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Part 37: Truth

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, Histoire was finally rescued. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Wait, this doesn’t look like exposition.

Whassup, kiddo?
Kid: I need to get this fixed.
It looks like a pretty old model.
I don’t think it’s even available to purchase…
Kid: So? I like it. In fact, it was a huge success in foreign lands!
The Motorola 68000 processor inside it means it’s got Blast Processing and can kick some serious butt!
Though, the sales pitch ‘the first domestic 16-bit game console’ is a bit inaccurate.
Another 16-bit console was released 6 years prior within its home country and 8 years prior outside of its country!
…Is this going to take a long time?
Kid: …Hmph. Sorry, but I should get going!
What’s up with that brat? He’s got no respect for his elders.
But you were kind of immature, too…

No, this looks like them wasting our time.

Oh, it’s 16-Bit.
Kid: Who’re you calling 16-Bit?! Just because I appreciate older models doesn’t mean I don’t have the 32-bit next-gen ones.
The next one from that console maker… Ohh, you mean the one which sold the least out of all their products?
Kid: Pssh. Say what you want. Personally, I think highly of consoles able to focus on both 2D and 3D rendering functions.
I mean, releasing it the same day as announcing it… But they used polygons and movies eventually. You’re lying.
Kid: …I gotta go.
Heh, heh, heh… I got him good this time!
Don’t get into such a serious duel with a little boy…

Yep, it sure does.

Kid: Hmph, you again?
How’s it hanging, 2D Boy?
Kid: Shut it!
Ugh, enough already! This happens, like, every time you two see each other!
Whoa, lookit that! The guy getting into a car over there…
Isn’t he the director of your favorite game company?
Kid: Hmm, you’re right. …This company SUCKS!
H-Hey, the hell’s wrong with you? Why’re you acting like that? He definitely heard you.
Kid: It’s fine. …I think games from other companies are SO MUCH BETTER!
Aww, did you see how disappointed the director looked? I wanna give him a big hug…
Kid: It’s my way of cheering them on. If they’re strong, it’ll motivate them to develop a new console and I’ll be happy.
You like them enough to make yourself into an enemy, huh…?
Kid: Sometimes, consumers have to take on the role of the bad guy. Anyway, I should go.
…I can tell he’s going to be something big one of these days.
Wh-What is this melodramatic skit doing in this game…?

Quiet you, the exposition is finally about to start.

Video- “The Truth”


How about I introduce myself formally and talk a bit about Celestia?
You mean where the goddesses live? Did you come from there, too?
Why, yes. I have been part of the goddess’ powers for a long time.
One goddess in the past gave me a portion of her powers in the event she would try to misuse it.
What kind of power did you get? What’re you capable of doing?
Nothing alone. Same goes for the goddesses.
They cannot change the world without my explicit consent.
So, you’re like the boss. But… I still don’t get exactly what you are.
I am the world. The world is me. Everything within this tome is within this world.
Change the tome, and the world will change and vice-versa. I am one with the world.
Since the beginning of my existence, all succeeding goddesses ruled and made changes to the world through me.
So you got control over everything! How didja get locked away, then?

Wait, what’s all this then?

I am just a part of one almighty goddess. I only contain the power to execute an idea.
…So the goddesses are the ones who think up the ideas.
Correct. To make a change in the world, we are both necessary.
I getcha. It’s give-and-take. She scratches your pages, and you scratch her itchy spots.
S-Sure, if that is how you want to put it…
That is the gist of our symbiotic existence. Now, to the main topic.
The one interfering with all you have been trying to accomplish is none other than the former goddess, Arfoire!
She is attempting to destroy this world.
She is trying to weaken the goddesses’ powers by summoning monsters to affect the amount of faith powering Celestia.
The discs! Whoa, yeah, I getcha, it’s possible for a goddess to burn multiple copies of discs illegally!
Burning illegal copies, eh? That aside… \[^^\][/^^]/ I have been following your journey by writing inside the tome.

Yeah, this… seems like something we should have known about.

It seemed like corporations, Basilicoms, and the Guild were the cause of all the ordeals, but it was Arfoire’s influence.
…Those names don’t really help me remember any specifics.
That said, Arfoire’s goal is to rule over a decimated world. I do not know her intentions, but we must do something.
We don’t have any idea where she is. Do we have to go all over the world again? Jet lag is making me gain weight.
That is due to your eating habits. But there is no need. I am the world’s everything and it is my everything.
Ooh, I remember you saying that line before! So you really are the Histy I’ve been looking for!
Now that I am freed, I can find anything. According to the records within the tome, Arfoire is hiding in Celestia.
With the goddesses vacated, she’s taken the opportunity to control the holy land. How bold… As expected of her.
Then, wait a second! How are we going to get to her if she’s all the way up there?!
Yeah, where is Celestia, anyway? Fairy tales usually say it’s beyond the sky… Should we take a shuttle from Planeptune?
Unfortunately, there is no shuttle running to Celestia. That would be weird. However, there is still one way. Follow me!
Most importantly, we must be certain you adorable ladies are capable of defeating her.
That’s no problemo. We’ve blasted her alter egos a buncha times before!
Remember, Arfoire herself is still a complete goddess.

And seriously, like we’d ever want to go on an awesome adventure to save the world together. Never going to happen!

We don’t got time for that! Monsters are all ‘rawr’ and attacking people. We know where she is, so lemme go get her!
I know how you feel, but don’t be so rash. I’m sure Histy needs time to prepare our trip to Celestia anyway.
She’s right! ‘Haste makes waste.’ My grandpa’s words ring true again. We should be cautious and rashunable.
Neptune, please listen to your friends. We still need a little time.

Actually that sounds more interesting than my day usually is but I’ve been pretty busy recently. Also, I guess someone finally told Neptune she’s a CPU.

Sup, Histy? …You seem tense.
I have been trying to decide whether or not to tell you this, because you seem to love how you are now so much…
Um… Should we give you two some privacy?
No, please stay. I think the two of you should be aware of this, as well…
Does it have to do with Nep-Nep’s past? That’s right… there’s nothing Histy can’t tell us!
Yes. There is something she has forgotten which is very, very important…!
Neptune… You are, in actuality, the CPU of Planeptune!

I apologize. I know it is hard to process and you are speechless, but it is the truth. Do you believe me?
I do. I kind of had an idea. This is just the confirmation. What about you, Compa?
Wh-Whahhhhhhhhhhhh?! N-Nep-Nep is a goddess?! Of what?! Norse? Greek? Food? Babylonian?!
…Thanks for the expected reaction. Nep, are you feeling like Compa?

She didn’t really react how I’d expect.

How is this happening?! Nep-Nep just fell… from… from the sky!
Are you putting it together? Surviving a fall from the sky and stabbing headfirst into the ground… She’s not normal.
Each land was making a big deal over their goddesses descending except for Planeptune.
I didn’t wanna believe myself for thinking it, but I suppose I was right this entire time.
Yes. I do not know how she fell to the world beneath, but you could hear my voice only because you are a goddess.
Are you sure it’s okay for me to be a goddess?
Whether it is fine or not, you are born a goddess. Please, accept your destiny.
I don’t remember being a goddess at all… This is gonna be a problem for the folks on Planeptune…
Do not worry. Even if you did nothing, your protective powers work on their own. [^-^]b
It seems the power weakened a little due to your lack of awareness, but now that you remember, all should be well.

Also I don’t think she really paid attention, Neptune still doesn’t actually remember that shit. Also they’re out of luck if they need to get to Celestia.

Video- “The Path to Celestia”


Yes. Please follow me and I will explain everything there.
Oh, what’s this? Holding out on me? Or was this a funky loophole discovered during the script writing process?
Stop speculating and come with me. What do you mean by a loophole during the script writing process? All is well!

You might think that but it seems not to be true.

This is a ruin, built by those who lived long, long before you girls were born.
There is a record here detailing weapons carried by some ancient heroes.
…Weapons? Heroes? Sounds super interesting, but that’s not important now! We gotta get to Celestia, stat!
That is what we are here to discuss. A goddess once told me a story which took place right before I was born…
Long ago, the goddess at the time awakened to her ambitions and desired to take over the world. [>_<]
I can’t believe a goddess would want to do such a thing!
Even goddesses will sometimes choose the wrong path. It is only natural for one with a heart and emotions.
The goddess was eventually stopped by some brave heroes from the human world.
These heroes took a road reaching up to Celestia from here.
Defeated, the goddess admitted to the error of her ways and promised to never let it happen again.
She separated part of her powers away from herself so she could never again misuse them.
I see. The tome, Histoire, is that piece of power separated from the goddess.
Yes. Since then, a goddess cannot make a change in the human world without my consent.
That means we can all take the road those heroes did to get to Celestia! Maybe it’s like a rainbow or something!

What, seriously? Never heard about that before.

Why would they do that? It’d be so wonderful if we could drop in and talk with the goddesses whenever we wanted!
The world is not full of good, righteous humans. The heroes probably believed free access to Celestia would spell trouble.
Accordingly, the heroes used their own weapons as keys to lock the path.
Okay, so things are coming together. We need to fetch the heroes’ weapons to unlock the way to Celestia?
Oooh, I thought you were gonna say we needed the weapons to fight Arfoire…
One problem. Since a long period of time has passed, the weapons have been lost even to the annals of history.
These weapons were given the name of Quartet Arms. We must collect all four to re-open the way to Celestia.
But you could figure that out instantly, right? You are the world and all that!
Well… I would need three days.
So? Instead of wandering around like a buffoon, I’ll wait three days to get exact coordinates.
I will need three days for each weapon. So, a total of twelve days… if we’re lucky.
It could take up to a month per weapon if things get complicated.
…On foot it is. One weapon per land, right? Is that all we have to go on?
Planeptune’s weapon is within a cave. Lastation’s weapon is buried in a field.
Leanbox’s weapon sleeps in a ruin. Lowee’s weapon is protected by a snowy forest. That is all I know, for now.
We’ll head out to look for the weapons, then. Let us know when you learn more. You can tune into Nep’s thick skull, right?
Understood. Good luck. I will wait here on Compa’s fluffy, bouncy bed.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Trinity Blade! Another fetch quest? Seriously?