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Part 53: The Final Final Battle

So last time we totally beat up Arfoire.
Yeah, we really beat the crap out of her.
She got back up though, that sort of ruins the effect.
Have to agree.

Video- “Arfoire’s Return”


Haaaah ha ha ha! …You see the answer now? I won’t let you go.
How? You were defeated…
I returned from the realm of death just to give Neptune her precious answer. Be honored!
You didn’t hafta do that, geez!
You’d better answer Histy’s question, too. How’re you still alive? Was that just a phantom earlier?
No, I was definitely crushed. However, the power of faith from my followers helped me to revive!
What?! Who in the human world would have faith in you?!
Many humans do! It’s a little different than the followers you get, however.

So that’s what the fake Overlord was about!

But that’s for the Overlord, right? It’s not for you.
The name’s insignificant. The heretics fear the Overlord and loyally spread monsters around the world.
The world’s end and an absolute ruler… People’s fear acts as faith and becomes my source of power!
Hmm, I see… That’s your final answer, huh? I totally forgot about the pretend Overlord until just now…
We’re not scared of some artificial faith you’ve forced upon people. We’ll defeat you over and over and over again!

Fake Overlord plot so dumb Gust had forgotten it as well.
I don’t know, I think it was quality villainy.

Video- “Arfoire Again”


Boss Battle: Arfoire
This time Arfoire’s a bit stronger and has more health, so she’ll actually get to attack you and stuff. That’s okay, though, because now I’m breaking the game with 5pb On Stage. This has all the animations for everything left in, so enjoy.

I don’t know, it’s so cliché for the final boss to transform.
She went a bit cray-cray, too.

Video- “Transformation”


Pointless. Your power is running out. This is your last chance to turn things around.
It is not too late to overwrite your wound.
Haaaah ha ha ha! How naïve. My only wish is to destroy this wretched Gamindustri and absorb your powers!
Your charity is not appreciated, so shut up!
Arfoire, you’ve been doin’ this to change yourself, right?
You can do it with your own power instead of resorting to the tome. It’s prolly a lot easier that way.
Perhaps my initial motive was to become the True Goddess… However, that is not longer the case!
I’ve awakened to my true inner evil! Oh my dear, how satisfying to have control!
I’ll keep fulfilling my selfish desires! It is certainly more pleasing this way! Haah… ha ha… Haaaah ha ha ha!
She’s acting like a funky chicken. Is she going all crazy?

People don’t actually say that Neptune.
Oh, really? Whoops.

Normal folk call that karma. Are we just gonna leave her? She kinda looks like she’s in pain.
I don’t think you’ve ever sympathized with a villain before.
…Hah… ha ha… Ghh! Grrrngh?! Haa…?
Heh… Hahaha… I can feel the overflowing power coursing through me! Histoire, you are worthless to me now!
I am born again… Watch closely! My final form, which surpasses all goddesses!
The almighty, complete form of a true CPU!
…You mean a dragon? Yep, you’re a dragon. That doesn’t look anything like a pretty, perfect goddess. You wanted this?
You don’t have to understand. Just know this is my true power!

Seriously though she turned into a dragon.
Has that ever turned out well for anyone?
Hold on, let me check my records. I’ll have your answer in-
Three days, we know, you’re very slow.

Video- “True Arfoire”


FINAL BOSS: True Arfoire
True Arfoire is actually pretty hard. She hits like a train and has a ton of health. That said, it’s still just a matter of slowly dragging her down while making sure you always end up with people on Defense. Use 5pb on Stage and Compa’s Switch First Aid Kit and Revive Kit to deal with any healing you need to do (you will, as I noted she hits really damn hard).

Well, it certainly didn’t work well for her.

Video- “Victory”


Drat. When she turned into the dragon, I thought she was gonna offer me half the world or something.
I don’t think she’d say that when her goal was to destroy the world.
I mean, would you really have accepted if she said that? I think that’s a game over.
Of course not. Not in front of everyone else, anyway. You’re way scarier than Arfoire!
Nep-Nep and Iffy… We shouldn’t let down our guard. We don’t know if she’s really gone or not.
My grandpa always said, ‘What appears twice, appears a third time!’
That dragon was the third. I really don’t think that saying means anything. You sure you memorized it right?
Compa is correct, though. Most of your powers are drained.
Another fight would be kinda rough. It’d be great if we could find out whether or not Arfoire’s done for.
…There is a way, but it may take about three days.
That again? Can’t you, like, ‘feel’ the change within yourself? Ugh, whatever. I’ll look for you, so can you transform?
…Please be gentle with me.
Because… It would be very bad if you stain it, smudge the writing, tear a page, drool…
We’ll just fight her if she comes back again.

Obviously, justice will always prevail!

It’s fine. Don’t worry! We’ll keep training so we’ll always be stronger!
How determined. You’re so dependable, Iffy. I suppose I can stop worrying, now.
No matter when Arfoire returns, or how many monsters exist out there… Iffy is going to take care of it all!
What?! Don’t make it sound like I’m gonna do everything. We’re a party, so we do it together!
Save it for a rainy day! It’s best to prepare in case Arfoire comes back in the future.
…That’ll only make me restless.
If I was all prepared and then nothing happened, I’d always be worried. Only the ones worried should get prepared.
That’s not true! It’s something my grandpa said and he’s always right!
…Think of it like this. You leave your umbrella at work in case it rains. What if it rains while you’re at home?
Th-Then I’d feel silly for wasting my time worrying… but!
…What if it was snow and hail and cats and dogs and fire and meteorites at the same time?
Th-Then I wouldn’t go outside…
…I-I’m sorry, but I’m getting a little hungry.
I thought I’d hear Nep say that before anyone else. Should we get going?
Are there other buildings or popular tourist spots in Celestia? I want to take this chance to see them all!
Hmm… Any place we can eat? It’s strange, though. We shouldn’t really get hungry in Celestia.
That only applies to goddesses. They do not get sick, nor do they age while in Celestia.
That’s crazy. If there were a land in Celestia, the CPU presiding over that place would be the most important one.

So, are we done yet?
No. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: The End of An Era. Our story comes to a close!