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Part 35: Pursuit

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, our heroine actually sort of started working with Lady Green Heart to foil a plot against Leanbox. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

So to be clear they’re still chasing after that guy.

We’ll let his father decide. It’s not our business. But… we have to get him first!
He lied to everyone! We can’t let this one slide.
Right, that liar… Uh, why’m I still doubtful? Stop being confused, me! Let’s get him and bring him back!

Yeah, and someone else was already waiting to make it all rather pointless.

Video- “The Secret”


Jade: You’re… the Evangelist’s replacement? Their leader knows. We can’t use the Aristocrats to start this anymore.
But we can still manipulate the Basilicom. The Aristocrats have those illegal weapons and if the Archbishop finds out…!
I have high expectations of others and a low tolerance for failure. I’ll not let a useless being face me!
Oh, yep. Death flag triggered. I kinda guessed he was one of those gonna-die-NPCs when I met him. Is he okay?
H-How can you act like that when someone is dying? Compa, can’t you do something?
I wish I could, but I can’t do anything about a triggered flag or a bad ending route he chose…
Jade: N-Neptune…
Nep-Nep, he’s asking for you. These are his last words, so hear him out.
What’s up? A favor? Ask me anything! Oh, but no touching. Got it? No touching!
Jade: Don’t treat me like a pervert when I’m about to die. I wanted to tell you one last truth…
I’m a member of the Guild. I live on Leanbox, but I don’t follow Lady Green Heart.
…Why’re you telling me now? What’s up with this?
Jade: I… I’m into girls… like… Lady White Heart.


Oops. Well, that was for ruining the moment.
Nep-Nep, Iffy… Look. Someone is staring at us impatiently. I think we’ve seen her before.
Are you done yet? I don’t like surprise attacks, but if you’re done with that event, then… Here I come!
That voice… That Evangelist! I couldn’t tell before because of your poopy taste in fashion, but you’re Convy, huh?
Well, that man failed to notice, but I’m glad you did. Yes! Conversation was my alias!
Then we gotta challenge you! You were after the Basilicom too, huh?!
Absolutely! That man and I had the same objective: bring down the Basilicom!
Unforgivable! I’ll beat you up right here and drag you by your hair to the goddess!
Bring it on! I’ve already captured Leanbox’s CPU. The Basilicom is entirely under the Archbishop’s control now!
Now we just watch and wait for this landmass to be destroyed by its own civil war. I’ll silence you forever right now!

Huh, so she was that Overlord’s messenger lady the whole time. Funny how that works.

Boss Battle: ???
The main thing to watch out for is that she can paralyze people with one of her attacks. She’s pretty similar otherwise to when we fought her in Lowee a bit ago.

God, we didn’t seem like this when we kept challenging her, did we?

…She’s gone. She’s much weaker than she tries to make herself seem.
But she did delay us. We need to see what’s happening between the Aristocrats and the Basilicom!

I contend that I at least kept my dignity intact.

Video- “Green Heart”


It’s been a while. This is Green Heart.
I’d like to speak a little about the leisure activities you can find on Leanbox.
We offer horseback riding lessons and theatrical plays, but I’d like to focus on LAN parties, our most popular activity.
These are often hosted by Aristocrats or major corporations with good connections. They do charge a sign-up fee, though…
In recent years, it’s become popular for different industries to gather in one place for tournaments, as well.
Did you know we also have parties catered toward children?
Children on Leanbox participate to make new friends, learn online etiquette, and grow into well-respected adults.
That’s all for today.
See you again in the next update.

Alright anyway, when they got to the Basilicom things were already pretty bad.

Where is Lady Green Heart? She’s the only one who could tame this mess.
Everyone, over here…! Right here… Oh, excuse me. Coming through.
Good. You weren’t captured?
Yes, I was. However, the spell holding me got weaker, so I left.
Maybe because we beat up that woman? She got away, though.
Probably. That makes sense to me. I’m glad you’re here, though. Can you please put a stop to this?
But, I’ve never done anything like this… I always just let the Archbishop handle situations requiring effort.
Aggghhh! Shut up! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, go ahead.
…Ahem. People, could you stop, please? Let’s get together somewhere and talk…
You gotta be more aggressive! This is your land. Be more proud of that and stuff!
…Everyone! This battle is ending this instant. Drop your weapons!
This is a command from the CPU of Leanbox… Green Heart! Cease this foolishness at once!
Whoa, yeah, okay. She can do it if she tries.
Of course. She’s a goddess! She’s not like someone who’d become a useless amnesiac by falling face-first into the ground.

I just want to point out that Green Heart needed advice at being a goddess from Neptune, who was pretty out of it even before she suffered severe head trauma and forgot what little she knew about the topic.

It’s too early to wrap this up. The wannabe Evangelist is still running loose.
The war’s over, but I still need to care for the aftermath.
Please, pursue Convy. I mean, did you see her outfit? There’s no way she could get away quietly in that.
You’re right. We’re so on it!

Wait, did she just call someone else out on how they were dressed? Damn. That’s like, too funny.

Video- “The Evangelist’s End”


I can’t let you survive, since you know who the Evangelist is. The time is now, Neptune. Brace yourself for death!

Damn, not even I was this persistent. I guess I have a rival for the spot of Neptune’s rival. Not, not that I want that role.

Boss Battle: ???
I’m pretty sure this is exactly the same fight, so if you beat it last time you should probably be able to do it this time. I do get to use Nisa quite a bit in these fights now, so things go even faster.

As I think about it this is kinda weird, that stupid witch lady was definitely in Lowee when I’m very sure Conversation was in Leanbox.

We’ll keep evolving and growing and learning through each battle! Monsters can’t stop us!
Nep-Nep, you’re so cool! Yes, we will evolve and… we will never lose!
But, I’m sure we won’t be fighting anymore. It’s all over. Kinda sad.
Haahaha! No need to be upset. I’ll come back, time and again. I’ll see you again, someday. Haaaah ha ha ha!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Release of Histoire! Things get even crazier!