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Part 39: The Dual Revolver

Oh dear, it seems nobody is here. I guess I’ll just have to narrate until someone shows up again. ^[*_*]^

Wanna check it out? I do! Me first. Away!
You’re… way too curious…
Oh, fun times! This place is pretty big. D’you think they use that crane hanging from the ceiling to move stuff?
Yes, those arms will pinch the crates and move them. I wonder where they operate the crane from?
Over there, on the other side of that window. See the operators all lined up?
Yeah! I wonder what it’s like to operate a giant crane? I wanna do it so bad!
Don’t even think about it. You’ll just get us all kicked out of here.
…I only see two buttons by the operator’s hands.
No way. Oh… you’re right. One must move it left and right while the other moves it up and down.
Everything else seems automated.
The crane and its functions… Doesn’t it remind you of something?
…Don’t say it.
Arcade crane games.

That was… certainly something special.

That’s pretty vague for a clue. Let’s just start doing some legwork.

And I’m very sure I said ‘field’ not ‘cave,’ why would you look in a cave?

Video- “Kaiser Dragon”


Treasure…? You have one? It better not be like some pictures from a nudie website.
Bandit Leader: Hmph. What sort of pervert do you take me for?
I mean, it’s not like it’s a bad thing to enjoy or anything, but…
Bandit Leader: Doesn’t sound like we’re gonna get along. Sorry ladies, but you’re all gonna have to die!
This is one of my treasures. A disc that summons monsters!
That’s one of Arfoire’s discs! On no, I didn’t think there were more. Please break it, recycle it, or something!
Bandit Leader: Why? If I use it, a monster will come out and protect me, yeah?
Idiot. You think this is some kind of genie lamp? Stand back…!

It’s a good thing they’re good at killing things or this would be pretty hopeless.

Boss Battle: Kaiser Dragon
Like a roll, but a dragon instead. He’s a lot like the last dragon we had to fight. It’s like we’re going to have to fight a dragon for each of these weapons or something.

It’s also good that this world’s rules insist that defeating a powerful monster allows one to advance the plot.

I’m glad to hear it. So, do you have an ancient hero’s weapon?
Bandit Leader: Straight to the point, eh? I’ve actually got something like that in my treasure collection. See for yourself!
This is the hero Kuterogi’s dual revolver! Well, a… a part of it, at least…
Sounds pretty fancy-pantsy. This’s probably what Histy mentioned.
This looks like the grip. Can we have it? We need it to complete the weapon.
Bandit Leader: The bullets from this gun are stronger than a beast’s howl. This gun was used to open the gate in a battle against the goddess.
It’s definitely a valuable treasure, but someone tough like you girls should have it. Go ahead.
System Message: Obtained ‘Dual Barrel Revolver: Grip.’
Thank you so much! All of our hard work is paying off.
Do you know anything about the other parts of this weapon?
Bandit Leader: Many folks at the former Basilicom follow the tales of Kuterogi. Maybe you’ll find something in places like that.

Wait, it’s supposed to have two barrels?

Video- “Two Parts”


That’s just… Why? It doesn’t make any sense.

Unemployed: Huh? Who’re you…?
Hiya. Whatcha doin’ here?
Unemployed: This is where our Basilicom established an employment agency to help us unemployed.
I didn’t know Lastation was doing that… Anyway, have you heard of someone named Kuterogi?
Unemployed: You mean that hero? People don’t make a big deal of him anymore, but without him, Lastation as we know it wouldn’t exist.
Have you seen any of his belongings? Like, say… a big… old… gun?
Unemployed: Big old… gun? Well, hold on.
I found this while organizing things here before we established the agency.
What’s this? What’s this gotta do with a giant gun? It looks like a big metal luffa.
Luffas are made of metal?
What’s wrong with you two? Stop thinking girly thoughts. These holes are chambers you put bullets in, and…!
You sure? Whatever, I don’t buy it. Still, if Iffy says so, I guess we’ll take it. Is that okay with you?
Unemployed: Sure. It was just going into the trash anyway.
System Message: Obtained ‘Dual Barrel Revolver: Cylinder.’
Unemployed: Check out the material shop in town. They may be able to explain what these parts are for.
Fantastic. He’s kinda smart even though he’s an unemployed bum.
Th-That’s kind of rude…

I mean why give it the second barrel? I can’t see any functional purpose.

Chevre: Listen to you. You haven’t changed a bit. What’re you three ditzes doing here? Chian hasn’t ordered anything to be picked up.
Drat! I thought we were being cutesy… Not three ditzes!
I don’t like either. Anyway, can you identify these metal parts? I’m fairly sure they’re parts for a gun.
I think it’s a metal luffa. Whaddaya say?
Chevre: Huh. These are pretty rare items. The material is fairly standard, but the way it’s built makes it feel like an antique.
Ancient, rather. And IF is right. These are parts for a rather abnormal gun. The grip and cylinder, to be precise.
Only a giant or some legendary hero would be able to handle the recoil from this.
Tch! So Iffy’s right for once.
What do you mean, ‘for once?!’
Chevre: Sounds like you’re already aware these belong to the hero Kuterogi’s dual revolver.
You know about it, too?!
Chevre: Hah. Take a look at these two parts. These aren’t junk. These here are a giant trigger and hammer.
System Message: Obtained ‘Dual Barrel Revolver: Hammer.’
Obtained ‘Dual Barrel Revolver: Trigger.’
These are parts of the gun, as well?
Chevre: I kept them just in case. Their size perfect fits the scale of the other parts you brought in.
But, but, we don’t have the most important part! We need the barrels!

And why make it so large?

Chevre: Kuterogi is said to have been a hero interested in advanced technology.
I think he had a good eye. Without him, they wouldn’t have stood a chance against the goddess back then.
I heard he lost his leg in the battle, so he spent his remaining years in a quiet, peaceful place.
He kept the gun with him until he died… In one of Lastation’s frontier towns.
It’s something I heard from my historian friend. I wish I could see for myself, but it’d be great if you girls could go.
A frontier town on Lastation… Nep-Nep, this is important information!
Mm-hmm. Sucks I was wrong about the metal luffa, though. Well, let’s head out!

Also, did they waste this much time when they were rescuing me?

Video- “Gust Scene”


What happened? Did you step on it?
I pulled on the charger too hard and the connector snapped inside it. This is the third time.
You’re too rough with them. You should be gentle with electronics. They’re like babies, and need your tender care.
I try to be as gentle as possible… Geez.
Gust has perfect item for you, IF.
Ta-da! Wireless charger.
It’s… a suspicious plate and a cell phone battery.
Put battery in cell phone and place phone over plate.
It’s worth a shot, right? Okay, let’s see.

…Huh? Whoa, it says it’s charging.
You can charge wirelessly by placing phone on charger!
Of course, components top-secret.
This is amazing, Gust. This’d be a huge success, no doubt about it.
I think about selling soon. That’s test model, so you can keep.
Great! Thanks, Gust. I’ll make sure to treat it well.

No wonder it took so long.

It must be. Let’s just go look inside the cave…
Geez, can’t anyone hide stuff in places a little easier to spot?

I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Video- “Dual Revolver”


Me, me, me! But not the defiling part. We’re helping you by defeating monsters!
Wait, you said ‘Kuterogi’s cave?!’ Does that mean the gun barrels are here, too?
Guard: I knew it. More thieves seeking the gun. Begone, you greedy harlots! Otherwise, you shall regret coming here.
Hold up. Listen to us, first. We’re not gonna auction it off or make money from it, Not a single Credit.
You sound more suspicious when you say it like that…
But she’s telling the truth! We just want to go to Celestia and stop Arfoire.
Guard: Arfoire…? Who’s that?
She’s a former goddess who’s making these monsters! We gotta get to Celestia to stop her!
The former goddess in Celestia is burning illegal copies of discs and distributing them around the world!
Well, we don’t know if she burns them to create them. Heh, sounds kind of like a metaphor for something.
Guard: …I see. Celestia is facing another world-ending crisis…
Yes! We must go there and stop Arfoire!
We’re not gonna put it to bad use. We’ll bring it back when we’re done, too. So please, lemme borrow it.
Guard: In that case, today ends my watch over this gun. I leave it in your care.
I never thought I’d be the one to hand it over to the new heroes. Try opening the chest in front of you.
This box…? Okay, I’ve had lots of practice. Hmph… Whoa!
System Message: Obtained ‘Dual Barrel Revolver: Barrel.’

Oh dear, a lady should really avoid such obvious setup lines.

Guard: So she says. Kuterogi’s attendant inherited it… That attendant is my ancestor.
A key to open the forbidden path to Celestia. We’ve guarded this barrel for so many generations.
And you’re giving it up just like that? I can’t believe these two convinced you.
Guard: Sir Kuterogi already predicted there would be another goddess plotting misdeeds some day…
His command was to give up the gun once the time came.
Oh, yay! I’m counting on you two to put the gun together, Compa and Iffy. Bye-bye!
…Compa, you’ve got my permission to roundhouse kick her in the face later.
I’m not really into violence, but I think she’d do well to suffer a firm flick on the back of her ear…
System Message: Got ‘Hero Kuteroi’s Dual Barrel Revolver.’

Also, these… blogs are quite odd. I am not sure I like them.

Video- “Blog and Arfoire”


Today’s topic is about the islands surrounding Lastation.
As you know, there are several islands floating around Lastation.
There are storage facilities, mines, ruins, and I think something like a tower. Whatever.
I can’t remember the exact number of storage spaces, but there’s a lot.
Rumor has it a mysterious robot sleeps at the far end of one of these storage units.
I know you want to go and find it now, but really… stay away from there. A lot of monsters reside on those islands.
A few treasure-hunting adventurers returned with severe injuries just a few days ago. Sucks for them.
But if you’re a monster hunter, it’s perfect for you. You can live in your world and play in ours, so to speak.
In fact, there are probably job offers related to exactly that. You might even make some extra Credits.
That’s all. Later.

Then Arfoire attacked them again.

Whoa, it’s Arfork! What’re you doing here? Are you a spelunking enthusiast?!
Who’re you calling Arfork?! What am I doing here? I’m interfering, of course!
Plus, who’re spelunking enthusiasts?! Don’t they blast ghosts with oxygen tanks and stuff?!
Why’re you interfering? Doesn’t it get tiring? Let’s just go relax and take it easy for a bit.
Nep-Nep, this is no time to be friendly! We have to do what we promised Histy…!
You think I don’t know you’re desperately trying to find the Quartet Arms?
As expected of an ex-goddess! Can’t you wait just a teensy bit longer? Don’tcha have time for some tea?
Shut it! I will let you advance no further! I know you’re trying to open the path to Celestia.
Then you wanna settle this here? Although that wouldn’t be very cool or dramatic for the end of a game.
Well, it’d be easier for us if we could just settle things now. We wouldn’t have to keep doing this weapon fetch quest!
Hmph! Just because you were able to defeat my alter egos, don’t think you’re invincible.
Oh, so you’re the for reals one? Are you stronger than your other yous?
Tch! I’m going to shut that blubbering, blabbering mouth of yours! Brace yourself!

Well, probably not real Arfoire again. But you get my meaning.

Boss Battle: Arfoire
Arfoire’s back again, and is a lot like she’s always been. Not much to say, watch for status effects because she’s been doing those for a few fights.

They took her down pretty well, so at least there’s that.

Yay! We sent her home crying!
I dunno if I’ll remember this, though… I’m pretty forgetful lately.
Don’t you worry! I’ll make sure to remember it thoroughly on your behalf.
Are memories transferrable like that? Whatever. Let’s keep looking for those weapons.

Next Time, on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Wisdom Bow. The search for the Quartet Arms continues.