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Part 9: Violent Run - Sector 9

Today, we push a lot of buttons.

Sector 9

LPer Note
New songs added to the second post this update:
For Stronger Bones - Sectors 4 and 9

Quite a bit of interesting ones, especially the ones I skipped over in the Tasen Stronghold

Komato Log close to the beginning
Author: Komato Berserker 09515-42340-88510
Subject: Damn we rule
The Tasen are running out of troops so fast, it’s not even funny! We’re obliterating them! The only Tasen left are probably the ones in that defensive base they built up ahead. Do they seriously think they’ll survive for more than a cycle? We’re gonna Strike the biosphere out of Origin, and broadcast it live on the all-wide feed! “What’re we gonna watch tonight?”, the kids’ll ask – “how about some PLANETARY ANNIHILATION”, I’ll reply!

Komato Log by the level up stations in the Bulkhead area
Author: Komato Trooper 72823-00994-78232
Subject: Annihilator Iosa
I heard the news before we even landed; Annihilator Iosa is one of the leaders of this mission. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about this woman, and I don’t doubt a single one of them. That Nanoshield is indestructible. And if they think she’s dangerous inside her Annihilator exoskeleton, they should see her unarmed.

Tasen Log in the vents near the Bulkhead
Author: Tasen Soldier IF5737:IHBA
Subject: I’m not even gonna try
Yep. This is the end, alright. One little ventilation shaft or something, and a couple of pulsecycles until they find me, collector’s hot drink cans and all. Now tell me, when did we ever NOT see this coming? The Komato have grown so huge, their leaders take orders from the people. And what are people? Intelligent and reasonable? I once liked General Tor, you know, back before the negotiations with Hel Sarie went sour because of the Imperial Army. He looked like the only one who knew what “empathy” even meant, which would be funny if it wasn’t true. It’s lkie, “Hey Naotgerai, did you see the latest war debaet?” And I’m like, “No, I was too busy kepeing the Komato from koncking over my stack of Supernova bars while attempting to kill me.” They should at least have had the dececny to tell us they were sireous before attcaking… alright, that’s it. I need to tlel them to stop blowing the palce up because I can’t tpye worth a DAMN in htis shaking.

I went through this whole log, before hitting the end and realizing the mistakes were on purpose.

Komato Log in the elevator shuffling area
Author: Komato Berserker 89642-60928-18072
Subjuct: Iosa is not emotionless
Some question the Imperial army’s ideals these last few starturns, but personally, I stick with Annihilator Iosa. Who expects her to doubt that it’s for the better to destroy the crippled, futureless civilizations we always find in the wake of the Tasens’ mindless path to escape us? Those parasites should’ve given up long ago, and just have let us shorten their suffering – just as predicted, we have now succeeded in locating the Tasens’ final outpost, and they have nowhere left to run. All this death, especially the annihilation of Origin, could have been prevented had they only agreed to organized termination right from the start! And the idealist bastards who scream for peace, what do they expect us to do? Reform our entire society and culture and start questioning our own leaders? Accept the Tasen into our fold like nothing ever happened?

Komato Log on the right at the bottom of the poster shaft
Author: Komato Assassin 06760-76850-25912
Subject: The Anomaly’s out of our league
So far, not a single Assassin has managed to hill the Anomaly, not even Asha. She’s officially the most dangerous enemy on the planet; why anyone would rather confront her than run at this point is beyond me. Ansaksie seems to think the same, she’s got a group of Assassins separated from Asha and they refuse to take orders. The only thing saving them from accusation of treason is that Asha doesn’t seem to care anymore. And what’s up with General Tor? It’s like he didn’t even want this planet purged. He needs to make up his mind, either you kill all the Tasen, or you wimp out and decide to spare a few because they’re no longer a threat. Really, consider what the Army would think of that. Peace and understanding? No, forget Assassin Ansaksie, General Tor’s the one whose life is really on the edge here. One thing I’ve learned about people: they’d rather die than change.

Komato Log on the left at the bottom of the poster shaft
Author: Komato Trooper [NO IDENTIFICATION]
Subject: Reply: The Nuke
Craxmasta, I finally got ahold of NanoBitSplits old logbook, and it has some interesting details about the Nanoweapons he cracked and got sentenced for. The “Nuke” carried by Sentinels is indeed of Tasen origin, but it gets better – it’s a combination of a Rocket launcher and MPFB Devastator, meaning you would be able to crack one yourself if you could get your hands on those Nanoweapons. Just replace all opcodes 26 with 89 in field 1480 of prime 5C, and all 5 with 4, and the safety catches will do the rest. Easy huh? Battling with the Nanogun safety algorithms has become less of a chore and more of a pleasure lately, and eventually we’ll master it completely. Military information needs to be free if we’re ever gonna stand on equal ground with the Imperial Weapon Industries selling us these guns at ridiculous prices. Man I hate their commercials. Power to the Troopers! OmnikrakR out.

Komato Log next to the Banana Gun
Author: Komato Imperial Research
Subject: Banana gun
Bananas were apparently a popular food back on Origin, but someone went too far in his love for this odd-colored fruit. The Banana gun uses one each of the standard Tasen and Komato ammunition units, and also requires that the user’s Nanogun is equipped with 8 of the most common Nanoweapons – the Shotgun, Machinegun, Rocket Launcher, MPFB Devastator, Resonance detonator, Pulse Cannon, Shocksplinter and even the Cyclic Fusion Ignition System. Any attempts to recreate this weapon are strictly illegal, as is placing one of its explosive bananas in the favorite dessert of an unsuspecting victim, commonly known as one of the most creative ways to face military law, and one of the few falling under the category of “Fruit-assisted Homicide”.

Komato log in the Third Checkpoint area by the level stations
Author: Komato Trooper 69721-43659-34782
Subject: Damn it
There’s this heavily fortified Tasen base down below, and we’ve had no luck busting it, especially since the Assassins are all leaving. The Berserkers all used up their teleportation charges when we arrived, too. The last group of Troopers who tried to storm their base counted to five Elites, four Commanders, and one Soldier who could barely hold a Nanogun. None of them were killed, but some of the Troopers were. Damn, who sacrifices themselves when we’re gonna Alpha Strike this dump anyway? We’ve won, the war is over! Time to go home and enjoy the sweetest victory in history, damnit!

Tasen Log right before the Tasen stronghold
Author: Tasen Commander TI820:AOSS
Subject: Last stand
The casualty reports were pouring in rapidly – until they silenced. The connections with every single base around the colony have been lost. All officials and leaders have been assassinated. Since we didn’t have time to expand before the Komato arrived, it was all over pretty quickly. In this little shelter we may have gathered the last few Tasen alive… perhaps the last few Tasen in the universe. This is no time to panic, so we’ve kept calm. Our only hope is that they somehow decide against Alpha Striking us… in other words, we’re all dead.

HEH… Commander TI820:AOSS HEH

Tasen Log above the doors leading to the Tasen Stronghold
Author: Tasen Elite TU472:WNEE
Subject: Too quiet
So far we’ve defended our little base pretty well, considering that we’re only ten people in here. It’s been too quiet lately, though – the Komato assault teams have retreated, and not a sound has been heard for a while. They’re either getting ready to send a massive attack force in, or they’ve succeeded in destroying the planetary shield generators and are preparing the Alpha Strike. That little Soldier we brought keeps talking about her girlfriend and the “Human anomaly”, too… speaking of which, we never found out if the Anomaly was on our side or not. With Krotera killed and the Komato alerted, I’d say NO.

Tasen Log behind the Blast and Crack doors in the Stronghold
Author: Tasen Commander TI646:DFAJ
Subject: Top secret
We’ve abandoned research of Sector Z long ago. For fear of anyone ever finding out about that place, we sealed up the wall to the research room. But which wall, I don’t remember… someone in a lift tunnel in Sector 1, next to a teleporter destination pad. No-one will EVER find it. No-one without a Rocket launcher, at least.

Tasen log in the Stronghold on the left
Author: Tasen Commander RI201:LCOI
Subject: Rumors
I hope it’s just a rumor that they’ve knocked out the last planetary shield generator… you’re not gonna stop an Alpha Strike with a bomb shelter, much less the remains of this primitive human building we’re trapped in.

Tasen log in the Stronghold on the right
Author: Tasen Elite OS988:MCMX
Subject: Status report
Most doors within this base have been upgraded to bulkhead class. They’re impossible to bypass, and only open manually from the inside. We’re stocked up pretty well on supplies and weaponry, so we’re prepared for anything short of an Alpha Strike. Actually, it sounds like another Komato assault team is coming, time to ready the MPFB. Hehe. I never get tired of blasting Koma

I think the idea here is that it’s the cliché I was typing and died mid type.

Tasen Log right before the dead girlfriend Tasen
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: WHY
Dear logbook, maybe I could sort out my feelings if I wrote them down… when we found out that we were the last surviving colony, and landed here on Origin, I was forced to join the army together with my girlfriend. I was separated from her during the squad setup, and she ended up under Elite Krotera’s command, stationed to defend the lift to Krotera’s room in what the humans called Sector 3. She used to joke about how she was alone, surrounded by weapons and ammunition, but with no Komato to shoot at. My hope never wavered when we lost contact… but now the battle report’s in… and she was KILLED BY THE HUMAN ANOMALY! I’m sorry, I don’t know what to type… I don’t know what to feel anymore… I even heard that the human was the one who brought the Komato here… the adults say we’re gonna die now, but I feel safe here with you…

BAD END. :[ Don’t worry… it’ll be better in the Pacifist run.