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Part 54: The End of an Era

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia we beat up Arfoire. Now, it’s our very last episode!
You have no idea how happy I am.
Oh, I don’t know. It’s kinda sad that we won’t be hanging out together like this again.
Well, not until the next game.

Video- “End”


It would be nice to go somewhere we could have a meaningful discussion.
Let’s go to Compa’s! It’s not too far from here.
Wh-Why my place all the time?! It’s so small… I think we should go to Planeptune’s Basilicom!
I agree with Compa.
It is Neptune’s Basilicom, so I am certain they would serve us tea and snacks upon request!
Awww, but I haven’t been there since I got my memory back. It’s gonna be all flavors of awkward. I dunno if I’m ready.
It’s cozy at Compa’s. I know where she hides all her most yummy snacks, too!
You do?! Then, no way am I letting you in! The Basilicom is much more spacious and comfortable.
Hold up! Why not Lastation’s Basilicom? It’s way better than Planeptne’s. It’s future-proof!
My room’s spacious, too. I’ve got cute dessert cakes and expensive, organic blended teas!
That’s no better than my Basilicom in Leanbox. We have our own personal patissier…
Along with an open terrace… Which we may need to dust off, since I haven’t used it in a while.
…Lowee’s Basilicom is always warm and cozy.
…It’s a little far, but I’d rather talk in a place I’m familiar with.
I think we should just go to Planeptune’s, since it’s the closest.
Geez, that’s not a good reason! Maaaaan, I don’t wanna go…

What? I thought we specifically ended this game in a way that made sure we didn’t have to do another one, how is there a second game?
I don’t know, but there’s definitely another game.
Yeah, what do they call that again?
Retcon, they retconned it.

The Sanctified: Huh…? Is that really you, Lady Purple Heart? That voice…!
Lady Purple Heart! We’ve been very worried about you. We’re so glad you’re safe…
Where have you been all this time, my Lady? Who are these people with you?
Oh… Um, friends.
The Sanctified: Friends?! They must also be from Celestia, then!
Oh, can we borrow a room where we can talk in private?
The Sanctified: Certainly. Whatever has happened, you must all be exhausted!
We will offer as much service as we can. Please, make yourselves comfortable.

Seriously? Like how much?
Pretty sure the whole game.

But there’s still lots of stuff to do, even after defeating Arfoire.
The monsters summoned by all the world’s heretics…
They will not go away, even if Arfoire is gone. [.> <.]
That’s right, the monsters!
Never fear! I, the tome, and the four goddesses shall take care of everything.
With their powers combined, they are powerful as the True Goddess with my consent.
…True Goddess? Something about the idea and execution balance?
Yes. A goddess can overwrite the tome’s records. In other words, she can change the world.
She is able to alter the world so that monsters do not exist!
True, it’d be swell to get rid of the monsters like that… But wouldn’t that kinda feel like cheating?
How? We’re just utilizing the true power of a goddess to wipe out the monsters.
You’re one of the four CPUs. How is using your power cheating?
I agree with Nep-Nep. Iffy, the goddesses should never resort to a quick, easy solution.
It’s about putting your powers to use… Do you actually wanna do this on your own?
Of course. They’re monsters invading my land. Doesn’t matter who did it or why. I want to crush them.
This is where we all must stand up and defeat the monsters ourselves to make sure it’s done right.

Wow, that’s kinda lame. So, it’s pretty pointless for us to talk about this ending then, huh?
That’s a shame, I mean it’s a thing we did. Or, I guess now didn’t do. This is all very confusing.

I don’t know… It’d be great if we could get rid of the monsters quickly, but I see where you’re coming from, too…
Who cares about the method? All that matters is that they’re gone. You two gotta put your pride away!
I’m in agreement with Lady Black Heart. Monsters are troubling the people. We should do this quickly.
An even split. I thought everyone would like my idea. Can you tip the scales, White Heart?
…I don’t care, so long as the monsters are gone.
If you really wanna fight them yourselves, then we’ll just write out the monsters from Lowee and Lastation’s records.
W-Well, I knew that! Why don’t we try it? That sounds like an ideal solution.
…You two really fine with it? Who knows when we’ll cooperate again. This might be our last time.
At least… I’m not thinking about doing it again anytime soon.
You two should give up. Isn’t the peace of your citizens more important than your pride?
…Fine. Yes Iffy, you are right. I’ll accept the offer for Leanbox, too.
Nope, I pass! We’ll all take care of Planeptune together, right?
If Nep-Nep is this determined… I’m okay with it. Let’s keep this party until you’re satisfied!
Your school won’t reopen until the monsters are gone, you know.
The longer it takes to get rid of them, the longer it’ll take for you to graduate. Is that okay with you?
Are my priorities backwards?
I think so. You’re gonna be one of those adult students who look silly in a class full of teenagers.
I… I will become an adult student…? But! I can’t leave Nep-Nep! I… I…!
Oops. Sorry, Compa. I totally forgot about your schooly-wooly.

I think you should still talk about this ending, I mean it’s a thing you were involved in and should be proud of. Even if it’s meaningless now.

Nep-Nep… Thank you!
Good to know it’s a happily ever after ending.

Ugh, fine.

Put one of each of your hands on me and pray. The four of you are now one. Link your thoughts or it will not work
…Link my thoughts? With these stupid archetypes?
Put yourselves in my shoes! The three of you ganged up on me and pushed me off Celestia. I’m traumatized!
I feel bad about it, thinking back. We weren’t exactly rational.
Let’s just put that aside for now. We should concentrate on this first.
…It’s not that easy. We’ve been clawing at one another until just recently.
It’s gotten better since we teamed up against Arfoire, but I think we’ve still got some bitter feelings inside.
We spent way too long fighting each other.
…I don’t know about that. You’re all thinking too much. We should just let bygones be bygones.
Hello! I’m the victim, y’know?! Don’t make it seem so light-hearted! …But, well, we’re sorta in a crisis…
I’ll forget about it for now. You owe me lots of snacks, though. Let’s work together and end this.
…Owe Neptune snacks? …Ew. Like you need it.
Th-Then help me out, an we’ll call it squaresies! How’s that grab ya?
That’s not how it works, Neptune. This’s about our feelings. We can’t just turn them on or off like a switch.

At least I get to be the main character again.
Um, about that…

I know you can do this. Your thoughts can coincide if you all focus on one another’s positive attributes.
Yeah, okay. I think I get what my and everyone else’s strengths are.
We’ll totally get along! Thank bunches, Histy! We’ll be A-Okay. Let’s erase the monsters from this world!
I will be returning to Celestia. What are all of your planning to do? [‘ ‘?]
It is all right if you desire to remain here and settle things in your own lands, but please, make sure to return soon!
Actually, the four of us already brainstormed. We’re all gonna stay right here. We wanna quit being CPUs!
Wh-What?! [o O;] Quit your jobs as goddesses?! That is not even possible!
Who will create the next goddess? Wh-Who will become the current goddess?!
Please calm down. We actually wanted to ask you a favor regarding that.
Give the full powers of a goddess to the one who succeeds us. This will return the world to its original state.
Hold on! A-Are you serious? You’re all declaring your resignations?!
I’m not all that surprised. Goddess or human, Nep-Nep is still the same. Are you sure though, Nep-Nep?
You betcha! I wanna be just like Iffy and Compa!

Why would they need new characters when I exist? What madness is this?
You have just argued very persuasively against your own position.

There! Sucks I can’t transform anymore, but we don’t need to since the monsters are all gone!
Tch, crap! Now I have to walk all the way back to my Basilicom. I’ll get sweaty. I should’ve done this after I got back…
We all do. Your personality is rubbing off on me. I didn’t plan ahead at all…
Wh-What does that mean?! I’m always thinking of future-proofing!
Perhaps this is because we all share some of Arfoire’s personality traits.
Speaking of… Wouldn’t that make us sisters?
Yuck. You, outsider. You’ve got a cell phone, right? Lemme call the Guild from here.
Hey, no fair! You think you can just get picked up?!
Compa, Iffy, and I will take you all back!
Compa; That’s right. Now that you’re ordinary citizens, I’m a bit worried to leave you alone.
…I wish you luck. Please help your lands as much as you can. As humans.
All righty, you got it! If you see us being naughty, feel free to zap us with some divine lightning or something!
Hehehe. Okay. You can count on it.

Wrap party’s still on even though we totally have another game to go through after this, right?
Hell yeah it is.
Iffy’s been setting up the while we’ve been complaining.
Yeah and I sent Compa and the others out for snacks.

It was forgotten as a legend from the past, as peace was brought upon the world.
No one knows whether it was due to their efforts or not, but it is said all those on Gamindustri lived happily ever after.

Seriously who writes this crap?
*cough* Still better than you. *cough *
What was that, bitch?

Whatever. We out.

But that was the ending! This must be our chance to say a more personal farewell!
A good beginning makes a good ending. All’s well that ends well. The start and finish are the most important things.
But we didn’t get an opening greeting. Well, should we wrap things up?
Thank you for all the adventures! I know we weren’t the best at times, but thank you for leveling us up!
We’ll see you again someday. Hmm, well, at least the next time you play the game! Make sure to raise my stats to the max.
Thank you thank you thank you soooo much for everything! Keep playing until your thumbs fall off!
That said, I’ll see ya in the game! Bye-bye!

Anyway, next time in Gamindustri, Hypderdimension Neptunia mk2. See you there!