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Part 1: Violent Run - Intro and Sector 1


Sector 1

Here are the logs from the “Safe” room

Log of Sonia Plait 1
This is Sonia Plait. It’s amazing what we have accomplished. Surviving for this log among Tasen is one thing, But when Dan systematically deciphered their language and discovered how to crack their logbooks, and even type with a readable (for us ) font, I suppose that’s When the change happened. The change in me, Doc and Becker to push on and finish turning this girl into the first Nanofield-driven human being. The Tasens’ technology is unlike anything we’ve seen, but there’s a clear, if non-human cognitive process behind it. The subject is unfortunately Dan’s sister, the older daughter of Ron over in Sector 6. He’s dead of course. I advised Dan to throw away his emotions early on, or we may run into trouble, and he did. We can only hope Iji will do the same. We don’t have the time nor the resources to get her a decent suit of armor underneath the Personal Nanofield, like the Tasen use for enhanced shock protection. Instead we’ll focus on mobility – less restraining clothes, more motion amplifiers. She’s been decked for five months though, the risk of illness will keep increasing if we can’t finish her soon. I’ve gotten rid of my emotions and expectations too, so I’m prepared for the possibility that she won’t wake up when we finally boot the Nanofield, but one thing I’ve never given up… hope. Silly , but it’s true. Looks like the control unit’s in place, time to stitch it up. Glad we worked in Medical.

Log of Becker
Becker writing. Plait has taken to the girl and is really pushing our work forward. I’m glad someone of her caliber is still with us! We must finish within three months because we haven’t decided what to do once supplies run out. With the latest surge of troops, Dan is stuck in that control room so we can’t share rations anymore. Whatever Doc and Plait say about the Tasen, what I find most fascinating is how quickly people can adapt to dramatic changes. I mean just look at us! Look here Tasen, what’s your weapons to our will to live? You’ll see once Iji wakes up. Oh yeah, you will!

Log of Sonia Plait 2
This is Sonia Plait. Some of the “Nanoweapons” we’ve managed to understand seem, by chance, very close to human weaponry. The translations we put into Iji’s nanofield reflect what kind of effect she would expect of them, such as “Shotgun” and “Machinegun”. Others are so out there we simply did our best with the translation. We also found plans for combining Nanoweapons and interfacing with doors, which is why we spent three weeks fitting Iji with the ability to crack Nanotechnology. Let’s hope she understands it, I didn’t sleep for days when implementing this. Disassembleing a ternary programming language with our lab computers is like cutting cheese with a toothbrush. It appears the same goes for the Tasen – Doc believes they don’t even understand their own technology. Their weapons and nanofields hold potentials they simply can’t grasp, and judging by their logs, can the majority of that other species they keep referring to. I shudder at the thought of where these human-looking Tasen came from, and how they turned such a technology mainstream for military purposes. Becker says ration time. Sick of vending Machine leftovers. Note to self: leave the deep thoughts for when they’ll actually matter.

Log of Dan
This is Dan writing. So… I’ve just learnt how to crack these logbooks, and now Doc wanted me to come over and see her for myself. I know the Tasen patrol spots, but the moment I leave my Control Room, it’s always pretty frightening. Inside, I can see and listen to the whole complex, talk to Doc and the others through the speakers, but outside I’m just a human among the Tasen. I’ve no diead how long my supplies will last either, they’ve got the storerooms guarded. Whatever, as long as sis is still alive. Doc and the team said they’d only augment her arms and legs, but that Nanofield they’re going to project around her… I know it’s the only thing that can withstand their weapons, but I don’t know if it makes me feel better to see her lying here. She’s breathing, maybe even dreaming, unaware of what’s to come.