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Part 41: The Trust Spear

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia they found the Wisdom Bow despite largely ignoring my recommendations. Today, though, they cannot help but search where I asked them to.

Hmm, okay. I know! Why don’t you try this brain-training game?
It’s got spelling, math, memory tests, and so much more!
Oh, I played that. It said my brain’s age was forty or so.
No way! Mine was fifty!
…M-Mine was… sixty…
Why don’t you two play it more before suggesting it to me?

I mean, Lowee is 90% snowy forests.

Video- “In Lowee”


Heretic: Wha-?! This disc is split in half…? No, someone broke it!
I cleft that disc in twain! No more trouble. The dashing heroine arrives to stop the blinded heretic’s actions!
Heretic: Who’re you?!
I’ve no name to give to a villain except justice!
Even if each monster is weak, a large number can still be used to cause massive destruction.
I had to destroy that disc before you summoned a monster!
Heretic: Hah! It’s too soon to act so haughty if you only destroyed a single disc. What can a little raisin-chested girl do, anyway?
Heretic: I’ve got a whole spindle of discs! Don’t think you can stop me so easily, little boy!
Stop insulting my chest! I’ll never forgive such blatant villainy!

I suppose I should have been more specific, in retrospect.

I know you’re hiding them somewhere! You better give them to me or I’ll rip your clothes off and laugh at your inadequacy!
Heretic: No! Please don’t! I’ll freeze to death in the snow! It’ll fall off!
Then gimme!
Heretic: This isn’t very heroic! This is sexual harassment and I don’t have to take it!
You pissed me off and this is your divine punishment!
Heretic: Noooooo!

Though really, if you’ve seen one snowy forest you’ve seen them all.

Especially since they all seem bizarrely similar.

A snowy forest on Lowee… Histoire did say that. But I mean, everything’s covered in snow…
This’ll be a snap, fizzle, and plop. Right, Compa? Oh, whassup?
I-It’s so… cold…! I underestimated this place again… I should’ve changed into my wool panties…

I mean I’m not one to criticize normally but it seems like they didn’t really put enough work into creating this world back in the day.

Video- “Seal of Quality”


Wh-What? How’d you conclude we’re like high schoolers? Are you saying we’re young and innocent, but mature-looking?
Historian: …Just stay away. This forest isn’t for sightseeing. I’m busy excavating, so I’ve no time to waste.
Whatcha diggin’ up? Ancient burial site? Bonus dungeon? Who are you, anyway?
Historian: I am a historian. I’m looking for the Trust Spear that belonged to the hero, Miamoato.
It’s widely known the spear he threw could pierce through any material at an ungodly velocity.
I think his name definitely deserves to be listed as one of the four heroes.
Okay, enough useless trivia that won’t advance the plot. Find anything?
Historian: Ugh…! My intuition tells me this is the place. Why’re you so cruel…?!
That’s a no. Iffy, Compa, looks like this forest ain’t no good. Umm… what’s all that scattered stuff?
Historian: Junk I’ve found thus far. Take whatever you want. It’s a pain to clean up after myself, anyway.
Aww, there are so many foreign-looking shiny metals. What’s this one?
Historian: Huh? …Ahhh! Th-That’s the end of the spear! You can see the Miamoato Seal of Quality engraved on it!
So it’s part of what we’re looking for. Sucks you overlooked it, huh?
Awesome! Let’s head back. Brrr, I wanna take a hot bath and drink some hot cocoa and eat some hot pie!
I’m all for that idea, but you really should curb your sugar intake. My hands and toes are all numb from the cold!
Sytem Message: Obtained ‘Trust Spear: Butt-Spike.’
Historian: W-Wait, girls. A-A-Are you really taking that with you…?!
Is it okay? You said we could take whatever we wanted from the pile of junk…
Historian: Ghhh… The biggest mistake of my life, trusting high schoolers…! But I’m a man of my word. Looking for the Quartet Arms?
You sound like you know more. Tell us something more useful this time.
Historian: I heard the Guild Extremists were ravaging some ruins recently, looking for some treasure.
It might be worth checking their hideout…
Hmm, the Guild Extremists? Let’s drop by, then…

I guess the Guild Extremists must have largely dispersed after Neptune defeated that fake Arfoire.

Huh? I thought this was the Extremist’s hideout. What’re you doing here?
Moderatist: The Extremists disappeared… We’re cleaning up, but the amount of stolen goods is shocking.
We’re looking for the hero Miamoato’s weapon. Have you seen anything like that?
Moderatist: Well, not that I know of, but you can look around all you like.
What about these dealies? Hmm, that historian fella said Miamoato’s weapon was a spear, right?
Just look for some big wood, or a long stick, or something! Let’s see…
Hey, let me see the butt-spike we got in the forest.
Okay… You’re not gonna take it and sell it for a quick cell phone case fix, are ya?
Don’t be a fool! Look at this crest and that round plate over there.
Oh, it has the same crest! Does this belong to Miamoato, too?
No doubt about it. This must be the parrying guard. See? You slide the shaft through here, then attach the blade.
System Message: Obtained ‘Trust Spear: Parry Guard.’
Moderatist: Sounds like you found what you wanted. I’ve heard a story about the hero Miamoato before…
Really?! Oh man, I so totally wanna hear it!
Moderatist: After fighting the goddess, Miamoato lost his lover to the king of this area at that time. He challenged the man to many duels.
I heard the weapons he used back then are stowed away in a cave on Lowee. You might find something else valuable there…
Another cave, oh dear! Nep-Nep, did you hear that?

How many caves can there even be in Gamindustri? I mean, I don’t have to ask that, I know. It’s rhetorical.

Video- “The Princess”


Huh? What’s this girl doing here all alone? Excuse me, what’re you doing?
Princess Pear: I-I’m sorry. Oh, please… Please forgive me!
What? Forgive you…? Did you do something naughty?
Princess Pear: I believed in him… I knew he was coming to find me… but I couldn’t keep waiting in a different castle…
Please! Don’t tell the plumber I’m happily living with another man!
I dunno who you’re even talking about…
Princess Pear: Oh, I ask this of you! In exchange, have this. It’s the hero Miamoato’s Trust Spear!
It’s just the shaft, but it’s the real deal, I hear. My boy toy said he found it here. I’m sure it’s quite expensive…!
Hey, you shouldn’t give other people’s stuff away like that. Plus, don’t you feel sorry for your ex-boyfriend?!
I-Idiot. Compa, just shut up and… Ooh, this has the same crest. It’s definitely Miamoato’s.
Princess Pear: I’m so, so sorry… I’m no longer pure… I can’t even say I’m a princess or anything now…!
We, uh, we got it! We’ll not tell a soul about this, so have a, uh, great life!
System Message: Obtained ‘Trust Spear: Shaft.’

That was… quite awkward.

How could you just take that from her? We sold our noble hearts and good intentions for this. She betrayed her ex-boyfriend!
This isn’t the time to care about something like that. We’ve got our priorities, too.
We’re still missing the spearhead.
Histoire said to look in a snowy forest, so…

So obviously the next step is to waste even more time.

Sh-Shut up! I still look a lot better than you.
What’s that mean?! I was just being an honest girl scout. Are you denying my kindness?!
Please don’t fight…
Nuh-uh, no way! I ain’t gonna let this slide today. You’re always bustin’ my chops!
That’s because you’re so incredibly difficult. I’ll crack open that head of yours to release all that air!
This is an explosive situation… They won’t listen… No fighting… Time for Special Forces Compa to mediate!
As an officer of the peace, I suggest you settle this with a boxing game!
I know that one. You hold the controllers like gloves and move around, right? You can play bowling with it, too!
Yeah, real fights are a no-no, but you can release all the stress you want in this game!
It’s a deal. I’ll show you my golden left hook!
B-Bring it! I’ll show you my golden, friendship… sunshine… uppercut!
Let’s begin. In this corner, team Red, the troublemaker from the sky… Neptune!
Ooh, nice one, Compa!
And in this corner, team Blue, the moody money maker… IF!
Wh-What did you call me?!
Heaven or Hell! Let’s rock!
There! Hiyah!
Hmph! Tyah!
Ahhh… hahhh… I’m getting so sweaty!
Yeah, this is a pretty awesome workout!
Oh, look at them having fun. I’m glad gaming helped them make up!

Also, there was another dragon in the forest they went to search next. Dragons don’t really seem to fit into any logical ecosystem, I’ve no idea how they can be so prevalent.

And then there was a horse. Um, I’m sorry, my records have a bad reference. It probably wasn’t a horse.

Video- “Cameo Appearance”


But no hero’s weapon. This must be the wrong place… What a bummer.
Dinosaur: …Could you be seeking the Trust Spear of a certain hero?
Ewwy-spewwy! A lizardy… crocadiley… No. A dinosaury thing.
How in the…? Well, this is Lowee… Such things are normal here. Cool. I’ve never seen one before!
Dinosaur: Yes, sorry, I am indeed a talking dinosaur. Thank you for ruining the precious ecosystem in this forest.
No need to apologize and no need to thank us, either.
Did you mention the Trust Spear? Do you know anything about it?!
Dinosaur: Yes, of course. I played with Miamoato a long time ago, along with my friends of assorted colors.
I was once his partner. I’ve passed down stories about him, like how he became a hero.
Why are you seeking his spear?
To defeat a twisted goddess. All the monsters in this world are her doing. If you can tell us anything, please…
Dinosaur: Then you’ll use the same path the four heroes took to Celestia?
You just know it all, huh?
Dinosaur: Fine. You may take this spearhead belonging to the Trust Spear.
System Message: Obtained ‘Trust Spear: Spearhead.’
Yippee! I’m glad this dinosaur isn’t eating us and pooping us out as little spotted eggs, but giving us gifts instead!
Nep-Nep, look. It fits perfectly on the end of the shaft!
System Message: Obtained ‘Hero Miamoato’s Trust Spear.’
Dinosaur: Don’t underestimate the power of a goddess. Be careful and save this world, like the four heroes once did.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rejection.