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Part 42: Rejection

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, the Quartet Arms were completed. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Today, we discuss some rather… unfortunate incidents. Perhaps we should start in Lowee, because we started there.

Video- “No”


…I’ve heard that before. Just bring them in.
Yo, Lady White Heart. You seem bored and pissy, as usual.
…I am now. Neptune, the other two… and… you kidnapped a fourth?
You’re quick, my hungry little piggy. We’re here today to show Histy off to you.
Oh, please. We only met a few weeks ago.
…I’m glad she seems to be on the same idiotic wavelength as you.
The goddesses are practically a part of me. Tuning into my wavelength is only natural.
Anyway, I have some important things to discuss with you today. Will you listen?
…Fine. Make it snappy.

Our attempt to recruit Lady White Heart failed quite miserably. I don’t think she even believed us.

Well, naturally! We fought her a buncha times now. You met her, too. Remember Conversation?!
She was one of Arfoire’s creepy alter egos!
Arfoire is gonna bust up the world! We dunno why yet, but your land’s in danger too!
…One, what is she going to do after destroying the human world? So pointless.
…Two, the frequent monster attacks and manipulating the Guild won’t affect the world at large much.
But it involved all of us! Please help! Are you gonna ignore this as a goddess?
…Three, why would I help you, who preaches about being a goddess when she doesn’t even remember her past?
Sorry, but… can you leave? I’m not helping you.

We headed to Leanbox next, but Lady Green Heart wasn’t even in.

The Sanctified: I’m sorry. She’s been out fighting monsters every single day lately.
The feminine and gentle Lady Green Heart is fighting monsters? What’s going on?
The Sanctified: I’m not sure. She’s been acting different and we’re all a little worried about her.
I could tell you which dungeon she headed towards if you wish to go and bring her back.

I could have sworn we fixed that heat issue, by the way. It’s really not my fault.

Video- “Also No”


Oooh… Oh, Compa… Nep-Nep… and… Iffy?
Shhh. Don’t talk. You must cool down. Let me treat you with some ice packs… Oh, please don’t move!
Thank you, but I’m okay. I’m a goddess. This is nothing.
Are you here to fight monsters, too? You should go to another dungeon. I can handle this place alone.
No! I can’t let you fight any more with those wounds.
You need to go back and rest up for a bit. These monsters aren’t gonna go anywhere!
…She’s out. We have to carry her back. Iffy, get her legs!
Huh? Oh, sure. You’ve gotten a lot more confident since I met you…

Anyway, I think Neptune was actually a good influence on her.

I’m fine. I’ve slacked off enough. I need to push my limits!
I’ve awakened to my true mission. I want to protect this land as its goddess.
But you need to take care of yourself to do that… Plus, the monsters aren’t your fault.
Compa, allow me to explain. Is this our first time meeting? I am Histoire, the one who presides over this world…
Histoire… Oh, I know you. I heard a voice in my head once who said the same name.
So the Histy that Nep-Nep was talking about was you… I thought I was just hearing things out of boredom.
My voice could only reach goddesses at the time. I do not blame your disbelief.
Now then, let us talk about the former goddess, Arfoire. You are involved in this, too.

Unfortunately, her newfound sense of responsibility made her want to stay in her land.

The conflict between the Aristocrats and the Basilicom… All instigated by Arfoire…
She still possesses the powers of a goddess.
Her power is absolute, different from the abilities you currently have…!
She’s a goddess, huh? Why would she want to destroy the world?
That, I have no information on. But we cannot let her continue! Please, lend us your power!
I’m sorry, but caring for my land is my first priority. I understand it may sound foolish, but…
How are you not all mad and yelling and stuff?! I am! How can she do this even though she used to be a goddess?!
She doesn’t deserve that title!
…Neptune. You still don’t remember your past, do you? Please don’t act like you know what it means to be a goddess.
I realized this by interacting with the people here. The goddesses are the foundations of this planet.
If the former goddess is doing this because she was tired of the responsibility, I sympathize somewhat.
You can’t talk her down when you’re not even aware of yourself or your responsibilities as a goddess.
Please leave. I’d like to focus on myself and Leanbox.

If anything things were even worse in Lastation.

Video- “Hell No”


It’s fine. Stop the formalities. I’m retiring as a goddess today.
Politicians resign when they screw up, right? Avenir, the Tech Expo… I’ve caused so much trouble for everyone.
The Sanctified: That doesn’t mean you have to take full responsibility!
It was my mistake to interfere with the human world. I should’ve stayed in Celestia.
Integrate the Sanctuary and Parliament. There’ll be minor conflicts at first, but eventually they’ll learn to get along.
The Sanctified: Still…!
Enough of your interjections! These are the last commands from Lastation’s CPU. Just accept it.
The Sanctified: Urgh…
Hmm? I asked everyone to stay away for a while.
Long time no see, my Lady! It’s your favorite party along with Histy!
What’re you all doing here? And another member on top of it? Fine. Whatever. You may leave.
The Sanctified: Understood.

I mean for one thing Black Heart has quit and is planning to return to Celestia.

What?! Love-child?
Quit with the random crap. Sorry, she’s definitely nobody’s love-child.
Anyway… My Lady, we came here to ask for a favor today. Histy will explain the details.
Huh. Okay. That explains everything about the monsters and Avenir.
You’re saying it was done by our former goddess… Arfoire?
Uh-huh. Even though she was this world’s goddess, she did a class change and became a villain.
How can you accept that as a goddess? I wanna ask you to come with us and beat her up!
Sorry. I was just going back to Celestia. I swore myself I was done with the human world.
That’s perfect, then! Arfoire is in Celestia right now.
Please, we beg you! Arfoire will destroy the world. We need your power!

Despite that, she wouldn’t help us.

I met the Evangelist you claim was Arfoire.
She didn’t look like someone who’d destroy the world to me! B-But… it’s not like I care.
Yeah well… But, um… Monsters exist, y’know? Who else can summon them besides a goddess?
Meh. Maybe someone’s breeding them in a monster ranch or something.
Yeah, whatever. Monster rancher isn’t a job. That’s so silly!
Ugh, just shut up! First off, Neptune, you haven’t gotten your memory back, have you?
You’re such a nosy little outsider. Don’t tell me what to do!
Are you done? I’m not helping. I’m not joining you, you got that? Now get outta here!

Poor Neptune, it really seems to be bothering her that they wouldn’t help us…

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Remembrance