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Part 36: The Release of Histoire

So last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia it turned out Blanc’s Evangelist was evil, and Neptune beat her down.
I always knew she was shady.

Video- “Intel”


Thank you. I wish we could celebrate right away with a LAN party, but…
The Archbishop and Aristocrat’s leader are here. This is far more important to the future of Leanbox.
Yvoire: What’re these underage girls doing here? Neptune’s your archenemy, for crying out loud!
They’re a part of this too, so I’m having them attend this meeting. I’ll accept no objections.
The Basilicom’s concealment of the truth led to this ordeal. I’ll hear your reasoning.
Yvoire: …The Parliament revolt is our shame, so I was only trying to conceal all the facts regarding…
Liar, liar, cassock on fire! We heard everything from Jade!
You’re tryin’ to hide the fact the revolt was meant to allow heretics a chance to escape the Sanctuary’s oppression!
Is this the truth? Answer, Yvoire.
Yvoire: …That is true. However, it is the Basilicom’s duty to subdue heretics! To protect our goddess’ reputation…!
I will accept any punishment you have, but believe me when I say everything I’ve done has been in our goddess’ best interests…
…I am at fault for relying on you to handle everything.

Also this isn’t as fun as watching Neptune beat her up but it’s pretty close.

Thinking about ‘woulda’ and ‘coulda’ won’t do anything. But if you admit you goofed up, you can do better, right?
…Your optimistic outlook hasn’t changed, even after losing your memory.
You’re right, though. It’s time to turn things around. Nep-Nep, you said you were looking for a Key Fragment?
Oh crap. I totally spaced about that! Histy must be so tired of waiting. Do you know where one is?
It’s guarded by a strong monster, right? I may have an idea.
There’s a dungeon Convy used to frequent. Maybe it’s worth looking into.
I will tell you its location later, but first… We really do need to celebrate. Let’s go to the Red Ring Table.
This is the third time I’ve invited you to a part… Well, the first time was by the Archbishop…

Anyway, they found another of the mysterious Guard Vermin in the dungeon Green Heart had told them about.

Video- “Guard Vermin”


Boss Battle: Guard Vermin
It’s another Guard Vermin, he’s pretty much the same as we’ve fought before. Watch for big hits and his cutscene attack at low health, otherwise it’s easy.

And with that, they had all four Key Fragments.

Why would they scatter the items to release Histy’s seal if they wanted her to stay locked up forever?
Maybe they were gonna let her out if she was a good girl or they needed her?
So they can just seal and release her over and over, just like that? Histy is… a person… right? …Right?
That… We’ll know when we meet her. She’s got a really cute voice, though! I betcha she’s like our age!
I hope. I don’t want to find out she’s a nasty end-boss monster in disguise, you know?
…Th-That would suck. I would most definitely cry if that happened.

Finally Neptune headed back to ruin her own land.

It’s really not safe to do while listening to music, though…
Look. That lady doesn’t even know she’s being approached from behind by Mr. Bicycler.
Maybe it’s unsafe to not hear the stuff happening around you.
There are some leisure activities that take advantage of that.
I went to this one haunted house where you have to wear some headphones while inside.
Oh, the place filed with dolls? It’s so scary there!
You’ve both been there?! Ugh, lameburgers. What’s it like? Is it a big mansion? Do you take pictures of ghosts?
It’s like… stereophonic sound.
Grotesque, unearthly noises sound pretty real and it makes you feel like things are a lot closer than they actually are.
Yes, it made me think the dolls were actually alive!
Huh. Wouldn’t it be creepy if the dolls were really trying to talk to you, but you couldn’t hear them cuz of the headphones?
Don’t creep her out even more!

What if she never comes back? Not, not that I want her to.

Video- “Nisa Returns!”


Monster: Grrrr!
Civilian: …No one will come help me, anyway…
I don’t have any friends and I just got fired from my job. I can only act tough and superior on internet forums.
Hahaha… I’m making myself cry and wet myself simultaneously. Go ahead and eat me, if you still want me.
At least I’ll be good for something…
Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute!
I’m Nisa and I’m your friend, Lonely Wolf!
It’s too early to give up on the game we call life. If reality doesn’t work, rely on those 2D girls and your online friends!
Even if nobody likes you in real life, you can depend on your party members and guild members in online games!
Even a boy in elementary school can pretend to be a girl, trick other boys, and get married online.
So even if you’re an utter failure at work, you can clear any tasks as a guild master in games!
Try it with Planeptune’s new MMO, Four Goddesses Online! Available now!
Go get ‘em, tiger!
Director: Cut! Excellent work.
Director: As expected of a true heroine. Your finishing pose, the call-outs… It’s all so perfect.
I expect over one million subscribers after this commercial runs on TV.
You can get the demo for free, so try it out.
I’m sure it’s super fun. I’ll check it out, but I’ll try not to let myself get addicted.

Right. Aren’t they supposed to be searching for someone?

Video- “The Search”


Rescue Histy, of course! Did you forget about that, too?
No, no! I mean, she hasn’t told me where she is. Actually… she said she doesn’t know…
What?! You don’t know that? I guess we never really discussed her location, but come on!
Maybe she’s being guarded by a strong monster, too. Like the Key Fragments.
We should be able to find her if we keep looking for strong monsters! Problem solved.
…There is no need for that.
Histy? Can ya hear me? Can you chat right now? Over.
Yes, Neptune. I am so sorry I have been unable to keep in touch lately.
Histy says she’s sorry for not contacting us. I wish you woulda, like, texted us! Over.

Yeah, and I guess it looks like it was a real person.

Yeah, but barely. How, though? We were never able to hear anything before.
It’s most likely because I’ve become a tough, independent girl who doesn’t cry!
…Actually, that has nothing to do with it. My seal has weakened since the fragments are gathering in one place.
It also has something to do with you all being on Planeptune.
My cell phone is working again, too. We must be getting more bars all over the place!
…No, it is possible you are closer to where I am being held. The Key Fragments should lead you to me.
I heard ya for the first time while on this landmass, too. All right, so the fragments will know where Histy is! Over!
Just don’t try to talk to them. I don’t think they will respond to you.
Right. Try watching them closely. They should show some response as you come ever closer to me.


Yes, this is an important area. It could’ve looked a little unique. I’m a tad disappointed.
Why would anyone hide something in a place that stands out?

Deep in the cave, they finally found Histoire.

Video- “Histoire”


Thank you so very much for gathering the Key Fragments.
Hello? Where are ya, Histy? Where’s the girl with the cute voice? Here, Histy Histy Histy, come on out, girl!
I am the book before you. I am a tome. I contain all information regarding this world.
So this book is Histy, eh? All right! What d’we do now?
Don’t look at me! I’m sure if you put the fragments together, something will happen.
…Like a puzzle? One sec. Let me give it a try…
I’ll help ya, too. Well, this one obviously goes here. Oh, that one’s on this edge… Umm…
What’s it supposed to look like anyway? Maybe we should just stack ‘em like a totem pole! Oh! Oh, it’s glowing!

Didn’t see that coming, I figured they were about to release a final boss or something.

Nice to meet you. I am Histy… rather, Histoire. \[*`-‘*]v
She sounds kinda the same, but it’s not really what I expected.
Sure. I look a little different when I’m a tome. Like a book. Minor changes are normal. [*^-^*]>”
Okay, so Histy is just Nep’s pet name for you. Anyway, that’s one down. What’re we doing now?
We’re gonna go after Overlord Momus and Arfoire! We’re not done yet!
…We didn’t find either of ‘em, even though we were zooming all over the world. Got any cryptic metaphors for us, Histy?

Plus she’s competent and helpful, she really sticks out in this group.

Arfoire disguised herself to suit various situations. All of these are complete falsities.
…To top it off, you all actually have fought Arfoire.
Nuh-uh. Wait, so Momus is all pretend… and Arfoire is the one spreading stories about him?
We heard the story from a heretic first, who heard it from an Evangelist. She came to us about it too, at one point.
But that Evangelist was like a witch who was all stalking and attacking us. That was also Momus’s messenger, huh?!
Sometimes she is an Evangelist. Sometimes the Overlord’s messenger. She was doing all this to achieve one end…
In that case, we’ve already beat up Arfoire.
No. All those fabrications were mirrors of her true self she created.
Did you not notice? On each land, you dealt with some sort of scheme she created.
She did keep coming back over and over, but they were all different lands. I just thought they kinda looked similar.
So what was her objective? She’s been involved in a whole lot, but I don’t have any idea who she is.
…True. There is still much I have to tell you.
How about we find a place we can have a more comfortable discussion?

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Truth.