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Part 38: The Trinity Blade

So last time they got another stupid fetch quest. I hope this one doesn’t take that long.

Me! My intuition is screaming exactly that. In the name of this land’s CPU, I swear the weapon must surely be inside.
…Should I trust such sketchy intuition? I hope this isn’t some beast’s nest.
Meh! We’ll know once we’re inside. Let’s transform and roll out!

I mean as soon as you hope it’s not a monster nest of course it is. That’s just how it works.

Video- “Ancient Dragon”


Um, well, we haven’t even said anything yet. So, does that mean-
Monster: Shaddap! I’m going to collect the other parts of this here Trinity Blade!
I’ll show no mercy for any interference, no matter what!

She’s got a point there.

Boss Battle: Ancient Dragon
It’s a dragon with a cool model we haven’t seen much if any of so far. Otherwise it’s like every other boss ever. God Idea Factory you are the laziest of fucks.

Anyway, it seemed they’d found a piece of the Trinity Blade.

Monster: Damn! I can’t believe I lost to these little girls…
So you’ve got one of the ancient heroes’ weapons? You do, right? Right?!
Monster: Just a part of it. I will admit my defeat and give it to you…
System Message: Obtained ‘Trinity Blade: Grip.’
Oh, yay! This is kinda big. Is this just the grip to a sword?
Monster: It’s part of the Trinity Blade, a giant sword wielded by the hero Yuzusuki.
The 3D shockwaves emitted from the Trinity Blade are said to pierce through the heavens!
They must have had great technology back then… Does this mean all the weapons have been disassembled?
Monster: I heard someone’s seen a part of the sword near Planeptune’s Sky Harbor.
Seems like it. This is becoming way more of a chore than I expected.
I’m sure it’ll get easier once Histy gets her crap together. We should head to the Sky Harbor now.

Can I give this a try? Jump cut to the Sky Harbor!

Video- “The Trinity Blade”


The Sanctified: Excuse me, ladies. Have you applied for a permit?
No worries, man! We already got one a while back. We’re just here to look for something.
The Sanctified: Oh? What could you be looking for?
The Tri-… Tripto-… S-Something related to the ancient heroes! Do you know anything about it?
The Sanctified: Are you talking about the Trinity Blade of the hero Yuzusuki? I think I may have an idea.
We’ve dug up something we have yet to identify, but it caught out attention while fixing this harbor.
This is it.
What’s this? An ancient coin? A palm-top sword? You mockin’ us, dude?
No, look closely! Isn’t this a sword’s cross-guard?
The material is very similar to that other part.
The Sanctified: As I suspected! I stowed it away just in case it was something important.
Can we have it? Huh? Can we? We need it to save the world. Don’t worry! Iffy will pay ya for it!
No way! I manage all the Credits, so my money is your money too, y’know?
The Sanctified: No, please do not mind me. We have no need for it. Take it if you can put it to use.
System Message: Obtained ‘Trinity Blade: Cross-Guard.’
Great! Now we have two pieces. We’re still missing the blade, though…
We have to keep looking for it until Histy can give us any sort of lead.
The Sanctified: The hero Yuzusuki was said to have vanished from the public eye after defeating the goddess…
If anything, the Trinity Blade must be where Yuzusuki spent his final years…
So, like, a cave or dungeon, huh?

Me next! Jump cut to the tomb of Yuzusuki!

Elder: Welcome. This is where Yuzusuki passed. The first one-hundred visitors will win a talking Yuzusuki cell phone strap…
Using a hero to make money? People like you are around in any age. This is where the hero took his final breaths?
Elder: Yes. Sir Yuzusuki died here. There was once a grave, but it got buried due to an earthquake.
The only thing that survived the quake was Sir Yuzusuki’s beloved Trinity Blade…
These are parts of it too, right?
Elder: Oh! The cross-guard and grip! You’ve found them!
We’re trying to gather parts of this sword to defeat an evil goddess! Do you know anything about that?
Elder: Well… you should keep this blade, then. This is all I know… and all I have.
System Message: Obtained ‘Trinity Blade: Blade.’
Sweet! Do you have all the bits and pieces now?
Elder: Nope. You need one more to complete the sword. The pommel.
Oh, who cares about a part that sounds like a cheerleader’s dessert?
We do! Old man, do you know where it might be?
Elder: Eh, nope. It’s probably somewhere on Planeptune, if that helps…
Ugh. Sounds like we gotta look around like little detectives some more.
Yes… It’s not easy finding these things. I wanna sleep in my own bed for once…

Oh great, they don’t even know where to look. This is probably too hopeful, but… Jump cut to ‘somewhere in Planeptune’!

Oh well. We’ll have to just wait until Histy gets back to us. Where’s Compa?
She went to get her body pillow from her house. Maybe she’ll be back soon… See?
Sorry for the wait! Aside from my pillow, I packed up my toothbrush, my pajamas, and some other stuff.
We’re going straight to Celestia after we find all the weapons. Regrets will not mend matters! I must start thinking ahead.
I’m not sure that’s quite the right phrase for this situation… but I’ll praise your effort.
Ooh, what’s that thingy, Compa? It’s super cute!
Really? My grandpa gave it to me… I’ve had it for so long.
I found it while organizing my drawers. Grandpa… I’m doing well. You don’t have to worry.
So please, stop groping your caretaker’s bottom. The neighbors are talking about it…
I can picture your grandpa in my head. I figured he was more serious and full of wisdom based on what I heard from you.
…Huh? Compa, let me see that real quick!
My grandpa’s keepsake? Sure, but why?
System Message: Obtained ‘Trinity Blade: Pommel.’
Keepsake? Your grandpa’s still alive. Anyway, look! This is the Trinity Blade’s pommel!
What? This…? My grandpa said he found it in his back yard one day…
Connect this to the end of the grip, slide on the cross-guard and then fit the blade into the grip… perfect!
Holy craparoni! We really did it!
No doubt about it. This is the hero Yuzusuki’s Trinity Blade.
System Message: Obtained ‘Trinity Blade of Yuzusuki.’

Seriously? She had it the whole time?
Yeah, no, sorry, that’s it for me for now. I mean I’m in this story and I still don’t want to associate with that.
Yeah, screw this. Let’s go get some crepes or something.

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