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Part 2: Violent Run - Sector 2

Sector 2

Holy crap there’s a lot of these.
Reminder, all of the logs at the beginning are just Crack tutorials.

Tasen Log by Super Charge
Author: Tasen Commander TO113: MVAA
Subject: The lifts!
The lifts we installed here aren’t a security problem, they’re downright lethal! It’s only a matter of time before someone loses an arm in one of those things, or falls down an empty lift tunnel. Have they ever heard of doors? Even the humans had those. Some guys have been busy blocking certain lift tunnels to prevent people falling into them, using the materials lying around in some of the human-made boxes. Speaking of which, why are there so many boxes all over the place, anyway? The lift music is catchy though, it plays a lot of political stuff. “Welcome to Ciretako” always makes me glad I’m not in the Komato army.

Tasen Log after Warp
Author: Tasen Commander UY7477:UTOO
Subject: Human anomaly
Reports are pouring in regarding an individual called the “Human anomaly”, who is believed to be a champion of the humans. It would explain why she uses advance Nanotechnology that none of the other humans we’ve encountered possess; she’s clearly special in some way. It’s still not known if she’s cooperating with the Komato, but it’s highly likely – we have to terminate her at all costs, or she might warn the Komato Imperial Army of our presence on this planet. Some say she may be able to understand and speak our language – this may be due to her personal Nanofield, but do not be fooled if she tries to communicate with you. Kill her on sight and report it to your nearest superior.

Tasen Log by Nano Overload
Author: Tasen Center of Information
Subject: Nano Overloads
High concentrations of Nano have been proven to act as cybernetic combat drugs, dramatically boosting various features for a brief period of time. The only drawback of assimilating such “Nano Overloads” is that the result gained is completely random. However, research suggests that the most powerful random abilities can only be earned by particularly aggressive subjects – a passive person could only gain the lower spectrum of the Overloads, more suited to survival and stealth. Conversely, a true berserker would only gain the most extreme offensive abilities.

Tasen Log by Medical Bay Switch
Author: Tasen Soldier TP545: LJAK
Subject: Turret defenses
We’ve set up some turrets here, specifically designed to target humans. They won’t shoot anyone with the proper subroutine programming in their personal Nanofield. If they rumors are true that there’s actually a surviving human running around here, she won’t last long. I heard the turrets in other areas were given some insane Nanoweapons – I don’t know if they were designed for field testing, or if some of the guys around here think it’s fun seeing humans getting blown to pieces. The turrets’ only real weakness is their ridiculously frail construction, you could kick one clean off its support pole.

Tasen Log by Checkpoint
Author: Tasen Center of Information
Subject: Instant Nanodrive-powered restoration units
Also called “Checkpoints” for some reason, these restoration units are extremely valuable. Upon touching one, it falls in sync with your personal Nanofield. If you take lethal damage, the Checkpoint will retrieve your body through standard teleportation and fully restore your personal Nanofield. However, the Checkpoint’s Nanodrive will be exhausted after only one use.

Tasen Log by Hard Crack Door
Author: Tasen Commander PS847:JFHA
Subject: Screw this
How long is that Elite Krotera going to keep us on guard duty? The Komato won’t ever find us here, we totally trashed the aliens in this place, and it’s not like we could defend ourselves if the Imperial Army actually did find us now. There’s no reason to stay armed and alert when we’ve finally found a safe place, when we should rebuild what little we have instead of spending all our resources on weapons and Nanotechnology research. How much do they think they can pull out of this space rock, anyway? I’m even starting to wonder if the aliens on this planet are as hostile as we thought, or if Krotera’s new position is just getting to him. The guy’s a walking insult to Hel Sarie. Still, orders are orders. I don’t want to lose my own head when we’ve come this far.

If you go through the Tasen Elite room without using the station to open the one door
Dan: Hey, I managed to get through to that door’s security from here. It should be a breeze to crack now.
Iji: Right
Note: This lowers the Security Door to Crack level 1, this might happen if you go back not through the Tasen Elite room too.

Tasen Log by second Crack Station
Author: Tasen Center of Information
Subject: Nanotechnology for you and me: becoming a fighting machine!
As a cyborg, your body and armor is run by a Nanofield, trillions of tiny machines working together. The most important aspect of the Nanofield is its ability to be reprogrammed, like a freeform supercomputer. The Nanogun is a small shapeshifting factory that builds the projectiles and firing mechanisms needed, given the right programming. Anyone with a Nanofield can even connect to another by physical contact – while this has created a “cracker” subculture, each Nanofield has a range of security measures, to the point where it simply reboots to its original state if critically threatened. As a physical armor, the Nanofield is nigh unbeatable; in fact, most weapons even able to scratch someone with a Nanofield are Nanoweapons themselves. Throwing a Nanofield into another with great force is also highly damaging, letting particularly strong users engage in melee combat with deadly results, but actual weapons revolving around this concept were found to be resource ineffective. Currently, only the Phantom Hammer is able to completely disintegrate a Nanofield.

Left Tasen log in Poster Room
Author: Tasen Soldier LL868:ALDK
Subject: Terminally bored
We’re now officially the most bored Tasen squad in the universe. Since all we do in this remote room is keep a lookout for hostiles – of which there are none – we started shooting down the winged alien lifeforms flying by the small window in here. We programmed a simple machine, using a display taken from one of our suits, and a heat sensor from a turret. The machine, quite simply, counts the little aliens killed. I believe we’ve taken the expression “terminally bored” to new heights.

Right Tasen log in Poster Room
Author: Tasen Soldier UI885:TJRR
Subject: Alien counting machine
I tried hacking the alien-counting machine when no-one was looking yesterday, but that show-off Yukabacera had laid down some sophisticated encryption algorithms for it. It took me a few days, but I managed to make it display “Naotgerai rules” – after which Yukabacera reprogrammed the whole thing from scratch using a hardcoded encryption instead. I don’t know which one of us is most bored right now.