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Part 7: Violent Run - Sector 7

Sue posted:

MPFB stands for Magnetically Propelled Fission Bomb.
If this is true that's awesome.

Today on Let’s Play Iji, Newbie’s learned what Bitrate is, maybe the audio will sound better?

Sector 7

LPer Note
One thing I didn’t get a chance to mention and may bring up again in a later video, Compatibility mode does not help with the games slowdown. This recording was actually done in compatibility mode.

Oh hey… There’re a lot of them… again…

Tasen Log in the Vents in the bottom of the first area
Author: Tasen Soldier VO816:ICYT
Subject: Ain’t afraid of the Beasts
Alright, this isn’t the time to panic. I got separated from my squad, and last I saw them there was a Beast on their tail. Damn it, gotta find my gun…

Tasen Log next to the Armor upgrade
Author: Tasen Soldier HJ232:OBN
Subject: The weak go first
Not to sound indifferent, but we’re out of Scouts here. They were the first to go when the Komato stormed us, and they didn’t exactly have much of a chance. I guess the only people left standing in a while will be Elites… and that murderous Human anomaly.

You know a good point, I haven’t seen a scout in like 2 Sectors… huh…

Komato Log on the right under the weapon upgrade station in the Armory
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: Advertisement
Whoa, check out that cool guy’s new gear! What is it that makes him so hip and awesome? Is it the newly polished metal boots? His daring pink-and-green clothing? NO! It’s his brand new, heavy duty PLASMA CANNON! Yes, this mother of all commercial Nanoweapons eats Tasen like snacks, and makes you the most popular guy in the neighborhood! Nothing escapes its sleek, beautiful beam of mass destruction and stomach-churning mayhem! Nothing proves your style and awesomeness more than possessing a weapon so powerful that only Annihilators are issued it as standard equipment! Witness the visual poetry of a bolt of pure plasma and kinetic shockwave powering through an uncountable number of Tasen – the beautiful, pink-hued grace of the only weapon you’ve ever owned that kills whatever you point it at within 0.35 pulsecycles (estimated by experiments on various cute animals)! Be hip! Be awesome! Order your Plasma Cannon NOW for the LOW price of ONLY *cough* 18,500,000 *cough* units! You know you can’t live without it, baby!<3 (Komato Imperial Weapon Industries cannot be held responsible for personal injury, technical problems, or you actually not becoming the most popular guy/girl in the neighborhood.)

Komato Log on the left under the weapon upgrade station in the Armory
Author: Komato Trooper [NO IDENTIFICATION]
Subject: pfffff HA HA HA HA HA!
KIWI’s commercials are hilarious. 18.5 million units for a Plasma cannon? They even poke fun at it themselves. Who’re they trying to fool? NanoBitSplit figured that one out ages ago, it’s a Pulse cannon combined with a Shocksplinter. Not saying it’s easy to do, but so much cheaper – a Pulse cannon is 60,000, a Shocksplinter is 580,000, that makes an illegally cracked Plasma cannon nearly 32 times cheaper. And for most of us in the assault teams those weapons are standard equipment! Not gonna reveal the opcodes for the crack here (remember kids, illegal Plasma cannonsare on criminal par with treason) – but Imperial Weapons Industries seems intent on pushing us around with their authority just because they got picked up by High Command as the official military manufacturer. I for one ain’t paying their prices. Power to the Troopers! /Craxmasta

Komato Log in the first area of the Komato Ship
Author: Komato Independent Newsprogram Archive
Subject: Ciretako incident, part 3
Komato Imperial Research had no choice this cycle but to confirm the suspicions regarding the mysterious death of an entire Komato platoon, which attempted to take control of the Tasen carrier ship named Ciretako. The Komato Annihilator leading its platoon in boarding the ship had in an attempt to raise its internal kill counter mown down every living being on Ciretako, and later died from its numerous wounds. Imperial Research states that the Annihilators have since been modified to let special stimulates pump into their bodies, which help significantly in making them more interested in killing the Tasen than in murdering their own troops. Many organizations have requested the removal of the counters to prevent the incident from repeating, but Imperial Research combats these arguments with statistics showing how much more efficient the Annihilators are with the counter present. On a different note, the experimental Nanoweapon the Annihilator was carrying could also have been the “new addition” that Imperial Research was actually testing in this operation, meaning the rampant Annihilator itself was less of a scandal than acknowledging the existence of this weapon.

Komato Log in the vents of the Komato Ship
Author: Komato Trooper [NO IDENTIFICATION]
Subject: Hyper pulse disassembly
Yep, we did it. Ask Craxmasta for the opcode switches, they’re pretty heavy. But long story short, the Hyper Pulse is basically a combination of a Resonance detonator and a Pulse cannon, and it’s a real weird Nanoweapon. Drain someone’s armor with this, and just like a Resonance detonator, it’ll send them flying depending on your physical strength. If you’re really, really strong, you’ll totally maul Tasen Elites, you gotta see it yourself to understand. Of course, the problem is that most of us aren’t that strong, so I see why it’s only issued as a high-rank weapon. It’s useful anyway though, the fire is more spread out and deals more damage than regular Pulse cannons. If it wasn’t for the Imperial Army’s inflated price for these things, everyone would be walking around with them. Power to the Troopers, OmnikrakR out.

Komato Log on the right in the upper left of the Komato Ship
Author: Komato Recreational Unit
Subject: Hyper Turret Game – History
In the early times of the Tasen-Komato war, many raids on Tasen starships and battlecruisers were made, and they often faced heavy resistance, sometimes, however, the invading force so greatly overpowered the crew of the Tasen spaceship that it became more of a game. When one particular Komato Berserker came face-to-muzzle with a Tasen Turret, he accidentally fired his Resonance detonator – it sent the turret flying off its support pole, bouncing around the room, until it came to a halt in front of a platoon of other Komato. One of them kicked the turret back across the room, and the Hyper Turret Game was born. The platoon split up into two teams, and tried their best to kick the turret into a door behind the opposing team. Any Tasen that happened to interfere with the game were swiftly taken care of, and the turret kicking game continued. Before long, it was decided that the use of Resonance detonators and Hyper pulse Nanoweapons were also allowed while playing the game, to increase the mayhem. Whenever the turret became mangled beyond use or exploded into debris, the platoon simply headed off to find a new one. The Komato platoon was later given honorary medals for their field studies in “creative combat”.

Komato Log on the left in the upper left of the Komato Ship
Author: Komato Recreational Unit
Subject: Hyper Turret Game – Rules
In modern Hyper Turret game, the two teams line up on each side of a large field, armed with Resonance detonator and Hyper pulse Nanoweapons. On each side, there are two posts stuck into the ground to represent the doors used in the original form of Hyper Turret Game. When the match begins, a Tasen Turret is tossed onto the middle of the field, and from then on it’s a free-form battle to kick/shoot the turret into the opposing team’s scoring area. A gigantic supply of Tasen turret heads has been collected in recent history, so that a new turret can be tossed onto the field whenever the current one is destroyed. The Hyper Turret Game is filled with a nostalgia and fond memories of boarding Tasen Spaceships, although it is considered the most dangerous game ever invented, bar only “Ultra Minefield Run And Seek”, which violates every known universal Komato law has been banned on 36 planets.

Komato Log in the bottom left of the Komato ship
Author: Komato Berserker 34764-56987-43655
Subject: Self-destruct issues
Some troops question the use of the self-destruct mode installed in Berserkers, Beasts and Annihilators. As you know, it’s integral to the effectiveness of the Beasts to trigger the Shocksplinter explosives embedded in their armor upon death, and it’s imperative not to let the Tasen get their hands on the weapons left behind by dead Berserkers. One of the keys to the Tasens’ inability to catch up with our technology has always relied heavily on the fact that they can’t salvage any Nanoarmor or NanogunsFrom the more advanced of our fallen troops, as they simply blow into bits when killed. And when it comes to the Annihilators, who cares? They usually take everything on the battlefield with them anyway. As for the Generals, yes, it’s true that they used to carry Random Particle Displacement warheads inside their armor until the tragic loss of General Taeho, whose warhead suffered critical failure and leveled two cities. But that’s all behind us – now no self-destruct device is so powerful as to be the worse threat to our own army than to the Tasen.

Oh that makes sense now, that explains why people explode when they die.

Komato Log under the weapon terminal on the right side of the ship
Author: Komato Berserker 57028-56103-76921
Subject: Learn to count
I don’t get it, we right the door security levels in good old-fashioned ternary and everyone complains. Our civilization on Origin advanced a lot before we almost completely switched to decimal, and I don’t see how it’s supposed to be easier to use – you’ve got three joints per finger, a second hand to point at one joint on ever finger, and even a kid can start memorizing the joints and numbers. [1 to 9 in ternary space symbols]… it’s so easy. Someone got the idea using your ten fingers to count to 10 instead, but come on, with ternary you can count from 0 to 242 on one hand, but only 5 if you stick your fingers up to represent number in decimal. What a primitive idea.

There you go a better explanation then what I gave 2 updates ago.

Komato Log next the weapon terminal on the right side of the ship
Author: Komato Imperial Army Information
Subject: Iosa the Invincible
Iosa was born on a small planet on the borders of Komato territory, and following her exceptional results in combat training and her strong mind, she was chosen as one of the test subjects for a new type of shielding system. Based on the Tasens’ planetary shielding technology, this system was immune to all forms of Nanoweapons in existence, and unlike the weaker versions used on Shields doors, this system could even withstand full-force Alpha Strikes. It had yet to be used to protect single individuals, as pervious tests had shown that anyone coming too close to the actual shield generated by this technology suffered heavy neural damage. Unfortunately this held true even now; every one of the test subjects died within a few shortcycles, except Iosa. Due to the extremely high cost and many casualties, the shield system project was stopped until further notice. Soon afterwards, a Tasen fleet entered Komato space unnoticed and proceeded to Alpha Strike the unshielded planet. All researche data was lost, but Iosa’s shield indeed worked perfectly – she alone survived the Strike. After drifting around on the planet for two longturns, she was found and picked up by the Komato Imperial Army. Miraculouly, her psyche was intact, even after such an experience. As the starturns passed, Iosa was promoted to Annihilator class and her reputation grew quickly. Even when her Annihilator exoskeleton was destroyed, she continued fighting the Tasen with her clawed hands and belief-defying strength, as the shield continued to protect her actual body from any and all attacks. She was eventually dubbed “Iosa the Invincible”, and many Tasen now fear her more than the Komato Generals, as her hatred for them beyond fanatic.


Komato Log next to the Poster
Author: Komato Trooper 01252-33448-78094
Subject: Advertising poster
These advertisements of the Sentinels are pretty weird. I mean, they’re build for and owned by the Imperial Army, it’s not like you could buy one. The posters do look inspirational though.

Komato Log in the upper left part of the Phantom Hammer room
Author: Komato Trooper 85901-62039-34875
Subject: I got it!
Hey Tieropay, I finally figured out how the Berserkers can keep their cool when hit by a rocket – they press C the EXACT moment before they’re hit, which temporarily puts their Nanofield on the defensive. If you’re hit by something that sends you flying, this’ll reduce knockback and let you land on your feet, or if the damage is small it’ll still let you ignore the pain as if nothing happened, so you won’t even stagger. The Berserkers call it “teching” – sure, it doesn’t reduce the damage taken, but it’s useful for quickly getting back into the fight or escaping more quickly. Plus it looks damn awesome!

The actual proper log for Teching! YAY!

Komato Log right next to deactivated Proximas
Author: Komato Trooper 23685-37689-27628
Subject: Sentinels
Why’d we bring a buncha Sentinels here? General Tor is pretty serious about this kill-the-Tasen-as-fast-as-possible business. Sure, their triple composite alloy hull is completely impenetrable to most Amor-damaging weapons and explosives are only half as effective, but they cost a fortune. So they’re more powerful than Annihilators, can float freely and hail MPFB, Plasma and Nukes all around, but for the same price you could equip four hundred Troopers. Now which is more effective? Wait. I’m actually not so sure about that. Let em have their floating death spheres, as long as I’m a safe distance away.

Tasen Log after the Komato Ship
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: Almost there
Dear log book, I’m getting worried. The radio silence is over, but I can’t reach my girlfriend… they say I should wait for the battle reports, but I don’t think I can wait that long. The adults and I are almost at the place where we’ll set up the defense base, and so far we’re all alive. We’ve gathered turrets, supplies and parts of bulkhead doors, to make sure that nothing can get into our base once we set it up. I’m learning how to reprogram turrets to make them fire at Komato rather than the humans. I’ve heard about that “Human anomaly”, and I hope she’ll beat the Komato before they Alpha Strike this place… and I hope no Komato have reached what the Humans call Sector 3, my girlfriend was stationed there when I last heard from her.

Forgot to tag this in the video but continuation of the Girlfriend series of log books, and I’m going to commit to saying that it will be different this time in the Pacifist run.