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Part 5: Violent Run - Sector 5

Little late this week but HERE WE GO! BTW tell me how the audio sounds in this video, I tried some tweaks.

Sector 5

More logs for the log gods.

Komato Log in the ammo room
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: Advertisement
The latest piece of Nano wonder to arrive on the military market, the Pulse cannon is rapidly becoming a huge success! This slick dealer of Neon-colored death will save your cyborg butt from any and all confrontations with the vile Tasen, and at a phenomenal price as well – for only 60,000 Units, this sweet little bundle of Nanotechnology will happily inflict unworldly pain on your hapless victims with the press of one cute little button! Order your Pulse cannon TODAY and you’ll be the KING OF THE WORLD, or at least the local cafeteria. (Komato Imperial Weapon Industries cannot be held responsible for personal injury, technical problems, or unwanted fiery death.)

Komato Log by the Shocksplinter
Author: Komato Trooper 67012-93541-72497
Subject: Finally!
Aw yeah! I knew this’d be an interesting turn when our fleet received a message from a human down on Origin – a HUMAN! What do you know, this is the Tasens’ final outpost! Three guesses what happens next – we shoot them to pieces, we blow up their Planetary Shielding system with a Phantom Hammer, then we smash this space rock into dust with a full-force Alpha Strike! Man, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Komato Log by on the left, on the right side of the Shocksplinter building
Author: Komato Independent Newsprogram Archive
Subject: Ciretako incident, part 1
Reports have arisen that speak of a Tasen carrier ship named Ciretako, where a Komato platoon lost contact with its base. The first intriguing thing is that statistically, the invading Komato force that attempted to take control of the Tasen carrier ship was ten times more powerful than the Tasen crew aboard the ship – something had gone wrong. An investigation team was dispatched to Ciretako, and found that half of the spaceship had been shot to pieces from the inside, as if everyone had gone berserk and fired their weapons at everything around fired their weapons at everything around them. What’s more, both the Tasen and Komato were found dead. Komato Imperial Research, responsible for the Ciretako operation, refused to comment on the incident. The only reliable piece of information we have found suggests that they were “testing the new addition to the Komato army”. This may be related to Annihilator, the latest and more powerful brand of cyborg – after all, the reports state that one such unit was part of the Komato assault team.

This is what shall be known as the Ciretako Incident and will actually come up a few more times. SO MAKE A NOTE OF IT.

Komato Log by on the right, on the right side of the Shocksplinter building
Author: Komato Berserker 09867-16239-69811
Subject: Newsprogram archives
Who the Zentraidon brought these things along!? I’m not interested in some age-old news report logs, and most of them concern Ciretako anyway. I’d rather spend my time wasting Tasen than reading worthless logs! Hey, we just entered lower orbit – time to ready the Shocksplinter! You know what I like best about being part of the Berserker force? The limited teleportation ability you get free with the armor, that’s what. Nothing like getting the jump on a pack of clueless Tasen!

Komato Log next to the switch that opens the Mexican standoff door
Author: Komato Trooper 63466-26395-28054
Subject: Tasen Turrents
Those idiotic Tasen seems to have programmed the turrets not to fire at anyone with the proper subroutine programming in their Nanofield – since we decrypted those security codes ages ago, and they STILL haven’t updated them, there’s not a single Turret in this colony that poses a threat to us! It’s like they’re not even trying!

Komato log on the left at the bottom of the large shaft
Author: Komato Trooper [NO IDENTIFICATION]
Subject: Reply: Resonance reflector
I know you’re new, but this ain’t really a secret, is it? They tried a single hashed checksum in the latest build but it was a real shoddy job. So anyway, Resonance reflectors are simply a combination of a Tasen Shotgun and a Komato Resonance detonator – use the Nanoweapon stations as always, and just enter field 15 in prime 3C in the Nanogun, replace the 160th opcode with a 5 and you’re set. The safety catches trying to fix the resulting cascading error does the rest, runs all the way to prime 11C. Anyway, me and Craxmasta are working on something real cool, we’re trying to disassemble the Hyper pulse, so check back with us later. Power to the Troopers! And don’t call me a wannabe, this is the real deal. OmnikrakR out.

Tasen Log in the upper center room in the barracks area
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: NO!!!
Dear logbook, it’s hard to type right now because the Komato are here!!! I’ve lost contact with my girlfriend, but I heard we’re moving around our troops under radio silence, and somehow I know she’s okay. I’m moving deeper into the building with a whole squad of adults, they’re mostly Commanders and Elites, and they say they’re going to hide and build a defensive base instead of trying to fight. I agree, we don’t stand a chance if we try to take them on! But I swear I’ll learn to use my Rocket launcher before we get there, I won’t leave any Komato alive to get near my girlfriend!!!

Hey remember the log about that Solider looking for her girlfriend over in Sector 3? Remember how she said she got moved nearby? Remember this:


Tasen log in the upper left room in the barracks area
Author: Tasen Soldier TU417:UCIA
Subject: They’ll never get us
I told them it’d happen, and now it has! The Komato have found us, and are sending massive shock teams – we’re probably just waiting for the rest of their fleet, complete with Beasts and Annihilators, and whatever they have – but let them come! DEATH TO THE KOMATO!

Komato Log in the Poster area
Author: Komato Information Center
Subject: SUPER JUICE 5000
SUPER JUICE 5000 – the latest hip drink from Komato Imperial Research! SUPER JUICE 5000 is carefully manufactured in our finest orbital facilities and blasted on command at 0.99 lightspeed to every corner of the known universe. Simply align your planetary juice receivers to the SUPER JUICE 5000 facility of your choice prior to making your order, to avoid the incoming SUPER JUICE 5000 container punching a hole through you house. The SUPER JUICE 5000 recipe is top secret, but Komato Imperial Research is proud to inform that it consists of 80% recycled heavy industry material! Catering to everyone who likes their drinks hot – and who doesn’t? – the SUPER JUICE 5000 container is also plated with triple composite alloy externally, and a Power core-class heatgrid internally, allowing the container to heat itself up to 70,000 Zj when opened and still not obtain escape velocity from the resulting explosion! “SUPER JUICE 5000 – because it doesn’t taste like battery acid at all!”

Tasen Log before boss elevator
Author: Tasen Elite OV923:JGOE
Subject: TOP PRIORITY: Offical Global Briefing
I’m making this quick – this briefing will be transmitted to all logbooks in the colony. The Komato have arrived, and here are the main threats we face:
1. Troopers: armed with burst Pulse cannons and Shocksplinter, can outpour a Tasen Soldier five to one. Extremely agile, and sometimes carry Hyper pulse instead of the Pulse cannon.
2. Berserkers: armed with Shocksplinter or Plasma cannons, able to teleport straight into the battlefield, trained in recovering from heavy explosions without losing their cool. They carry Resonance reflectors, so don’t use your rockets or they’ll end up in your face. I’m afraid the Commanders will have to take them down in close combat with their claws, and elites with their Machinegun and regular melee attacks.
3. Assassins: They constantly teleport all over the damn place, using dual Plasma cannons and laser daggers. They carry auto-fire Resonance reflectors to boot, making rockets and any other kinds of projectiles useless, and they can even dodge instant-hit weapons and melee attacks depending on their skill. They may be physically weak, but they don’t go down easily – they have a habit of escaping the battlefield when heavily damaged, so we can’t even kill them.
Alright, that’s all. Battlestations, everyone – this may be Origin, but it’s our planet now! DEATH TO THE KOMATO!

Something of note that I forgot to mention in the video but you may have noticed and this log mentions. Komato Berserkers can tech explosive damage. So ya no stun-locks there.