Weapons from Lastation should appear future-proof to the people of Leanbox stuck in an ancient, medieval lifestyle.
Jade: Yeah. Thanks to that, our leader’s more confident than ever. I owe a ton to the Guild in Lastation.

How did you even give that lady such an important job? She’s super shady.

Stop, stop it! We have to do something about that raid before anything else.
Why not head back? We have enough evidence now. I’m not good at being quiet and whispering for so long…
So, he’s willing to sacrifice his house to trigger a battle with the Basilicom. Who will he use to raid his own house?
Probably the Guild. We’ve go to do something, or the people will start fighting without knowing the truth.
I’ll return to the Basilicom. Please, go and take care of those Aristocrats!
What of the Evangelist? She’s Jade’s accomplice. We can’t let her get away with this, either.
Leave her to me. Now, let’s hurry!

I don’t even know, she was already working at the Basilicom when I got there and I hate her so I gave her a job that made her not be around ever.

Video- “Aristocrat Raid”


Turquoise: Oh? I’m not sure your sense of taste is trustworthy. I bet everything tastes good if it goes into such a cute little mouth.
Oh, don’t underestimate this cute little mouth. I’ve tasted lots of foods from all sorts of places, y’know!
Turquoise: Then I shall take your word! Hahaha!
…What are you doing cooking food?! We’ve got more pressing matters to worry about!
Yes, this is Jade’s house. You’ll be in a lot of trouble if you stay.
Turquoise: Whatever! He did say not to come over today, but this is my real son and his wife’s house, after all. No problem!
Jade’s adopted, right? Where’d ya find him?
Turquoise: He was a wandering orphan, and he was found lost in front of this house right after the Parliament’s revolt.
My son and his wife had no child, so they took him in, even though he was one of them angsty sorts.
Then my son died… so now Jade is my son. He never acted much like a child, though this one time…
No. If it’s about Jade, that’s not really what we want to talk about!

I think it worked out pretty well for me.

Could you be any more blunt?! Can’t we advance a narrative like normal characters for once?!
Turquoise: …What are you talkin’ about? Jade, a traitor? You had better be joking, or…
Please remain calm. Jade belongs to the Guild. He has imported weaponry through them, too.
This house is the target of a planned raid, so the Aristocrats will be tricked into attacking the Basilicom!
Turquoise: …Sounds like a serious scheme, but one thing doesn’t make sense. Why would Jade do such a thing?
W-Well, that’s true. Nep-Nep, why do you think Jade is doing this?
Like she’d know. Only Extremists would try this. Their goal is to take over the Basilicom. Isn’t that reason enough?
Turquoise: …So, because he’s a member of the Guild, he will sacrifice the home he grew up in?
He couldn’t possibly! Plus, this place is far from town. It can’t be raided so easily.
Then, he would need help from other Aristocrats to do that, right…?
Turquoise: What’re you sayin’? You’re a cunning little thing. However, I know that won’t happen.
Jade: I thought I saw the lights on. What’re you all doing here? And you, I told you not to come here today!
Turquoise: Speak of the devil. We’re just borrowing your kitchen. Say, why don’t you sexy mascots ask him if you’re concerned?
Jade: I have no idea what you’re babbling about, but we need to get out of here! The Basilicom is raiding!

I… I guess that’s a good thing?

Video- “Foiled Plots”


Turquoise: Are you sure? Are… are you? But… I can think of no other reason to be attacked.
Jade: What are you two discussing?
Turquoise: Your association with the Guild.
The jig’s up! We heard ya! You and that Evangelist are using the Aristocrats to raid the Basilicom!
Jade: You were there? Damn. Then… there’s no reason for me to continue lying.
Turquoise: Why? Why did you lie to us all? Are you truly just using us to bring down the Basilicom?
I know how you feel about those serving the goddess, but it gives you no right to take advantage of others’ feelings!
Jade: Don’t twist the situation. I despise the Basilicom, but so do these Aristocrats!
Ten years ago, the Basilicom’s Sanctuary purged me after I found a home. I escaped to Lowee, away from the Aristocrats.
What? Ten years ago… We were told that was the Parliament’s revolt. Why are you bringing up the purge?
Turquoise: That’s right. It was definitely ten years ago when we fought the Parliament and those heretics. But that was no purge!

Also big surprise everyone in Leanbox is either a huge liar or an idiot.

Jade: The Parliament fought so the heretics could leave for Lowee, away from the Sanctuary’s oppression.
The Basilicom concealed this. Aristocrats gained honor by suppressing the Parliament and the Sanctuary gained power.
Turquoise: Then, the reason the Archbishop is trying so hard to keep the truth hidden is not because he denies the revolt occurred.
Jade: He didn’t want anyone finding out he used the Aristocrats to suppress the very revolt his actions helped to instigate.
He was afraid to take the blame for oppressing the heretics.
And you were just an orphan in the middle of the purge. Is that why you’re trying to make these two factions fight?
Jade: You’re catching on. You already know I’m a member of the Guild.
Basically, you hate both the Basilicom and the Aristocrats. But that’s no excuse to go and do all sorts of bad stuff!
Jade: It’s enough motivation. Although, thanks to you, this plan… No, wait. That’s right!
Hey, he ran away! Should we chase after him?
Mr. Leader, you get it now, right? Please don’t attack the Basilicom. Let’s make capturing Jade our priority!

Also this isn’t going to solve anything.

Just wait, it’s really obvious why.
Yep, super obvious.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Pursuit! The Evangelist’s dirty secret!