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Part 6: Violent Run - Sector 6

Woooooooooooooo… off screen I spend 30 minutes obsessing about audio levels

Sector 6


Komato Log in the room where I got punched out off
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: Advertisement
Have you grown tired of wasting Tasen scum? Have you ever wondered why you spend your energy boarding their spaceships, when all you can do is poke them with conventional, ordinary, plain, dull and meaningless Nanoweapons? Then the Shocksplinter is for you! This new invention from Komato Imperial Weapon Industries will re-ignite your lust for dealing with the bothersome Tasen, as you blow them left and right with supreme explosive power! Already approved by both Berserkers and Annihilators, this Nanoweapon is becoming as huge of a success as the Pulse cannon! If just the thought of a single high-explosive projectile is enough to make your mouth water, that’s not all-upon impact with your comically panicking enemies, the Shocksplinter will split into six sub-projectiles called ‘splinters’, which are specifically designed for frying Nanoarmor in an instant! So, don’t spend one more turn operating the same old low-end garbage that doesn’t even set your enemies on fire, and order your Shocksplinter NOW for only 520,000 Units! (Komato Imperial Weapon Industries cannot be held responsible for personal injury, technical problems, or your enemies not actually catching fire.)

Komato Log by the first Komato Assassin
Author: Komato Assassin 78525-32098-53178
Subject: Assassin Asha
So on the surface, this mission is like any other – infiltrate whatever parts of this place the Tasen least expect, kill as many as possible. However, there are two differences here – one, this is the Tasens’ final planetary outpost, so we can expect them to fight fiercely. Two, and this is the bad news – Assassin Asha is in charge of us Assassins now. Yeah, Asha, the guy who lost his right arm in the most stupid way conceivable, the one trying to become known as “the best unit in the army”. Permission to speak freely here, but gimme a damn break – he may be strong, but he’s too full of himself to understand that we Assassins ain’t got a thing on the Annihilators and Generals, not to mention Iosa. We’re the most efficient brand of cyborg when it comes to amount of kills versus death count, sure, but that’s because we use stealth and have refinement in our skills – Asha thinks he’s a one-man army, not part of the team. I mean, what kind of idiot gets so caught up in a battle with a few Elites that he teleports halfway into a wall, reducing his arm to a bloody pulp before he managed to get out of there? Not a lot of people would survive that kind of thing, I’ll give him that, but you’d think it’d cut his ego down to size just a LITTLE.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA damn, and I though he lost his arm in a good way. Guess my memory was way off.

Tasen Log in the bottom room by the teleporter
Author: Tasen Commander GH814:MAUT
Subject: Damn it
The Komato are slaughtering us, and our last remaining army is falling apart! We’re done for, and so are the humans – the Komato will annihilate them along with everything else on the planet. It’s like we destroy every planet we even touch, because in one way or another those damn Komato find us every time! I’ve NO idea how they did it this time unless that Human anomaly was involved!

Komato Log by the Poster
Author: Komato Trooper 73493-65878-65923
Subject: Tasen Soldier Yukabacera
Ever heard about his guy? He’s a Tasen cracker, except he spends his time on pointless stuff like games and logbooks. I admit, the games weren’t complete garbage, I even found a bizarre logbook in this place where a Tasen Scout pondered having the Human Anomaly play “Hero 3D” until she zoned out and coult be captured. Sure seems easier than trying to gun her down, anyway. I drew this picture of what it might look like. The only problem is, now I think I need to get my head checked. Oh yeah, and before I forget, whatever you do – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT YUKABACERA. This guy has pumped himself something crazy and got his hands on a Cyclic Fusion Ignition System, and I heard he’s hid himself somewhere nearby.

Ya I mentioned this in the video, but Yukabacera is scary, don’t attempt unless you maxed fight stats and have Health. Also, that explains the Poster I guess.

Tasen Log right past the first locked door
Author: Tasen Soldier HP872:MFOA
Subject: Assassins!
Stay calm everyone, you know how Assassins fight. If they’re in for a serious fight or are lying in ambush, they prepare themselves by creating a mental map of the area. These area are small, so if you encounter an Assassin, just keep running – when they’re pumped for battle, they won’t dare to follow into a place they’ve never seen before, because they’re afraid of teleporting into walls and floors. They have a habit of running from fights when they start taking damage through, so they’re practically impossible to kill. Even if they drop parts of their Nanofield behind, they’re not dead – they’re just retreating. If you ever killed an Assassin, I think you would certainly notice the enormous self-destruct explosion.

Komato Log right before the Computer Terminal Corridor
Author: Komato Trooper [NO IDENTIFICATION]
Subject: Reply: Splintergun shipment
Yeah, we did ménage to intercept them, but I only got one. No more shipments this starturn. Get this – only top Annihilators are issued Splinterguns, and now I think I know why. It’s essentially a combination of a Tasen Machinegun and a Komato Shocksplinter! I know some Nanoweapons use fused Tasen and Komato technology, and the Army is willing to use them in the field without us knowing, but this is awesome news. You know why? Machineguns are easy to get a hold of. We’re all issued Shockplinter as standard equipment. All you gotta do is bypass the security in field 662 of prime 17C of the Nanogun, replace all opcode 16S with 5s, and the failsafes should practically do the job for you. I swear this took me cycles to get right, but the weapon is a beast, it bypasses the Shock projectile and just jams out Splinters like there’s no tomorrow. Be sure to crack yourself one, but don’t use it where any Berserkers can see or you’re in deep trouble. NanoBitSplit faced military law for it. Power to the trooper buddy. /Craxmasta

Second Terminal in the Terminal Corridor
Author: Tasen Universal Logbook
Subject: Summary of history, Part 1: Komato
Hailing from a remote planet now known as Origin, the current population size of the Komato – 160 billion individuals – is only a wild guess. During their inception, their intellect and technology evolved at an astounding pace. The starturns passed, and after a war-torn history and extreme technological advances, they eventually managed to invent mass space travel. The Komatos’ future now lay in deep space, and thus they abandoned Origin without looking back, knowing that whatever races would evolve huge armada of starships and troops was constructed – the Komato Imperial Army. A multitude of uninhabited planets were chosen as breeding ground and fuel resources, as the Komato planned to become the greatest civilization they would ever know. Even after countless starturns had passed, only occasionally did they send scout teams back to Origin, which eventually reported that another race calling itself the “humans” had appeared. However, High Command couldn’t possible consider this “pathetic excuse for a lifeform” a threat, and let them be.

Komato Log after 3D HERO
Author: Komato Assassin 52839-75921-76034
Subject: “Human anomaly”
Alright, squad. Our target is the super-powered human that supposedly roams the area – I know the rest of the Assassins got better missions, like hunting down Elites or sabotaging Tasen medical supplies, but a job’s a job, no matter how easy. Remember the bounty: 10,000 Units for the total termination of the Anomaly, ten times that value for an intact body, a hundred for live capture. For you ternary dorks, that’s alien space numbers Units.

Ternary is like binary but with 2s instead of 1s, there's no way for me to type out the symbols though.

Second to last terminal in the Terminal Corridor
Author: Tasen Universal Logbook
Subject: Summary of history, Part 2: Tasen
The original Tasen were Komato who questioned the extreme genetic engineering that had turned them into mockeries of nature, and the ambitions of the Imperial Army. They started to engineer their appearances to what they looked like before their ancestors left Origin. As the number of Tasen grew, we came to be called a separate race from the Komato. While we were never accepted in their society, they at least offered us supplies, equipment, and even Nanotechnology for a heavy price. We’ve always been seen as parasites, but we’ve been smart enough not to revolt with violence – even in our prime, the Komato outnumbered us a hundred to one, and all members of their Imperial Army have been bred for war for countless generations. Our economy kept dwindling, and leaders struggled to find a way to continue coexisting with our oppressors, but their hate was growing. Everyone lived in fear of the Komato deciding to cleanse themselves of our “subculture of Origin-lovers”.

Final Terminal in the Terminal Corridor
Author: Tasen Universal Logbook
Subject: Alpha Strike
Originally invented by the Komato, this ultimate weapon was designed for use by starships and battlecruisers. Each individual ship fires thousands of thermal/kinetic beams intended to destroy all life on the surface of a planet. Its use is relatively simple: align a great number of ships equipped with the Alpha Strike in sub-lower orbit of a planet, charge it up, and let the automatic unified guidance system allow every single beam fired to strike a different are for maximum efficiency. While charging, a distinct light display reveals the targeting of the Strike, shining through the clouds and lighting up the ground, but the enemy has less than a full cycle to react once they realized what’s happening. All firings performed by the Komato have yielded 100% satisfactory results. When we acquired this technology for ourselves, it was modified to give it a more variable power, mainly to Strike alien planets without destroying the surface or atmosphere, yet still wiping out a significant portion of the native lifeforms. Such a strike was performed on Origin, as we did not have the time to evaluate the risk of these relatively advanced aliens – who turned out not to be as “alien” as we thought.

Remember the intro cutscene, makes more sense now.

Komato Log at the bottom of the second shaft
Author: Komato Trooper 62413-72411-93652
Subject: What’s wrong with people
I heard there’s some anonymous group trying to get the Army turned against Annihilator Iosa. What exactly do they think they’re doing? Saying things like, “General Tor’s a respected leader and diplomat, Iosa’s just a brainless soldier.” Alright, first, Tor changed completely once the war started. I’d like to see anyone call him a Tasen-lover now! Second, “brainless soldier”? Iosa’s more powerful and respected than ANY of you winders. “But, but, but, respecting someone for her kill count, violence is wrong and…” URGH. I don’t see you suggesting anything better! Disagree with ourselves? Start more wars? Start assassinating our own leaders? This is exactly why treason was declared the greatest war offense by High Command after that little Ciretako mistake. Internal arguing will only cause another enemy. Let’s get rid of the one we have now, while we’re still united against something and maybe, MAYBE that’ll be enough to teach people that you don’t mess with the Imperial Army. You’re only going to make yourself the outlaw. And that’s not an argument, it’s FACT, so DEAL WITH IT YOU WHINY CREEPS.

Komato Log way under the Supercharge
Author: Komato Assassin Asha
There is a human working for the cause of the Komato in the vicinity, and he has been for some time. He contacted us upon our planetfall, and claims to have the power to command the Anomaly’s every action for the purpose of Origin’s destruction. Think about it – what we have in our possession is the ability to direct her into whatever trap we so design, providing she trusts her partner enough.

Komato Log right under the Supercharge
Author: Komato Independent Newsprogram Archive
Subject: Ciretako incident, part 2
The truth is starting to leak out regarding the already famous incident, where an entire Komato platoon was mysteriously killed during an assault on a Tasen spaceship Ciretako, along with the Tasen crew. There is indeed a connection to the Komato Annihilator and the internal devastation of the ship – Imperial Research denies any rumors of the Annihilators being mentally unstable and attacking their own units, which is the most likely explanation. However, it’s well known that the Annihilators have build-in kill counters displayed on their visors to raise their lust for violence – did the Annihilator kill his own men to boost his own kill counter? Some believe it’s the only possible explanation, and the Annihilator was probably killed itself by the wonds inflicted by the estimated 270 other units aboard the Ciretako spaceship at the time, but few believe that a single unit could be so powerful as to decimate such a military force by itself.

So ya that’s the whole story of the Ciretako incident, remember this cause it will actually come up again.