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Part 10: Sector X, General Tor, the Violent Ending, and the Voices of Iji

Another late update, but I swear I worked on it since 12 noon on Sunday, just had a super busy weekend.

Today on Iji, Iji will get her revenge and make an attempt to end this conflict.

Sector X

General Tor and the Violent Ending

Again I don’t know what happened at the end of the video there with the music, it's suppose to fade out during the final picture during the credits, must have been a problem with my FPS issues.

This video is a recording of all the Voice Acted lines from sound test, because why not. I bit of a warning on this, I have not adjusted the audio at all, so might be a bit loud.
The Voices of Iji

LPer Note
New songs added to the second post this update all of which are amazing:
Seven Four - Sectors 5 and 10
Tor - Final Boss Music
Further - Ending and Credits

We’re in the final hours of logs here, get ready for some plot.

Komato Log on the left next to the elevator to the Generator area
Author: Komato Assassin Asha
Subject: Seek and destroy
All available units in area 693K-X79 are to seek and destroy the “Human anomaly”. If possible, avoid complete termination; High Command wants to study her Nanotechnology, and in particular her Nanogun. The Alpha Strike has been postponed until either this goal is achieved, or it becomes decided that we have lost too many forces to her. High Command and General Tor both reserve the right to call back all forces and commence Alpha Strike at any given moment; their patience is rapidly running out. Beware – this is the same individual that we believe killed Annihilator Iosa. Do not underestimate her under any circumstances.

Komato Log on the right next to the elevator to the Generator area
Author: Komato Assassin 90201-25345-15880
Okay, every one of us in the Assassin squad have read Asha’s orders by now – and you know what? Behind that calm military talk lies a person who’s gone completely insane. Asha’s gonna take on the Anomaly no matter what! I’m bailing out of this one, and I know you’re all with me – let’s head up to lower orbit, the bounty ain’t worth the risk. Asha can do what he wants, and he can die whatever horrible death that crazy human’s got in store for him as far as I’m concerned!

Komato Log on the left of the Generator
Author: Komato Trooper 07115-31243-46526
Subject: I wanna get off this damn space rock
Most of the ships have gone up to lower orbit by now, spreading out to prepare our section of the Alpha Strike. It’s starting to feel empty here… I just hope they remember to pick us all up. When the sky goes white from a thousand ships charging the Strike, you ain’t got time to stand around and smell the corpses… speaking of which, that soon-to-be-dead human should be reaching this place soon, but she won’t be getting any farther. Not only has this power core’s tendrils burrowed down and locked any nearby doors, it’s specifically built to resist the Nuke Nanoweapon, so you can’t even destroy the core without opening its blast doors. Also, you-know-who is guarding one of the terminals to those doors now.

Komato Log on the floor to the right of the Generator
Author: Komato Trooper 57120-58306-32630
Subject: Reboot
Okay Zekailo, this is seriously dangerous stuff, but I figured out a way to reboot my personal Nanofield. First, duck down and press C four times followed by the Z key to connect to your own Nanofield. Crack it, if you know how, and let the safety catches do their things. You should now regain all the Points you’ve ever spent – but at the cost of all your stats, most ammo and Nanoweapons, and nearly all your health. Also, you will no longer gain free health when using a Cyborg station to upgrade your health stat for a while. This can be used to completely reconfigure the structure of your personal Nanofield’s stats, but like I said, try it at your own risk – it nearly kills you.

This is the fourth secret skill, along with Air Breaking, Teching, and Retribution.

Komato Log on the ledge to the right of the Generator
Author: Komato Trooper 46215-34623-76478
Subject: The Anomaly’s technology
I think I know why they’re so determined to catch her dead or alive. First off, she’s a human with Nanotechnology – how did she get it? Was it a Tasen experiment, or a human one? What implantation process did they use? Secondly, her Nanogun is ridiculously rare. It’s a Tasen-made replica of a Komato General GEN2 Pre-loader, the kind that can charge and store its projectiles instead of having to build them on-demand when you press the trigger every time. This lets her fire whatever Nanoweapon she wants without prior warning. More importantly, the Nanogun’s small enough to be carried by a single Trooper, something we’ve been trying to do for starturns. These guns aren’t easy to come by, and the Tasen would rather destroy them than let them fall into our hands – they either supplied the Anomaly directly with this copy, or she stole it from them.

Oh, an in story explanation for why we don’t have to charge our nanogun, and neither does Tor… usually.

Komato Log in the entrance to the right half of the Generator area
Author: Komato Assassin Asha
Subject: To the death
I suspect you’ve been reading our logbooks, Anomaly… a dangerous distraction. I advise against taking on the Imperial Army, as there may still be a slight chance you would not be executed if you were to turn yourself in. Slight, I say – as the bounty on your hollow human skull is my ticket out of this damn mess. For making me the laughing stock of my own men and the shame of the Army for losing to a human, you are beyond a mere bounty. We postponed the Alpha Strike to hunt you down – don’t think you can hide for long. You are dead meat, little girl, and your dying screams will be the symphony to my fame and fortune! If I cannot defeat you, I might as well die! I WILL NOT HOLD BACK!

Hey, I’m reading them for the thread, not for myself

Komato Log right before Asha’s Ridley Pit
Author: Komato Berserker 57334-23988-73612
Subject: Assassin Asha’s weakness?
I heard this loon has taken the expression “plasma bolt reflexes” to perfection. After his latest bouts of training, Asha claims to have acquired the skills necessary to avoid ANY possible attack in existence. I know he’s boastful, but I don’t doubt he’s really that fast, especially in the area he’s familiar with. There’s a place down here that’s extremely similar to the Assassin training chambers, meaning he has a mental map of it laid down already. Of course, pride has always been his downfall, hasn’t it? Even after he lost his arm, he still insisted on not avoiding everything, because he thought it would be pathetic if he lost to someone, say, wielding some ancient Nanoweapon like a Shotgun or Buster gun. What’s up with that? It’s like an obsession. He seems to think taking bullets head on is a sign of combat spirit and discipline, and deliberately avoiding weapons that pathetic is a sign of weakness… maybe even to the death.

So Ashas weakness to shotguns is because he has some weird samurai honor…

Komato Log to the left of the elevator to the Generator area
Author: Komato Information Center
Subject: Justice caught up with crackers
The criminals known by the nicknames “Craxmasta”, “NanoBitSplit” and “OmnikrakR” have all finally been caught and brought to military law for illegal Nanotechnology reverse engineering. Their sentences vary from guard duty to prison and rehabilitation depending on the severity of their crimes. High Command says to let this be a warning to the cracker culture and their attempts to undermine the Imperial Army and Imperial Weapon Industries’ hard work.

N…no… the crackers…

Komato Log next to the CFIS under the Generator
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: General Exoskeleton
An enormous leap forward in Annihilator-class exoskeletons, the “Eidolon” model was created solely for use by Komato Generals. As it is designed to battle armies, most of its armaments rely on unfocused, large-scale attacks, and it has trouble aiming at nearby units. However, its most powerful weapon doubles as an accurate long-range attack – the Phantom Hammer. No General has yet to fall in battle piloting an Eidolon, and even though many of its weapons can be repelled with a mere Resonance reflector, none have survived long enough to even attempt it. Even the legendary Hel Sarie of the Tasen Elite, known for driving modified Tasen Cruisers into surface battles, fell to General Tor while defending Elem Sioz, one of the last Tasen homeworlds. General Tor reportedly destroyed both the Cruiser’s reactor core and Hel Sarie herself with a Phantom Hammer shot.

Komato Log on the left side of the Poster Nuke gap
Author: Komato Trooper 89524-01120-91040
Subject: DAMN IT!!!
Iosa has fallen! Something is going very, very wrong here, and I don’t wanna stick around to find out what!

Komato Log on the right side of the Poster Nuke gap
Author: Komato Trooper 43728-46235-96239
Subject: Hello?
I’m sending this to the nearest logbook. My visor’s malfunctioning, and I can’t see a thing. My helmet’s also stuck to the armor vest. I don’t even know where I am anymore. At least I know how to operate my logbook without looking, but please don’t forget to come and pick me up before the Strike. Anyone? I’ve got fried candy bars in here. They’re kind of hard to get from my pocket to the helmet on the inside of the armor though. They’re getting a bit sticky.

Komato Log right past the Generator door
Author: Komato Annihilator 92347-86529-67587
Subject: KILL
I ain’t sparing anyone who tries to run from this mission. Our opponent is a single damn human, so get your asses over to your posts and KILL HER DEAD. You say she’s the reason we found the Tasen? I say she’s a rogue murdering machine with a unique Nanotechnology and a priceless Nanogun, and so does High Command. And do you mess with High Command? NO. AND YOU DON’T MESS WITH ME EITHER, SO GET THAT HUMAN. If you’re more afraid of her than ME, YOU’RE A TRAITOR.

Komato Log by the Annihilator Beta
Author: Komato Trooper 90475-36203-57827
Subject: My job sucks more than your job
Don’t complain, Tarixuro. I wanted to be famous, and what am I famous for? Inventing and coding the kill counter in the Annihilators’ visor displays. Some people want me dead for what happened at Ciretako, like it’s my fault. And I don’t even know what the Annihilators will say when they find out that the counter reverts to zero after passing a thousand. Iosa the Invincible once reported the bug, but at least she won’t be telling anyone. Heh heh.

Komato Log near the level up stations before the bit shaft
Author: Komato Trooper 87265-32569-23592
Subject: My job sucks
When people say they hate their jobs, I ask them if they have to travel for hundreds of turns on end through dead space just to find and kill some puny Tasen. What’s the use of the Imperial Army when the Tasen are gone? Oh right, they need people for guard duty. And guess who’ll be flying around guarding some random Komato planet from absolutely no-one? That’s right, people like ME. Bored Troopers and lifelong guard duties is what’ll be feeding Zentraidon.

Komato Log on the left on the second level of the final area
Author: Komato General Tor
Subject: Operation Purge, Log 1
It was a mere turns ago that we were passing Origin by, sending a scout team consisting of three Troopers to the surface. They took a long time replying, but we didn’t think much of it. A few turns later, they sent a report; they had crashed and were dying, but could confirm through standard global scanning that there were no Tasen on Origin. I of course withheld this report from the fleet. I’m not as knowledgeable as Kiron when it comes to Imperial Research’s new inventions, but I know the “global scanning” project never took off. It remained but a scare to keep the Tasen in line. This report was clearly sent by them, and I had found their last stronghold in the universe. Origin, of all places. I had the power in my hands, the power to annihilate them once and for all, the power to bring peace back to our shameful race – the power to kill a million people in mere cycles. Mere cycles… my fleet has destroyed worlds before, but then it was by the order of High Command. This time it was all on my shoulders.

Komato Log on the right on the second level of the final area
Author: Komato General Tor
Subject: Operation Purge, Log 2
I had not much time to ponder this alone, as Iosa walked into the command bridge. I told her about my dilemma, as I knew that I could trust her. Her reaction was not surprising. This is what the people had been waiting for, she reminded me. Clearly, making the countless billions of Komato happy would be worth more than sparing a million Tasen. I had not much to object to that; it is plain logic. We are a race of conquest, and as such we must remain unified. We are like an enormous organism spreading throughout the galaxy, ever improving itself, and dangerous defects like the Tasen will be purged so as not to let them spread and corrupt the rest of the whole. Destroying them now is my responsibility as a Komato. But bringing peace at the cost of so many lives? I was reluctant, and Iosa understood that. She didn’t like it, no, but I believe she understood. I was ready to ignore the Tasen and move on, but all of a sudden, we received a distress call from Origin coded in a strange amateurish fashion. It was actually sent by a human, using a Tasen communicator. Without even thinking, I made the broadcast public. How could I possibly explain THIS transmission when we got back to Tadezocora, I thought? Within moments, we indeed heard the roaring and cheering of our troops all the way to the command bridge. I remember Iosa calmly looking at me. “Now the burden is not on your shoulders”, she said, her self-confidence strengthening me. There could have been no other outcome. This is for the greater goal. Only one uneasy thought lingers in my mind – whoever sent that distress call took my burden.

Komato Log on the left on the third level of the final area
Author: Komato Berserker 05629-92837-50068
Subject: Strange door
That Security door to the right has a strange Nanofield lock on it. It says it will only open “if you’ve beaten the game at least once before”. Well, whatever it keeps people out.


Komato Log on the left under the elevator to Tor
Author: Komato General Tor
Subject: Operation Purge, Log 3
I am going to make one thing clear: I have never, and will never let personal emotions interfere with my logbook. The news just reached me that Annihilator Iosa is dead. That is a matter I will not discuss here. Currently, we have just finished routing the Tasen colony, but the only way to truly please the public is Alpha Striking Origin. Taking the final step… blowing Tasenkind out of history, out of space and time. The humans are not worth saving either; they have no future left. If my feelings for this planet are to be shaped by the public and the Imperial Army, then who am I to object? This is it, and I may finally be ready to end this.

Komato Log on the right under the elevator to Tor
Author: Komato Assassin Asha
Subject: Abandon all hope
You have moved, Anomaly, far too fast. Your course has been erratic, but steady. I believe you are fully aware of the General’s outpost, located right above your head. At least it will be if you’re this – which means I will be dead. I had improved, I had advanced, I gave everything I had to make sure you never found this logbook, but here you are. This is your end, Anomaly. I heard the log recorded from Iosa’s exoskeleton before it exploded. I know your motives and your shallow schemes, but General Tor will not be impressed. Like I knew you would never listen to me after going for the bounty on your head and setting the trap with your partner, so Tor will never listen to the killer of his beloved. You may have taken comfort in revenge – but like me, the General is not a man of change. This is the final mission, the end of Operation Purge and the end of Origin. You cannot seriously believe that your pathetic sob stories about humankind’s future will invite anything but a swift pull of the trigger from Tor. It is logic, logic you fail to understand. You have a lot in common with the Tasen legend, Hel Sarie – she thought she could end the war, she invoked a fear I have never seen in the Imperial Army’s troops, and she defended her people to the end. She was also mown down by General Tor in an instant, not merely annihilating her body, but her very existence, her very beliefs. The beliefs of a FOOL. Forget whatever hope your crushed, cybernetic mess of a body may still house. You are nothing before the might of the General, and when you’re gone, neither will be anything you have ever believed. Tor will blow you into Phantom Hammer mist and spread your ashes to the winds… like he did Hel Sarie.

Thing to note from this log, Iosa and Tor were in love, and this is, if I recall correctly, the main mention of this.