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Part 13: Pacifist Run - Sector 3

This Pacifist run update, Stuff is actually different!

Pacifist Sector 3


Different Logs for Pacifist Run
Tasen Log to the right in pre poster room
Author: Tasen Commander UT727:MKNK
Subject: Pathetic Soldiers
What weaklings our troops are. I agree with Elite Krotera; we have not yet assessed the true danger of the human species. The “Human anomaly” is a far bigger concern than the Komato, whether she actually kills anyone or not – I for one don’t care what that human-lover Soldier Vateilika says. The Anomaly has been moving in the same general direction for some time, but it’s anyone’s guess what her true motives and goals are. I only know that if our pathetic troops can’t even kill a single human, we’ll never be able to stand up to the Komato if they find us here.